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Greatest .. 

Review by Fm on 10/20/17 1:58 PM

Will use again, great service. Shuttle was there waiting when we departed the ship.

Awesome .. 

Review by Shopi on 10/20/17 10:17 AM

These people made our journey relaxing and enjoyable. Very good coordination

Great experience! .. 

Review by Disney Dream  on 10/20/17 9:07 AM

Very friendly and quick, great customer service! Will definitely use again if we cruise out of Port Canaveral.

Great experience! .. 

Review by Disney Dream  on 10/20/17 9:06 AM

Very friendly and quick, great customer service! Will definitely use again if we cruise out of Port Canaveral.

Great location.. 

Review by Nancy on 10/20/17 9:05 AM

Park n cruise is excellent. They are very friendly and efficient. It is located right on the highway going into the port so you do not have to deal with any traffic coming or going. Will be back in Dec.

Majesty of the Sea cruise.. 

Review by Allen's on 10/20/17 5:19 AM

We were very pleased with the service rendered by Park N Cruise. There was no waiting time when we got off the ship. They were there waiting for the ship to arrive. That was important for us. We were greeted by friendly staff and the bus was comfortable. Excellent price for the service. Will use them again!

October, 2017 cruise parking.. 

Review by Jo on 10/19/17 3:30 PM

Great service. Friendly staff. Gated property. Great rates. Will definitely park here on my next cruise out of Port Canaveral.


Review by Robin on 10/19/17 1:07 PM

Although I hated for our cruise to end, Park N Cruise provided the perfect conclusion to the vacation. We immediately got into a shuttle after collecting our bags. And because the lot is fenced, I had absolutely no worries about my car while I was gone. Thanks, Park N Cruise, I will definitely recommend to anyone cruising from port orleans!

Great experience .. 

Review by butler family  on 10/19/17 5:57 AM

would definitely use agian! Very helpful and friendly staff and on time!

Never disappointed.. 

Review by Susan on 10/19/17 3:26 AM

Even after damage to their building by Hurricane Irma, Park N Cruise did not disappoint in their service. Prompt, courteous drivers were ready for embarkation and debarkation with minimum wait time and parking to port transportation! Love the convenience and price, especially getting the "freebie" after 4 visits!


Review by FAMILYFUN2010 on 10/17/17 2:53 PM

We use Park N Cruise all the time love the 5th use free punch card , love the friendly staff and most importantly they now rent GOGO scooters for the walking impaired at the lost you get out of your car on the bus to the scooter onto the ship so effortless and stress free and very reasonably priced. W e are getting our second card punched with 4th punch next month, then no parking fee when we go on next cruise!

Park off site at Canaveral.. 

Review by Bubbman on 10/16/17 2:10 PM

Park and Cruise, Merritt Island, is truly a first class operation. It is very convenient..all the staff is very well trained...and I can order a car-cover! Very a great price.

Excellent Service.. 

Review by Jake R on 10/16/17 8:53 AM

Park N Cruise provided excellent transport service during my most recent cruise. The on-site staff were friendly and accommodating as well as each of the drivers. I will most certainly be using their services during my next cruise and I recommend that you do the same!

Great service.. 

Review by Alex on 10/16/17 7:56 AM

The parking lot is close to the port. We checked in, unloaded, they parked our car and we were off to the boat. Coming back, the bus was waiting for us, took us home. The staff helped with our luggage and were very friendly.

Best Parking.. 

Review by CruzeLovr on 10/15/17 12:11 PM

Best place to park when cruising out of Port Canaveral. Friendly staff and so close to the port without the port price. Waiting to take you back as soon as you get off the ship. No hassle & no traffic leaving. Definitely parking here again for all my upcoming cruises.

perfect parking.. 

