Reviews for Mount St. Helens Helicopter Tours

Toutle, Washington

 Family tour 20 Aug 12

Review by Grunt on 9/12/12 1:37 PM

We couldn't of ask for better tour. I have some experience in helicopters and the pilot is a steady, skilled stick and very attentive to safety. The weather was perfect and my family including my two year old grandson, enjoyed the tour. Definitely recommended.


Review by John on 9/10/12 9:17 AM

We really weren't quite sure what to expect when we signed up to go but it turned out to be the absolute highlight of our summer. It was a beautiful day which helped but the time our pilot took to explain and view the beautiful mountain was amazing which he did in a very friendly and non-evasive manner. He was low key and yet extremely informative at just the right times and so you didn't get the impression that the information was canned and had been delivered a 1000 times before. It was like it was all brand new and being divulged to you for the first time. We really appreciated the trip and if it were possible would give it a 10 star rating!

 Well worth the cost

Review by Mike on 8/27/12 6:03 AM

The most expensive item on our two week holiday in Washington and British Columbia other than car hire, so I did hesitate but my wife and daughter were keen and I am very glad that I was persuaded! Awesome views and our pilot had a really good understanding of the eruption and the subsequent habitat changes and glacier formation - I'm a professional ecologist so can be quite critical in this regard. My daughter had a great time 'up front' in the co-pilot's seat, but photo-opportunities were better in the back (one can open the windows). Go for it if you have the chance - a highlight of our trip to a lovely part of the world.

 Bucket list - done

Review by Vagabonds on 8/20/12 9:29 AM

An early 50th anniversary gift from our daughter and son-in-law in early August. A ride in an helicopter was high on my bucket list. Wow - what an experience. The ride was great as was the pilot/tour guide. Very smooth ride and very informative. As it was a gift, not aware of the cost, but it was fantastic. I will recommend to anyone. Thanks to the crew.


Review by Frank & Steph on 8/13/12 10:47 PM

It was more awesome than I even hoped for, the 5 stars say's it all. The price was great even though we could only afford the shorter flight, they made it a wonderful and enjoyable experience. I want to do it again!

 What a Day!

Review by wuenchdog on 8/4/12 9:43 PM

While I arranged the flight, it was my wife who took the helicopter tour. Like other reviews, it was a smooth, beautiful flight - one she will always remember. Our pilot, Darren, was awesome and enhanced the tour. Definitely a great experience!

 Best Surprise Ever

Review by Darrel on 8/2/12 4:59 PM

This was a surprise Birthday gift for my son who had just turned 12. And it couldn't have been better. Darren totally helped with surprising my son and made the ride so much fun for him. I especially appreciated how friendly and informative Darren was during the ride. And even though we had visited Johnston Ridge and other informative sites before our ride we learned new things from Darren. Thank you for a wonderful memory!


Review by sandy on 7/31/12 8:22 AM

The views were amazing. The helicopter ride was so smooth and Darren did a great job of flying. This was my first experience in a helicopter. My son had flown before and my husband had been in the air force. We got a great view of the crater. Darren pointed out the interesting things and explained about the mud flow and devastation that took place. We even saw some elk. Thanks for a wonderful tour. I will have a great memory from this vacation. We had a delay getting started because of cloud cover, but they were very accomodating in working us in later in the day.

 Bucket list - you must do this !

Review by Pyle Family on 7/27/12 6:20 PM

Aleesha and Darren went out of their way to make this an amazing experience. Weather forced the cancelation of our original flight & they worked to fit us in the next day. Flight was smoother than driving to the store ! Darren does a great job of flying, narrating and answering questions. Aleesha entertained those of our family that were too chicken to fly (they would have done fine). Amazing experience, great price & great value. Would love to do it again if we ever are back in the area from Southern CA.

 A Fabulous Experience

Review by BobG on 7/25/12 7:15 AM

What a great way to see Mount St. Helens! My son and I enjoyed the helicopter tour immensely and it was amazing to fly up the lava flow and then to hover right around the collapsed dome of the volcanon. Enjoyed the commanding views of the area and could even see Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams. A wonderful experience.


