Inspire Women's Health & Fitness

Woodvale, Australia

About Inspire Women's Health & Fitness

Team inspire is genuinely interested in your personal health, your goals and finding the best ways to reach these goals over a realistic amount of time with a healthy balance between excercise, food and wellness that suits the busy lifestyle that many people have.
We strive to create a fun, easy going, social experience which not only sees great results but it is delivered in a non threatening, accesible environment for ALL women.

Our Mission is simply to provide health and fitness education to all women to empower and inspire them to achieve their goals and be the happiest and healthiest they have ever been.

Our Philosophy:
- To create a community of women who support each other with their health and fitness goals.
- To involve a large variety in both the group training and personal training to keep your body guessing so you never get bored and you dont plateau.
- High intensity workouts are proven to be more efficient in improving your fitness and burning more calories than steady paced exercise. So we won't waste your time we will give you the greatest opportunity to reach your goals!
- It's not all about exercise though.Your body is a machine however it won't function properly if you are not fuelling it correctly.We will provide you with the most up to date information so you can ensure you have the knowledge of the right eating habbits to look and feel your best.
- Exercise should be fun!