Andrea M. Perry Baby Sitting Services

Bellevue, Nebraska

About Andrea M. Perry Baby Sitting Services

Affordable, Lovable, & Honest Babysitter. I view myself as a sweet spirit and gentle soul with lots of love in my heart. Very professional, provide contracts, receipts for services rendered, and sign in sheets (often sneaks treats). In my home, no pets, not a smoker. I understand military and the other hard life opportunities that arise in which causes families to work long hours. I'm hoping to fill the void of missing loved ones by babysitting until the return for visits. I am CPR and BLS certified. Depending on the case, I am willing to come to you for babysitting. It's just a comfort thing for me this why I open my home to you for inspection. As you must be comfortable as well. I'm flexible and easy going. I have been that working mom. With that being said, I feel that there is nothing we can't discuss, workout together to ensure that you and your family are well taken care of. My passion and joy is working with kids.