Kringle's Inventionasium™ & Toy Shoppe™

A Mr. Kringle™ company

Cleveland, Ohio


Kringle’s Inventionasium™ provides a twist for the long-time family tradition of getting a holiday photo with Santa Claus, in an environment that stimulates the imagination, encourages creative play, and emphasizes the development of multiple educational skill sets.

You and your family have been invited by Mr. Kringle to observe the inner workings of his Inventionasium™, and assist his elite team of Inventologists with the testing and development of toys! As honored guests, you’ll be guided through four Inventionasium™ departments. You’ll have a chance to explore each area and engage in hands-on activities, including the opportunity to invent your own toy! Afterwards, a private tête-à-tête has been arranged with Mr. Kringle for your family’s annual visit.

The Inventionasium™ entertains over 20,000 guests annually; attracts diverse families from all across the country and boasts one of the "10 Best Places to See Santa" on an international listing.


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