Local Motion

Burlington, Vermont

About Local Motion

E-bikes and cargo bikes can significantly increase your ability to make biking a part of your life. Want to try one? You've come to the right place! Thanks to our partners, we have created an opportunity for you to borrow a bike
from our lending library in Burlington for a 5 day period and see how it might fit into your life.

Local Motion is a statewide nonprofit organization working to make biking and walking a way of life in every corner of Vermont. Learn more at www.localmotion.org


RadWagon - CLICK HERE for more info


The RadWagon is a cargo e-bike that can carry you and your kids, groceries, and other valuable cargo around town and some mild backroads.

Specialized Turbo Como - CLICK HERE for more info


This e-bike feels like a rocket ship (if you want it to). Its over-sized road tires absorb bumps and cracks in the road. The e-assist propellers you over hills and across flats.

Trek Verve+ - CLICK HERE for more info


This beautiful machine will let you ditch your car at every opportunity. Integrated lights and fenders help keep you seen and dry.