Hutch's Bicycles - Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls, Oregon

About Hutch's Bicycles - Klamath Falls

Hutch’s Bicycles was started in Eugene, Oregon in 1927 by Earl Hutchinson. His nickname was Hutch. Hutch’s was originally a combined bicycle/lawnmower/keymaking store until the 1960’s when Earl’s son, Bill took control and made it Hutch’s Bicycle Store.
In 1978 a second store was located in nearby Springfield, Oregon, and in 1981 a third store took over the Schwinn dealership in Bend, Oregon. Ownership of that store was offered to then longtime Eugene employee, Jim Lewis. Jim worked hard to build the business in Bend, and in 1989 opened another Hutch’s location in Bend, on the popular west side of town.

In 1997, a new venture was taken on by Hutch’s, called Rack-n-Roll. It is a stand-alone business specializing in multi-sport automotive rack systems, and is located near the HWY 97 bicycle store location, on NE Hawthorne Street in Bend, Oregon.

In August, 2005, Hutch’s expanded into the city of Klamath Falls to service the rapidly growing cycling community there, and in 2010 did the same for Redmond, Oregon. Jim is still a Hutch’s man, and the official “Spokes” man for the Bend and Klamath Falls stores, operating from the original Bend store on 3rd Street.

Year-round, Hutch’s in Bend and Klamath Falls employs 15 to 20 people that have come to work for us from all around the U.S.A. These folks share a common theme: quality of life, great working environment, uncompromising customer satisfaction, and a passion for bicycles. If you can, stop by and we’ll show you why running a bicycle shop in Oregon is about as close to the perfect job as a person could have!



Santa Cruz 5010 R AM

The 5010 defies categorization, pushing the realms of what's possible on a 125mm travel bike.


Santa Cruz Bronson R AM

The Bronson is the reference for all-mountain riding and racing, and one of our most versatile and popular models ever. With a 67° head angle, 150mm of VPP™ travel and 27.


Santa Cruz Tallboy LT R AM

If big wheels, big rides, big races and big adventures are your thing, the Tallboy LT is your big ticket.


Specalized Ruby Comp

The Ruby Comp is a quick and efficient, FACT carbon bike, with Zertz vibration dampers in the frame and fork, designed to cover long distances with maximum control and comfort.


Specialized Hotrock 20

Grown-up bike technology and quality dialed for big kids looking to attack the trails and build some skills.


Specialized Hotrock 24

Grown-up bike technology and quality dialed for big kids looking to attack the trails and build some skills.


Specialized Rockhopper 29

The Rockhopper 29 is prepared for your favorite trails, with a smooth, 100mm-travel SR Suntour fork with custom damper, and powerful Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes.


Specialized Roubaix Expert

Smoother is faster. The more comfortable and less fatigued you are at the end of a 4-hour ride, the stronger you'll be.