Review by Headygolf on 7/22/12 9:35 PM

What an awesome day - this trip made my husband's trip to Seattle! Loved the informative tour and the excellent views provided. We would highly recommend this trip to everyone!

 Ride the big red chopper!

Review by Mike on 7/16/12 11:48 AM

Flew over the volcano in July 2012. The helicopter looked like it was quite new-ish to me and it appeared to have been maintained -based purely on the condition of the rotors and the bodywork. The pilot (Darren) was friendly and appeared to have fine control of the aircraft - there were no scary moments. The trip itself was fabulous; well worth the price; the pilot has his commentary memorised and it was informative and entertaining. Saw some wildlife (elk) which was an unexpected bonus.

 Well worth it

Review by Randy on 7/12/12 5:51 AM

Did tour in July 2012. This is the way to see the mountain. The pilot knew his stuff both about flying the copter and the history of the eruption.


Review by Mud at on 7/4/12 11:46 PM

We were thrilled with our helicopter ride. Our pilot, Darren was friendly and knowledgeable. We definitely got more than our money's worth. We had a beautiful, clear day and were able to see Mt. Rainier and steam coming from St. Helen's dome. This was a one in a lifetime experience. The pie from the adjacent restaurant was a tasty treat after our ride.

 Amazing Tour

Review by Helicopter Fan on 7/3/12 6:24 AM

What an incredible experience (a second time!). We were hesitant to take the helicopter longest tour due to its price but felt it was well worth it as we had taken the medium one prior. On the longer tour took we felt we got a better feel of the size of the devastation of the 1980 eruption. We had out of town guest with us who were in awe of the beauty of Mt. St. Helen's today, the volcanoes in the very far distance, the elk we saw and the vast devastation of the 1980 eruption. Taking the helicopter ride and then going to the Johnston Ridge Observatory and seeing their movie afterwards - makes a great combination and day. Just plan plenty of time. The observatory closed at 5pm when we went.

 Absolutely incredible.

Review by mafic_man on 6/17/12 12:31 PM

This was the perfect ending to a great Washington vacation. You get a completely different vantage point of Mt. St. Helens as well as the mud flows, wildlife, forest, devastated landscape, hummocks, and rivers and streams. The combo tour is well worth the price (but only if the weather cooperates). The pilots are very knowledgeable and professional, and if time permits, will alter their normal routes slightly for specific interests. I would recommend an afternoon or evening tour as morning fog can be common.

 Such a nice experience

Review by Mia on 6/3/12 4:36 PM

My daughter loves volcanoes so I decided that a volcano tour would add a fun element to our trip to the Northwest. It was really amazing; we opted for the deluxe tour, the ride was very smooth and our pilot was very kind. The views were amazing. I do wish that we learned more about the story of all that happened during the explosion, but I didn't ask for that either. I wish I had spoken up. Anyways, I would highly recommend this to anybody but it is a bit spendy.

 Helicopter Ride into Mt St Helens

Review by Don on 5/28/12 2:36 PM

I'm not sure I can add anymore exemplary comments than those here and that would express the experience we had any better. Descriptive words for the staff and ride would include professionalism, courtesy, knowledgeable, safety conscientious, unforgettable, appreciation for their customers. Great Job, each of us enjoyed the ride and would love to take the longer ride in the helicopter and also experience the country on horseback. Everyone at work, like us, were amazed at the 175 degree water fall coming from around the dome of the volcano. Best wishes to the staff

 A great addition to anyone's life experiences list

Review by John on 9/18/11 2:13 AM

Courteous staff, thorough pre flight safety information, amazing views, an informative and caring pilot who provided great commentary about various formations and landmarks. I.m do glad I experienced not just the mountain/volcano itself but the beautiful lakes, woods, river valley and other natural beauty surrounding st helens.81


Review by Steve on 9/12/11 1:44 AM

My wife and I flew my parents up from Colorado. They have seen plenty of mountains, but never from this point of view. This is their fiftieth year of marriage and we wanted to do something special. They did not know of the tour until we pulled into the parking lot. Dad said he was little apprehensive but went along any way, Mom was ready to go. They both came back with big smiles and plenty of photos. It was well worth the trip to see them enjoy seeing a mountain from the air. Then I took my wife on the next flight, SURPRISE! She had to ride up front and wasn’t to keen on the idea. She really enjoyed the trip and the view. The pilot made it possible for two apprehensive people to enjoy a once in a lifetime event. Thank you.


