Enviro-Rents, Inc.

Kings Beach, California

About Enviro-Rents, Inc.

Enviro-Rents, Inc. is located at:

Enviro-Rents, Inc.
8612 North Lake Blvd
Kings Beach, California
Phone: 530-546-2780


Terms & Conditions

Liability Agreement:
Your responsibility in signing this form is no more or less than if you owned the kayak or paddleboard.
It is understood that prior to leaving on a kayak or paddleboard trip, the party renting the equipment shall fully inspect all the equipment prior to its use. Enviro-Rents shall be advised of any defects in the equipment. The use of said equipment will constitute an acceptance of said equipment on a rental basis “as is.” It is further understood that all use of equipment provided is at the undersigned own risk. The undersigned assumes responsibility for any personal injury to himself, occupants of the kayak/paddleboard, or others and agrees to pay any damage done to said equipment or property of others.
I am aware that the use of kayaks/paddleboards on the lake can be hazardous and I assume all risks of injury, loss and/or damage to persons or property during any such use, fully realizing that Enviro-Rents or their agents have no control over the manner of use or the condition of any lake, and I agree to pay for, defend, indemnify, and hold Enviro-Rents or their agents, employees, successors, and assignees harmless from all liabilities, claims, and demands for loss, damage or injuries to persons and property resulting from or in any way connected with transporting or use of the kayak/paddleboard furnished by Enviro-Rents, or their agents, their successors and assignees in enforcing any of the obligations under this agreement.
I, as a parent or legal guardian or supervisor of a minor child make this agreement individually and on behalf of this minor child to induce Enviro-Rents to allow the child to ride on a kayak/paddleboard.
RULES: I will stay on the land side of all buoys. I further agree to return the kayak/paddleboard to the point of rental. If I am forced to call for a pick up a $75.00 charge will be taken from my security deposit. I will keep my life jacket on at all times. I agree to partake in no illegal substances while in possession of an Enviro-Rents kayak/paddleboard and I also agree to not drink and alcohol while in possession of an Enviro-Rents kayak/paddleboard. I am aware that no kayak/paddleboard will be rented to anyone who has been drinking alcohol or under the influence of any illegal substances.

Enviro-Rents requires a minimum of 48 hours notice for any cancellation to receive a FULL refund. If cancelled between 24 hrs and 48 hrs, you will receive 50% of the total tour price. There is no refund if cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.