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Pool chillout area

About Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers

Distant Relatives is located right on the edge of Kilifi Creek with its own beach and jetty wherefrom you can take off for your adventures!

Guests can swim in the emerald waters of the creek or in the Distant Relatives’ swimming pool. Other common facilities at Distant Relatives include a vast communal kitchen for cooking your own meals if you would like or you can also order all your meals from the restaurant – with weekly ‘All you can Pizza” every Friday and “All you can eat Burgers” every Tuesday (for only 500Ksh) ! There is plenty of vast communal areas with sofas and cushions where to relax and read your book in peace or to work on your laptop using the new wifi connection! There is also of course a fully-stocked bar where you can relax with other divers, sailors and travelers after a day on the water!
Distant Relatives also has a range of other activities to fill your time ranging from sunset beach volleyball games, full range of sailing, kayaking and windsurfing activities, scubadiving, traditional sunset sailing as well as tamu traditional village dinners and other activities involving the wonderful surrounding local community!

In terms of accommodation, we recognise that everyone is on different budgets and might want different levels of privacy. Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers can cater for all types:

Family/ Group Rooms
If you are a group of friends or a family who would like to share a room then there is the option to stay in the family/ group rooms which are equipped with one large double bed and a bunk bed with the option of adding an extra single bed. These rooms have their own shower and toilet enclosed in a charming private courtyard. (One unit is completed and available – 6 further units will be available from mid-December 2013)
Rates: @ 3000/- per night single | @ 4000/- per night double | @ 5000/- per night triple | @6000/- per night quadruple | @7000/- per night 5 people.

Private Rooms
For those of you who are looking for a little bit of privacy, for a small amount more than dormitories, you can have a private room equipped with an en-suite shower and a large double bed with the option to add a third bed.
Rates: @ 2000/- per night single | @ 3000/- per night double | @ 4500/- per night triple

Safari Tents
For those of you who are adventurous, want to feel closer to nature, or want their own space but are on a tight budget then Distant Relatives has its own safari tented camp area with five large safari tents equipped with two single beds easily combinable into a double bed, solar lamps, carpets, and bedside tables.
Rates: @ 1500/- per night single | @ 2500/- per night double or twin

This is the most popular choice for volunteers and the younger more sociable interns - there are two eight-person dorms at Distant Relatives set inside beautiful thatched makuti roof eco-buildings. The beds are very spacious and super comfortable and the openness of the dorms provides an extremely airy and relaxing environment.
Rates: @ 1000/- per night per person

There is endless well-shaded camping space available for those who have their own camping gear We have had groups of more than 60 people using the campground and could comfortably fit twice that many. We also have a vast secure car park which can accommodate large vehicles (e.g. overland trucks). Rates: @ 500/- per night per person

All rooms and beds are equipped with mosquito nets and provide a relaxing place for you to chill when you are not diving. Distant Relatives’ location by the sea really makes this a dream setting.

Distant Relatives has just been ranked #1 out of 178 other hotels of the Kenyan Coastline! Have a read of other’s opinions; see what they thought of their stay! Follow this link:

*Discounted rates are available for people staying more than two weeks (discounts vary according to accommodation type chosen, time of year and length of stay) – Please email us at distantrelativeskilifi@gmail.com for further information.

Terms & Conditions: http://www.scribd.com/doc/164806000/Distant-Relatives-Ecolodge-Backpackers-Terms-Conditions

For more info:

Website: www.kilifibackpackers.com
Email: distantrelativeskilifi@gmail.com

Tripadvisor: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g608436-d3386804-Reviews-Distant_Relatives_Ecolodge_Backpackers-Kilifi_Coast_Province.html

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Kilifi.Backpackers

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KilifiEcoLodge

Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/77318228

How to get there: After crossing Kilifi bridge, continue driving straight past Tusky's supermarket. Turn left when you see the sign "Makuti Villas" as well our sign “Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers”. Follow the signs from there - we are located about 2.5km down this dirt road. Call us if you need anything!

Phone: 07 708 851 64 / 07 875 351 45

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Pool chillout area

Pool chillout area

Kilifi Creek

Kilifi Creek



Family /Group Room

Family /Group Room


Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers Features

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Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings made with Distant Relatives Ltd, whether the booking was made directly or via a partner company (e.g. tour operator, travel agent, online booking website etc). We kindly ask that you take a moment to read them prior to making a booking.

In these Terms and Conditions the following definitions apply:

• “The Company” is Distant Relatives Limited;
• “The Booking” will include arrival and departure dates, types of accommodation and number of guests. It can also include entrance fees for an event and other special requests;
• “The Guest” is the person, company, organisation or other body responsible for making the reservation.
• “Peak Season” is defined as the period of December, January, July, August and the week of Easter ending in Easter Sunday.
• “Our Partners” are participating websites through whom we allow Bookings to be made, travel agents, tour operators or any other company/organisation whom we have authorized to receive/ manage/ process bookings with us.