Review by Jamie on 8/27/11 11:18 PM


 Mt St Helens Helicopter combo tour

Review by h2o polo babe on 8/27/11 12:01 PM

One of the best things we have done so far on our bucket list. Very nice staff, chopper, and facility. Greatly enjoyed ourselves! Highly recommend. Spectacular. Price was worth every penny!

 Mt St Helens

Review by NL on 8/27/11 11:36 AM

This was a terrific tour. Pilot was incredibly knowledgeable and communicative. They ran right on schedule which was really important for us as we had a flight to catch in Portland. Was not scary for someone who has never flown in a helicopter.


Review by From Florida on 8/27/11 8:32 AM

Couldn't possibly have found a better way to view Mt St Helens and surrounding area.


Review by 65 mustang driver on 8/24/11 7:03 PM

a 10 out of a 10,flew on aug 16 a tuesday,,,,wonderful people and had a great flight.....really really fun and exciting,got to ride up front,wow what a great fun fun ..............iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...........saw all the big mtns.........deer and wild life.....................................carson


Review by CA78 on 8/15/11 10:40 PM

Arrived at 4:00 p.m. July 3. Turns out this outfit had been trying to call us all day to let us know weather was not looking good, but I left my home number and we were on the road. Weather cleared just in time, so we got to have a fantastic ride with big, puffy clouds adding interest to the amazing scenery. Our pilot was extremely knowledgable, professional and courteous, as was the woman who checked us in. My only regret was not being able to sample the marionberry pie at the café afterward since I was a little green around the gills. But it was entirely worth it. There's no point in doing any other tour besides the awesome combo tour. Only my husband and I were on this trip, and we didn't have to pay extra like some other tours charge when the seats aren't full. Highly recommended.

 Awesome Ride

Review by Ron Cooper,Fulton, N,Y, on 8/15/11 10:01 AM

Hi ,I am Ron ,I had a fear of heights and did not know how this would go at first, but I'll tell you it was awesome and I hope I get to do it again, the pilot was great and the sites were real great awesome that there were so many different things to see, The crator ,the elk ,it was very much worth the money and thank you again for the great experiance . Ron

 flight over Mt St Helens

Review by Mottay Michel on 8/12/11 3:28 AM

We are French and we flew over on 3 August - we have been lucky because it was a clear day. We have found a staff was very friendly. The Pilot was also very friendly and very professional. Great views of the crater, lakes, lava dome and blast area. We have also see many deers. The flight would have to last a little longer !This is for us a very great moment we can't forget. THANKS to the whole crew !!

 Outstanding Trip & Service

Review by James Kennedy on 8/5/11 7:09 AM

We flew over on 28 July - CLEAR DAY. Staff was very friendly. Flight was smooth despite the wind. Facilities were great. Follow their directions on their site and not the GPS or you will not find them. Small restaurant serves a great steak. Pilot was friendly and knowledgeable. Clear day and saw all 4 Volcanoes. Great views of the crater, lava dome and blast area. Numerous people flying that day so a popular event. I would say it does not matter if you do the flight before or after visiting the Johnston Observatory but both are amazing. It is a beautiful and amazing site to visit. THANKS to the whole crew!!

 Great Time!

Review by Mike on 7/30/11 12:22 PM

Went up to celebrate my birthday. Had a fantastic time. I'd climbed Mt. St. Helens in my youth and found it fasinating to see how much it had changed after the eruption. The ride was smooth as glass, and after an early morning delay, the weather was beautiful. It was stunning to get a chance to get over the crater rim and see the new mound forming at the center of the crater. We saw wisps of steam venting from 2-3 spots around the mound. If this is something you're thinking about--do it!