Review by Bobkar on 10/15/17 9:43 AM

This is the only place i park at Port Canaveral. Can't beat the price and the service. Very efficient and friendly people. About 15 minutes from the time i arrived til we pulled up at the cruise port. Shuttle was there waiting when we returned from cruise. Can't beat that. Will be seeing you again soon.

Outstanding .. 

Review by Tom on 10/15/17 7:38 AM

Pulled up and staff was there waiting, they parked quickly and quickly taken to the port. When I came back from my cruise, a bus was already there. we were quickly able to get on and taken back to my car. My car was open and Next to the arrival point. The 10$ for valet parking is so worth it. Will definitely use them again.

Park -N-Cruise.. 

Review by Heavy Cruiser - South Daytona, FL. on 10/14/17 11:26 PM

We have been using Park - N - Cruise for a number of years and have always been satisified the staff is amazing being courtious, polite and friendly. Park N Cruise did an amazing job getting back in opperation after Hurricane Irma and being so devistated.. thanks for everything and your safe and courtious service..

Super convenient!.. 

Review by Rhoda on 10/14/17 7:47 PM

Excellent service, prompt, and by far the best way to start and end a cruise vacation. Thanks!!!

parking before cruise.. 

Review by frequent cruiser on 10/14/17 7:50 AM

the parking is a great buy for parking. you get great service from them! I have used in the past and they were great and using them after the tornado they have done very well.The service is first rate and very easy to use!!


Review by Park N Cruise Review on 10/9/17 3:51 PM

The service was awesome, friendly and prompt.

found a home.. 

Review by Gordo on 10/9/17 8:03 AM

We live in Florida and have been using Park n Cruise for over 10 years. 3 hurricanes and never a slip. They took their valuable time during hurricane Mathew to e-mail me on the ship to reassure me that my car was safe and for me not to worry. This is true dedication to customer satisfaction. We use them about 7 to 10 times a year and would never consider going to another parking lot.

excellent service.. 

Review by Gigi on 10/9/17 6:51 AM

Pulled up and staff was there waiting, parked quickly and quickly taken to the port. When I came back from my cruise, a bus was already there and we were quickly able to get on and taken back to my car. Will definitely use them again.

Park N Cruise.. 

Review by Shopperlee on 10/8/17 5:45 PM

Great convenient parking. We were in our car at 8:45 a.m. thanks to having the shuttle waiting for us. My only suggestion would be to note on their website that you cannot check in before 10:00 a.m. Will definitely recommend to all my friends the best secret in town!!

Wonderful place!.. 

Review by Linda on 10/8/17 2:59 PM

I have been on over 15 cruises and wish I had found this place before ---- the people were extremely welcoming and professional. Park N Cruise made the process of getting to and from the Pier so easy - I'm hooked and will definitely use them every time I cruise from Port Canaveral in the future. AND just as an FYI, the price is fantastic and I much prefer putting money into the hands of these hardworking people.

Frequent User.. 

Review by hojobob on 10/8/17 12:24 PM

We've been using Park N Cruise for years and have never been dissatisfied. Yes, sometimes the wait is a bit longer if one of the larger ships is involved. Staff has always been polite and helpful. So keep on doing what you're doing and here's hoping your new building will soon be ready.

Well Done, for the most part.. 

Review by Rub-A-Dub on 10/8/17 7:36 AM

The staff was courteous and helpful. Our driver was friendly and informative. Upon arrival, we had to ask for assistance with our luggage. We paid extra for Valet Parking and our car was readily available with the trunk open. Unfortunately, it was raining. Again, we had to ask for assistance with our luggage and finally carried it ourselves to the car. Finally, a staff person showed up to load us up. The location is very convenient. The owners should spend some $$$$ to pave the parking area. I plan to use this parking service again.


