Pollock Pines, California


Sly Park Recreation Area offers eight (8) family campgrounds. Pinecone, Sierra, and Chimney campgrounds are the closest to the water and can be the most congested. Jenkinson offers ADA accessible tent campsites that are popular with all visitors. Hilltop is less congested and accommodates some larger motor homes. Hazel, Rainbow, Kamloop, and Dogwood, located at the back of the park away from the water, offer a nice woodsy experience. Stonebraker, adjacent to the boat launch parking lot, offers only four (4) campsites away from other campgrounds.

Trail Users:
Sly Park Recreation Area offers over eight (8) miles of hiking, mountain bike, and equestrian trails. Trailhead parking is located four (4) miles past the gate at Hazel Meadow. This location is best for hiking to the waterfall. A second trailhead parking lot, Bumpy Meadows, is located just past the second dam on Mormon Immigrant Trail. The use fee for Bumpy Meadows is $5 payable at the self-serve station within the parking lot. Please call the gatehouse 530-295-6824 if you need assistance while on the trail.

There are two (2) boat ramps, the Main ramp is near the main entrance and the Stonebraker boat ramp is 2.3 miles past the main gate within the 5-mile an hour zone. Kayak, paddleboats, and canoes can be rented at the Stonebraker Boat Launch weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There is a courtesy dock within the main day use area.

The Main day-use area is located a half mile from the gatehouse entrance. Day use tables and BBQs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Kayak, canoes, paddle boats, and stand-up paddle boards can be rented at the Stonebraker Boat Launch weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

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