• The person making the Booking will be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions on behalf of all persons who will be staying with us under the booking once any payment is made in relation to the booking.
• All Bookings made via our Partners are made subject to these Terms and Conditions below and above. If there is any inconsistency between the Partner’s Terms and Conditions and these Terms and Conditions, the latter will prevail.

Arrivals and Departures

• Normal check-in time is from 2:00 pm. Check-out time is 10:00 am. If you check in after 4:00 pm, please inform us by phone of your expected arrival time as well as any requests for dinner.
• Early arrivals: If you are arriving early (before 7:30am) please let us know in advance. If arriving before 7:30am our security will show you into our common rooms where you can await our reception staff.
• If you are more than 5 hours late from your expected arrival time and are not contactable by phone your room will be made available to others and you will forfeit any deposits paid.
• Photographic Identification:
- When you check-in you will be asked to provide photographic identification.
- If you are unable to provide such identification, we may decide to cancel your booking and you may be liable to pay the Company an amount equal to the full booking amount plus any other costs incurred by The Company in connection with the booking. Accordingly, any pre-payment you have made in relation to the booking will be forfeited to The Company under this term.
• Right of admission: The Company reserves the right to refuse any booking for any reason at its own discretion.

• The Company reserves the right to charge The Guest in full for any breakages or damage of any kind what so ever whether intentional or not, to any of The Companies or any other Guests facilities and/or possessions.

Deposit Policy & Payment method
• Deposits should only be made once we have confirmed availability. Do not send a deposit before the Company has approved your booking. If a deposit was made before you received approval of your booking, your deposit may be forfeited, or at least, any cost incurred in sending you back the money may be deducted.
• Deposits can be paid in cash at the reception or from distance by MPESA:
o From within Kenya: Our MPESA number is 0707490740 (Registered under name Romain Mari). If you are not a registered MPESA user, MPESA payments can be made via any MPESA office.
o If you are overseas:
1) Go to: https://www.worldremit.com/en/home
2) Once you are on the website – select your country.
3) Choose to send money to Kenya via ‘Mobile Money Transfer’. You will then be asked to quickly create an account.
4) Enter our details:
- Our mobile MPESA number is +254 707490740
- First name is: Romain
- Last name is: Mari
5) You can then pay by VISA amongst other online payment options. Send us a little email once you have received payment confirmation and we’ll reply to acknowledge receipt! Easy!

• Please note that, unless the name of the person making the booking is the same as the registered MPESA user sending the money, we demand that you follow up with an SMS to to +254 7 07 490 740 or email distantrelativeskilifi@gmail.com to confirm your payment. It is otherwise impossible for us to tell whom the money has come from.
• Until the full amount of your booking’s deposit is received and acknowledged by The Company, your booking can not be considered as secured and the Company reserves the right to cancel your booking and any monies paid by you in relation to your Booking will be forfeited to the Company.
• Although final payment of your booking may have been made, it is only when the Company has sent you confirmation of your payment and booking that your booking can be considered as confirmed. Until then, all bookings are considered unconfirmed. Until then, the Company is entitled to let the room/bed to another customer. Of course, by all means, the Company will avoid such situations and are only included in these Terms and Conditions should such an unlikely situation occur.
• While Credit Card payment facilities and direct bank-to-bank transfers (internet banking) have not yet been established, a 5% surcharge would apply to all such payments.
Price List & Seasonal Rates:

• The prices displayed on the website, brochures, or anywhere else exclude all meals, beverages, transport, activities, laundry or room service unless otherwise specified.
• If we have quoted you for one bed in the dormitory, the price quoted is only for one person. Any additional person, whether in separate or same bed will be charged extra. Same occurs for private rooms – our quote shall specify single, double or triple. Should any extra person than the amount quoted for share the facilities, although this may not be for the entire duration of the booking, this will be charged extra and accordingly to the above price list.
• Special requests must be indicated to us at the time of booking, however they cannot be guaranteed. An extra charge may be payable to facilitate a special request, unless stated otherwise in writing by our Management. Any customer with restricted mobility, particular care requirements or disabilities should discuss their requirements at the time of booking. Whilst we will use reasonable endeavours to accommodate such needs, they cannot be guaranteed unless we confirm this to you in writing.
• The exclusive use of a particular area of the Company’s premises for a conference, meeting, party or workshop of any kind will incur an extra cost, to be determined by the Comopany’s management according to the specifics of such a request (e.g. number of people, number of tables and chairs required, food, coffe and tea, use of our projector and sound system etc).
• If departure in the midle of the night, or arrival early morning, accommodation for the night is to be paid in full.