Review by Ritchie's on 10/6/17 9:18 AM

We used Park N Cruise last week and we were very happy with the service they provided and would highly recommend this company! Very friendly staff and excellent at taking care of your luggage both on and off the shuttle bus. We were out of our vehicle and on our way to the ship within 5 minutes. They park your vehicle for you and then return your keys back to you before you board the shuttle bus. The car park is only a short drive away from the port. The only thing I would stress to people driving there is when you come off the highway and turn left to head towards the car park do not take the first turn on the left (like we did and end up back on the highway) make sure you take the 2nd turn on the left and the car park is just a short drive along on the right! Great service we will definitely use them again!


Review by Birthday Boy on 10/5/17 8:49 PM

No assistance with luggage. Was told to line up then had to change lanes dragging our own luggage. c

Always Effecient.. 

Review by Dee on 10/5/17 8:54 AM

We always use this service whenever we Cruise. Park 'n' Cruise is always efficient. They meet our car as soon as we enter. They take our bags and assist us to quickly get on the Shuttle to the port of embarkation. When we return from our trip they are promptly there at the Cruise Terminal. I highly recommend getting the Valet service. It is one step quicker to having a flawless Cruise.

awesome service.. 

Review by AWESOME SERVICE on 10/3/17 10:07 AM

We had no problems with this service. They were very professional and helpful in every way. The cost to park here for the week was well worth it. We will use this service from now on. Thank you.

Extraordinary service!!.. 

Review by Family Cruisers on 10/2/17 10:25 AM

Easy access, excellent service and very affordable. We used Park N Cruise for the first time in mid September based on reviews. We are very happy that we chose them and highly recommend this service. The staff were all very friendly, explanation of service was simple to understand and easy to find when we debarked. Drivers on both to and from the port were super helpful and friendly. You also save $$ - less than parking at the terminal and we were back at our vehicle and on the road very quickly. Thanks, Ken & Dianna

Park N Cruise.. 

Review by Miki on 9/28/17 7:15 AM

Easy access and great service. Would recommend to anyone cruising. Purchased the Express Valet and it was well worth it.

Wonderful .. 

Review by Jennine &Walter on 9/28/17 5:38 AM

It’s was easy to get to they were all friendly and they Explained everything if I had to complain about one thing it would be a little confusing when you got off the boat but besides that everything was great and I will park there again

Awesome and affordable!!.. 

Review by Brent H on 9/28/17 4:45 AM

This was probably the best experience we have ever had at a parking facility! For the price they charge, we definitely did not expect the treatment we got. Despite the recent storm ravaging they received, they were on top of everything, well organized, in great spirits, and very fast. We were running a little behind, but they were on top of it and had us out of our vehicle and on the way to the port very quickly. Definitely recommend these folks for your parking needs as we will be back next time.

Above and beyond! .. 

Review by Georgia Jackie on 9/24/17 8:24 PM

I hope I can do justice to Todd And Heidi. They went out of their way to help me today after my cruise docs weren't accepted at the port. My husband and three young children were able to cruise, but I was not able to. Even though it was after 3...on Sunday...after they have had their own weeks of craziness due to a TORNADO and HURRICANE ...they returned my call AND came to pick me up from my hotel to get my truck. I just can't say enough how much their kindness and help has meant to me today. I didn't get the other lady's name, but she too was so empathetic and caring. Thank you!!!


Review by Carla on 9/24/17 9:30 AM

I can't believe one reviewer gave low stars because a hurricane damaged his car. I wish I could remember her name but our driver was great. Upbeat and friendly. They all were. We were there a couple days after Irma.

Excellent Setvice.. 

Review by Ro on 9/24/17 8:28 AM

On 9/14, we cruised on the Liberty. Knowing that Park N Cruise had been hit by a tornado, we didn't know what to expect. They were set up - waiting for us and the shuttle bus took us within 5 minutes to the Port. Staff is efficient and friendly. We have used them over the years and I highly recommend there services.

Incredible People.. 

