Reviews for Miami Boat Rental

Miami, Florida

 Worst experience

Review by Kara on 7/23/16 2:22 PM

So excited to go on a boat ride. We called in advance to get details for a 4 hour ride for 4 of us. Was told beer was included and transportation to and from the dock $400 cash or with a credit card they would have to include tax. Told us to make reservation online. We did that and paid $40 to hold the reservation. The morning of it was raining but they called at 11 and said pick up for 11:40 was still on. Then got a text that we would be picked up when the rain stopped. When we eventually got there we got in the boat beer. Said that it wasn't included. He took us to a store a minute away where we could get some. Back in the boat he asked for cash. We said we were paying with card but he said the machine was down. He tried to use his PayPal but said it wouldn't go through. He had to take us back to the dock. We got out and I checked my credit card account and he charged us twice! My husband tried to get his attention and he RAN the other direction. Finally he talked to us and said no he didn't charge us it was declined. We made him sit with us while we called the credit card company and he went on his PayPal and cancelled both transactions. Ruined the day dealing with his bs. He almost stole $800 from us if we wouldn't have checked our account right away.

 We got stiffed

Review by Billy on 4/26/16 1:26 PM

Told us to be ready at a specific time. We contacted them at that time and they canceled on us. We packed everything for the boat - how long were they gonna make is stand there before they contacted us?! They should be ashamed.


Review by Gomez on 9/30/14 10:25 AM

Best Boat rental in Miami Beach...

 Jet Ski Hollywood

Review by Juan on 9/5/12 11:11 AM

I am very happy with jet ski rental in Hollywood florida

 Jet ski in Miami

Review by Tomas on 6/11/12 10:15 AM

Good service but few time... next time will need more time to see the island

 Jet ski Miami Beach

Review by Adam on 6/11/12 10:14 AM

I was there and get the best services ever...Thanks

 Jet ski Rental Miami

Review by Robert on 6/10/12 10:32 PM

Im very happy with this company services and your Brand New complete 2012 Yamaha... Regards

 Jet ski Miami

Review by Nicole on 6/10/12 10:26 PM

Best service ever in Jet Ski Miami... Thank you guys