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Gig Rent

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Gig Rent
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Gig Rent

Gig Rent


Fuji 87x9.3 HD Long Lens with stabilization

Lens Rental includes the Lens, Studio controls, Vinten 700 tripod head, Vinten Heavy Duty Tripod. Cased properly in 3 seperate cases

Pro Presenter 5 Video Server - Macbook Pro

2.0ghz i7 Macbook pro with 8GB of RAM and an external HDD for Content Files. We will also include a stock Content Library with 150+ Digital Backgrounds.

QLab 2 Video and Show Control System

1 2.8ghz Quad Core Mac Pro Tower with 16GB of RAM, 1.5 Gig of Video RAM. Dual HDD system including 2 SSD's for OS and Content.

Playback Pro Plus - Mobile System

2.0 Ghz I7 Macbook Pro with 8GB of RAM, Dual HDD System including 1 SSD for Video Content. DVI/ HDMI Output Dongle, VGA Output Dongle, USB Hub.

Terms & Conditions

Shipping price will billed as the actual cost. Equipment must be shipped back the day of or the day immediately following our event. If it is not shipped on-time you will be billed for everyday that it is late at the one day rate for each day that the unit is late being returned.

We will include a return shipping label in the unit to simplify the return shipping process.

If the unit is returned in any form other than the way it was shipped, the renter will be charged for all repairs as well as 2 rental days for down-time.

If for any reason you need to extend the rental please contact us directly to ensure that you are able to maintain extended rental rates through the end of your rental.