 Money well spent

Review by Mike on 7/24/11 9:12 AM

We took the grand combo tour. We figured that although it was a lot of money for two of us, if we're going to do it, go all the way. We were't disappointed. Besides just the excitement of a helicopter ride, the experience was truly awe inspiring. The perspective gives you an appreciation for the power and scope of the eruption that no other vantage point would. If you think about what all you would spend on a trip to Busch Gardens or the like, it doesn't seem so bad for a once in a lifetime experience like this.

 Absolutely amazing!

Review by Newcastlenative on 7/9/11 3:52 AM

The pilot/guide gave fabulous insight into the explosion and recovery of the area. And the view from the helicopter is SO much better than anything you can see from the ground. We practically entered the crater and could see the lava dome really well. It was a beautiful day, so we also had great views of Spirit Lake, Mt Rainier, and Mt Adams. This experience was worth every penny--the best way to see Mt St Helen's!

 A Different Perspective!

Review by Jeff on 7/3/11 7:48 AM

If you think seeing St. Helens from an observation platform is an experience then you are sadly mistaken! The helicopter will give you an whole new appreciation of what happened when the mountain exploded in 1980. The experience is something you'll never regret!!


Review by JOE on 6/26/11 8:58 AM


 Life Altering

Review by Man ? Well on 5/17/11 3:53 AM

Just 2 yrs after the big blast, en-route to California, I took a side trip to check out Mt.St Helens. The "Visitors Centre" consisted of a simple trailer style snack-shack and a helicopter resting on the flats guarded by a scruffy looking guy kicked back in a lawn chair. Within 1/2 hr, a small group of us took our seats, assuming nothing more than a 'closer look'. After surveying the forest of what looked like toothpicks neatly laid down on the surface of some lifeless planet, we entered the North face and hovered directly above the lava-dome. The pilot said he would like to get us closer in, but the air currents generated by the bubbling molten lava pool off to the right could suck us in within seconds. Nobody minded backing away a bit. At that location I could only see about 1/2 of the lava pool with my wide-angle lens on the Nikon and it was getting a little warm. I highly doubt that one would get quite the same ride now as I had. That was at a time before Mt St Helens was developed into a tourist attraction - It was still 'raw' and unpredictable. Safety regulations at the time were basically "Enter at your own risk". The pilot - I can only say - After talking to him after the ride, although I had some question regarding his overall sanity, I felt his experience made him possibly the most qualified for this trip. I truly believe he took us closer than anyone else would have but it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Since that day, I have a much greater respect for the power of this ball we call Earth and how tiny of a creature we really are. I have no idea what the area looks like after 30 years of healing. The pictures, movies and documentaries can tell the story - but getting up close and 'personal' will change your life! Take the flight - whatever the price.

 Worth every cent

Review by Jeanne on 9/22/10 3:35 PM

Great pilot and staff. If you have the money, do this tour. It was absolutely unforgettable and "made" our trip.


Review by Lisa Kelly on 9/12/10 7:15 AM

This was an absolute highlight of our honeymoon! Obviously, it's not a cheap thing to do but it's one of the those 'once in a lifetime' experiences that leaves you bowled over and well worth the cost. I cannot believe how close to the crater we got - it was just incredible. Everyone who worked on the tour and the Eco Park were extremely helpful and friendly and very welcoming. I would highly recommend this as something you'll never forget and will talk about for years to come.

 Wonderful experience

Review by Karen L on 9/10/10 1:36 PM

This is something I have wanted to do for many years now. It exceeded my expectations. The pilot Patrick was great. I will cherish the video footage. I would strongly recommend this tour to anyone.

 great views and pies

Review by Harper/Castro on 9/8/10 1:29 PM

We both agreed that this was the best money we spent during our week in Oregon and Washington. Words cannot describe the experience and the views. Would do it again...and, we'd eat the blackberry and peach pies again, too!

 satisfied customer

Review by satisfied customer on 9/7/10 8:18 AM

Words can't describe it. Just do it. It's well worth the money and the pilot's great. End it w/ a meal at the restaurant. It was fantastic and the service is wonderful. Very friendly and welcoming!

