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Lake Stevens, Washington

Cafe Phunktra Productions

About Cafe Phunktra Productions

Cafe Phunktra Productions is located at:

Cafe Phunktra Productions
2013 81st Ave NE
Lake Stevens, Washington
Phone: +1.206.915.5978


Cafe Phunktra Productions

Cafe Phunktra Productions

Cafe Phunktra Productions

Cafe Phunktra Productions

Cafe Phunktra Productions

Cafe Phunktra Productions


House Music DJ Set

I offer DJ services for soulful vocal House music with a splash of latin, french, african and brazillian influence, geared toward sounds of love, peace, and appreciation of all.

Terms & Conditions

Contract of Agreement for Services
Cafe Phunktra Productions, 2013 81st Ave NE+1.206.915.5978

The following letter sets forth and, when executed, shall constitute a binding agreement between _____________, herein after referred to as “Employer”, and DJ Priapos, herein referred to as “the DJ” entered into this ___th day of _____________. It is mutually agreed between the parties as follows:

The DJ agrees to perform for the Employer on the ___th day of _____________. This service shall be between the hours of ________ and ________ on the aforementioned date at ________________ in ________________. The DJ shall be allowed into the club at least one hour prior to opening for sound check.

The Employer will compensate the DJ in the amount of ____________ US dollars of which 50% is due no later than 30 days prior to the engagement date as a deposit to secure the DJ’s availability for the performance. Payments shall be made to Andre' Duckworth. The remainder of the DJ’s fee ($______) shall be paid in cash to the DJ prior to the start of the DJ’s performance. The DJ shall have no obligation to perform under this agreement unless the DJ has received such fee set forth herein, the DJ shall have the right, but not the obligation to terminate this agreement immediately, at which time the Employer shall be liable for actual damages incurred by the DJ as of such termination date. Any initial payment received by the DJ shall be deemed non-refundable pursuant this paragraph.

(for out of state events)
The Employer will provide at least one night of lodging at a hotel located within a reasonable distance to the event, which will be paid in full by the Employer prior to the DJ’s arrival and check-in. The Employer will also provide 1 roundtrip tickets on the DJ’s carrier of choice. The Employer will provide travel to and from the airport as well as travel to and from the event. All travel expenses shall be paid by the Employer in advance.

The DJ allows his name to be used in any promotion related to this event in the form of “Event Promotion.” The Employer agrees to include the URL"" on all promotional materials including but not limited to flyers, print ads, posters and any and all forms of advertising concerning the event at which the DJ will be performing. The DJ shall be provided a copy of any promotional items bearing his name in a timely fashion up to and including the date of service. The Employer agrees to allow the aforementioned promotional materials to be used by the DJ in the future as part of the website and portfolio of the DJ.

The DJ agrees to supply all musical needs for his performance. The Employer shall provide any music to be used outside the DJ’s performance. The Employer will provide the following professional sound equipment and services, which shall meet or exceed standards customary in the industry for such equipment and services, so that the artist may satisfactorily perform under the provisions contained herein:

a) Two (2) Pioneer CD-J 1000’s or two (2) CD-J 800’s or one (1) Denon 5500
b) One (1) Rane rotary mixer (MP2016), UREI 1620, Allen & Heath Xone, or Pioneer 500 DJM
c) A clean sounding booth monitor (located in front or to the left of the DJ at or above ear level)
d) Tables/Chairs to keep records and CD’s off the floor
e) Ample lighting

The DJ will provide his own headphones. Any recording of the DJ’s set is not permitted without prior written consent.

The DJ shall have the right to cancel this contract: a) in the event of illness; b) in the event of an “Act of God” c) in the event of an act of terrorism or war (whether or not declared) which occurs in the host city or which impairs the DJ’s ability to travel to, form or within the host city; d) if necessary work permits and/or visas cannot be obtained by the DJ due to the fault of the Employer; and e) if the transfer of monies has not been received by the DJ from the Employer in accordance to this agreement. If the DJ elects to cancel this contract for any of the foregoing reasons, the DJ is no longer obligated to fulfill his duties at the performance, but is still entitled to his fees. In the event the DJ must cancel, the DJ agrees to notify the Employer immediately and aid in finding a replacement DJ for the event.

In the event the Employer cancels within sixty (60) days of the scheduled event, the DJ shall be compensated a total of 50% of his pay or 175.00 US dollars for time and effort put into preparing for the event. If the Employer cancels the scheduled event within thirty (30) days of the scheduled event, the DJ shall be compensated his entire fee set forth in this agreement. Should the Employer cancel more than sixty (60) days prior to the event, this contract shall become null and void.

This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties and shall not be modified, except by an instrument of writing, signed by each parties duly authorized to execute such modification. This agreement has been entered into the State of Washington, and the validity, interpretation and legal effect of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Washington. All claims, disputes or disagreements which may arise out of the interpretation, performance or breach of this agreement shall be submitted exclusively to the jurisdiction of the state courts of the State of Washington or the Federal District courts located in Seattle,

U.S. Courthouse

700 Stewart Street Suite 2310

Seattle, WA 98101.

This agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective heirs, representatives, successors and assigns.

Please indicate your acceptance and concurrence with the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement by executing the acknowledgement below and returning via facsimile the same to the other party.

DJ's Signature:_____________________________ Date: ___________________________

Employer's Signature:________________________ Date: ___________________________