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Doug Parker

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For Personal Training, simple techniques are taught to each family member. You'll watch how in minutes your dog begins to respond differently to calm, assertive energy.

For the Home Seminar, demonstrated live in a host pet owner's home, a standard agenda is followed which covers key points in both the owner's training and in the dog's training. Up to five guests attend the session in the host's home. Only the host's dog is present. Following the 1-hour session, time is set aside to sit and talk about the session and for Q&A.


Doug Parker

Doug Parker



Home seminar

Up to five dog owners meet in the home of a 6th dog owner's home to watch and listen while the host's dog becomes the focus of the DOuG Whisperer. Q&A time is reserved following the training.


Personal training

Individual training for the dog owner's family and their pet in their own home.

Terms & Conditions

Payment is due upon receipt of your email invoice. PayPal is used to collect payments.

For Home Seminars, the host fee is returned on the day of the training.