• Children's prices:
- Full accommodation charges will apply to children unless if under 4 years old and occupying the same bed as parent(s), then no extra costs will apply.
- Food: Free below four years; 4-11 years 50%; Children 12 years and above charged at full rate.

• Special offers: Opening special third night for free for volunteers from December 2012 to 1st December 2013

Cancellations, Changes, & Refund policy

• You must give notice to cancel your booking. If your notice is given in writing (e.g. email), the effective date of cancellation will be the date we acknowledge receipt of your instruction, not the day you sent the message.
• Should you be required to pay cancellation charges shown below, keep in mind that such costs may be recoverable under your travel insurance policy, depending on its terms.
• Deposits for bookings during peak season are 100% non-refundable !
• For bookings outside of Peak Season, the following refund policy applies:

Number of days before arrival date Refund of deposit
More than 90 days 100 % refund
30 – 89 days 50 % refund
0 – 29 days 0 % refund
Deposits for bookings during peak season are 100% non-refundable !

• You will be charged the maximum amount (see above) for the full duration of your Booking:
- If you do not show up for your booking,
- If you decide to reduce the number of nights in your chosen type of accommodation
- If the number of guests is reduced;
- If the type of accommodation is downgraded;
- If the net value of the booking is in any manner affected.
• The fact that your cancelled room/ bed may or not be filled by new guests will not affect the fact that you will be required to pay the full amount of your booking.
• In case of ‘Force Majeure’ or government travel advice there will be no refund and the Company will not be liable for any additional costs incurred by you.

Cancellation and changes made by us

• The Company reserves the right to cancel a Booking no later than 30 days before the date of your booking. With any form of cancellation, the Company will offer you alternative arrangements, and, if the price of your alternative booking is of lower value than the original booking the Company will refund the difference to you. If you do not accept alternative arrangements we will refund all payments you have made to the Company.

Force Majeure

The Company shall not be in breach of this Agreement if it does not provide the services under this Agreement due to the following circumstances:
• Industrial action by the Company’s employees
• Industrial action by the staff of one of the Company’s suppliers
• Fire, lighting, explosion, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, extreme weather conditions, storm, flood, burst pipes, earthquake , terrorism and the Hotel being damaged or destroyed.
• Government travel advice, breakdown of machinery, or any failure to supply the Hotel with gas, electricity, water and so on, outside the control of the Company.

If any of the above occurs the Company will do its best to avoid any inconvenience.


There may be limited spaces available. If you are driving large vehicles such as overland trucks, or have any particular vehicle requirements please discuss these with us at the time of booking.

Hotel Events

• Please be aware that at certain times throughout the year, we will be hosting weddings, events and parties, which you may feel would be an intrusion on your break. Please contact the Company directly in advance of your stay for further information about our events calendar.
• We will not accept any request for refunds or other forms of compensation should one of our events have disturbed you because you were not aware of this event. Our events calendar is available online on our Facebook page, on our newsletter and at the bar, as well as in the signature of every one of our emails. If in doubt, please be warned that we host events and parties as regularly as every weekend sometimes. Feel free to contact us by phone or email to enquire avbout events during a specific period.
• Event tickets are non-refundable.

Use of Information & Publicity

• You consent and authorise the Company to collect the email address you provide on check-in and add it you to our mailing list. If you would rather not, please advise our reception and we will not add your email address to the mailing list.
• You agree that the Company may use images of you taken during your stay without recourse to you and without compensation to you, for publicity and promotion purposes only through whatever medium it chooses.

Liability & Acceptance of Risk

• You agree to indemnify the Company from any claims made by you for incidents arising during your stay.
• To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Company does not accept liability for any loss, damage, death or injury however caused (including through negligence), which you may directly or indirectly suffer in connection with or arising from this contract or your
participation in a trip, or in respect of a failure or omission on the part of the Company to comply with its obligations under this contract. To the fullest extent permitted by law, you also agree to release the Company and its directors, owners, employees, agents and Partners from all costs, liability, loss and damage incurred by you before, during or after your Booking period and waive any associated claims that you may have against the Company.
• The Company does not accept liability for loss or damage to any object, equipment, furniture, stock or any other property brought onto the premises by the Guest or persons authorised by the Guest. A safe and a locked room are provided for the convenience of the Guests but any property deposited there is entirely at your own risk. The Company will endeavour to assist Guests with storage of their equipment, however it excludes liability for the loss or damage of those items.
• The Company shall not be liable for any special, indirect, consequential or pure economic loss including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of business; depletion of goodwill and/or similar losses.