Reviews for Catalina Coastal Tours, LLC

Avalon, California

 I have seen better, even on Catalina Island

Review by visitorFromLA on 8/28/14 8:28 PM

This is about: ULTIMATE BEACH ADVENTURE (all inclusive) $115 Adult half day 5-6 Hrs Boat skipper was cocky, not informative on the way to White's Landing. Once there, paddle boards and Kayak were impossible to carry by one self, yet no help was available. Shower facilities were run down and had no soap or shampoo. Meal consisted of only a few salad items and a sloppy sandwich, no desert or fruit. Just warm water and sugary fruit punch. (Why is there a `chef' for that?) We were on time on arrival at check in and we were on time at boat pick up at White's landing upon's skipper imperative order, yet she did not make any effort to spot sea lions or dolphins.