Hutch's Bicycles - Eastside

Bend, Oregon

Terms & Conditions

A valid credit card and license are required to rent or reserve a bicycle. We will charge a $10 deposit at the time of the reservation that will be credited to your total rental cost. The remainder of your reservation cost will be charged at time of pick up. Reservations must be made at least 48 hours before your scheduled pick up time. We require a 24 hour cancellation policy with all rentals. Customer is responsible for full replacement cost of product if lost, stolen, not returned, or damaged. We reserve the right to cancel a reservation due to product conditions. A cancelled reservation deposit will be fully refunded.

I hereby certify that I will receive the selected equipment on the day and time selected. I acknowledge that I will personally inspect the equipment to be delivered to me in good working condition. I agree that I am solely responsible for any damage to or loss of said equipment and agree to return the equipment in the same condition in which I will receive it. I understand that I will be charged for any damage cause to the equipment during the duration of the agreement.

I understand that that bicycling is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury or death. I am familiar with the use and operation of said equipment and I agree to use the equipment solely for the purpose for which it was designed. I acknowledge that I am assuming all risk caused by my use of said equipment and that Hutch’s Bicycles has no duty to supervise my conduct.

It is expressly understood and agreed that Hutch’s Bicycles shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever arising from injuries to persons and/damage to property arising from the use, transporting, or operation of, or in any way connected with said equipment or any thereof. I further agree to identify Hutch’s Bicycles and hold it harmless from any and all such liability.

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