Bike Tours New York

Staten Island, New York

About Bike Tours New York

BikeToursNY is a company dedicated to the outdoors and especially to mountain biking. The goal of the company is to provide a unique personal experience and bike in some of the most amazing places around New York. We provide an unforgettable experience to explore the natural side of New York. You will spend the day gazing at cliffs and swimming in some of New York's lakes.



New Paltz Day Ride

Come spend a day mountain biking with us in the beautiful Shawangunk Ridge. A 420 million year old rock formation in the middle of New York State.

Bike Tours New York Features

Days Trip Offered: This trip only runs on Saturdays and Sundays

Trip Duration: All Day Trip. Riding Time including breaks at the lakes are usually 5 hours but with small groups the time frame is flexible.

Pickups: Individual pickup available. Leave NYC at 7:30am

Max Persons Per Group: 6 people + 1 Guide

Bathroom Facilities: Only in the beginning of the ride in the middle of the ride and end of ride.

Food: We don’t include food on the trips but you are more than welcome to bring a sandwich with you. We will provide an energy care pack to keep you going through the ride. Care pack goes in your backpack.

What to Bring: Good attitude, a smile and a backpack are a must. In the backpack please have a bathing suit, sunscreen, extra pair of socks, 1 t-shirt, and a windbreaker.

Trip runs between April and October. Depending on weather may run in March and November