 A great birthday experience

Review by Phaysee on 9/5/10 3:24 PM

I took my 16-year-old son on the first helicopter ride of his life for his birthday, and we both loved it. The day with clear and relatively windless, and our ride was smooth with great visibility. It was a great experience but over all too soon. The pilot and his wife were friendly and helpful. We got there early so got on an earlier tour. It seemed a bit expensive for 25 minutes, but it was still worth it.

 Extraordinary experience!

Review by Emilie  on 9/1/10 5:40 AM

Our flight was just a week ago, at 10.45am. We had reserved long before, and were lucky to have the best day of the week for it. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky and very little wind. And it was such a great experience, to not only see the mountain up close, but to find out about all its effects on nature. The pilot answered all our questions and made it all worth it. Thank you!


Review by Wendy & Grant on 8/31/10 6:14 AM

We were in BC Canada in 1980 and felt it/saw when Mt St Helens erupted and had always wanted to see the Mountain. We had an awesome day and were glad we took the combo tour... it was well worth it. Thanks.

 Incredible Experience

Review by Dave Fron on 8/20/10 9:56 PM

The service couldn't have been better from Mount St. Helens Helicopter Tours. Rachel and Patrick were great! I highly recommend going "big" with the Awesome Combo Tour. We got some great commentary from Patrick throughout our flight. And the weather was perfect. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

 July Tour

Review by Chuck & Patty, Gary & Doris on 8/16/10 9:39 PM

Patrick and Rachel are a delightful couple and made our day complete. Patrick is an excellent pilot and the information given was great. The restaurant food was very satisfying as well. Thanks for a great day!

 Memories of a life time.

Review by Jenny De on 8/11/10 10:25 AM

We made a memory! We were treated like V.I.P.s everyone could not have been more helpful. The pilot was very knowledgeable and pleasant. The area is beyond beautiful. There were some clouds the day we were there but the pilot maneuvered around them and I don't feel like we missed anything because of clouds. The weather is very much apart of the area so planning is a must. It was one of the more expensive things that we did on our vacation but I had saved for it and have NO regrets. Anyone interested in this area or in love with Mt. St. Helen must do this at least once. We visit St. Helen at least once a year but this was the first time we had seen it this way. AWESOME does not do the experience justice. It was beyond awesome, a true must do!


Review by WyoMtnMan on 7/27/10 11:42 PM

We had an excellent experience on our flight. We originally had a 10am flight scheduled but morning fog forced us to postpone until 2pm. Pilot gave us a smooth ride and was very knowledgeable on all the features leading up to the mountain and of the mountain itself. The sights that we saw will live in our memories for sure. A definite must do!!

 View of a lifetime

Review by Mountain hermit on 7/14/10 2:12 PM

Had a perfect day for the tour. Blue skies and not a cloud in sight. The pilot was great, gave alot of information about what you were seeing and what it was like during the eruption. Really put the whole thing in perspective. Was nice to see the recovery of the area from an view that you just don't comprehend from the ground. Have spent most of my life in the mountains of Washington and have never seen a view like this. Have recommended it to everyone I know.

 2nd Try

Review by Leslie on 6/28/10 11:55 AM

We were suppose to go up the 20th but the weather was not co-operating. Came back the 24th with fingers crossed. Was able to get on. Upgraded our package and is was SO WORTH IT!!! It was the very best experience!!! The pilot was AWESOME. I am afraid of heights, flying name it. He made me feel so comfortable!! Would do it again in a heartbeat!!! It made our trip!! THANKS AGAIN

 Great Flight

Review by Tom Arnold on 6/22/10 8:02 AM

The flight was absolutely excellent. As an amateur volcanologist, I was able to get up close and personal with the lava dome in the caldera of Mt St.. Helens, which was my goal. The pilot was the best, dodging clouds and holding the chopper steady while I took some amazing photos. ...hats off to a wonderful experience!