Review by Dave on 9/23/17 10:38 AM

We arrived 9/13 to take our hurricane shortened cruise. We had no idea that Park N Cruise was nearly wiped out by the storm with their main building gone. Yet, there they were ... cleaned up, fully staffed, and smiling despite awful losses and lack of power and water. Vans were lined up to take us to port and off we went. Upon return the easy-to-spot van was right there waiting and back to the lot we went. We were refunded for our missed parking days almost immediately. HATS OFF TO THE ENTIRE TEAM! YOU ARE AWESOME! We'll be back for the 3rd time in 2018. Our hearts go out to you in your comapny and personal losses. Irma was a beast!

Excellent Service.. 

Review by Naovel on 9/20/17 1:06 PM

We have been using Park n Cruise service since 2012 and can't complain. The whole crew are fantastic from arrival, checking and boarding their bus. Lately I have tried to find promotional discounts online and the codes don't work. Since the prices have gone up and would not want to change the service.

Good place to park.. 

Review by GloriaW on 9/20/17 11:46 AM

This was our second year in a row to park at Park N Cruise and the experience was excellent both times. We were parked there during Hurricane Irma and were very fortunate that our car was one of the undamaged ones. We saw some where the staff had obviously come in and covered car windows that we assume were broken by the storm. They did what they could, but if we chose to cruise during hurricane season, things happen that are beyond anyone's control. Their building was a pile of rubble so they took a beating too. I assume many of them also had damage at their homes too. Next time we cruise out of Port Canaveral, we will use them again. Hopefully they'll be back on their feet soon.

my review.. 

Review by Kenny Mac on 9/19/17 11:25 AM

My experience there was to say it was an experience I wont forget, But first the staff was very kind and friendly and they did everything they could, but due to the hurricane and a tornado that hit the park and cruise my car was greatly damaged as was numerous others and it was not there fault but like I said it will be something I will remember always my new car was damaged greatly an will cost a lot to fix hopefully it will be like new after, I am sorry that park and cruise lost a lot too and it was so sad to see what happened.I just hope everyone will get back to where they were before. I would park there again. but having to give this rating can't give it a 5,

Great Place.. 

Review by rwarner on 9/18/17 12:41 PM

This is the 2nd year that I have used Park N Cruise. I plan on using them again next year. They are very friendly and get you to the ship and back with a smile. I told my son about our experience using them last year and he used them this year.

Great Parking.. 

Review by Jem on 9/18/17 10:48 AM

We were on the extended Oasis cruise related to Hurricane Irma, The Captain had informed us that some cars had been damaged, we were one of the lucky ones as the two of our cars were not damaged. There staff had Four Vans ready to pick us up, they were upbeat pleasant and professional even though they had suffered losses. They also let us know on the drive that they had tried to move cars in case of storm surge and made every effort secure damaged cars. Would definitely use them again!

TOTALLY worth the SAVINGS!!.. 

Review by Gatorbuck on 9/17/17 7:13 PM

There might have been a little wait, trying to get into the terminal. But TOTALLY worth the savings. Great location. Very friendly. Simple and fast.

Extended cruise.. 

Review by John M on 9/17/17 5:40 PM

Returned from an extended Carnival Cruise. There was a lot of damage on the cars at the lot including ours. But the staff had the windows sealed up in the inside vacuumed and were very polite and regretful that everything happened. I would definitely use this lot again.

Made Scary Situation Stellar.. 

Review by Great Staff on 9/17/17 5:06 PM

I was on delayed Oasis cruise as so many others. When we returned to the parking lot, I was in shock. I searched the lot for my vehicle and saw that the staff already had in in the valet line for pickup. I was one of the lucky ones with no damage. And despite all of the damaged vehicles and the difficult working conditions, the staff was very positive and upbeat. They made certain that we had all the information we needed and were comfortable before we left. I will definitely use their service again. Good luck with rebuilding!!


Review by Grock on 9/17/17 3:51 PM

We returned from OASIS extended cruise on Sept./ 13. We knew there was damage to the lot but didn't know what we would fine when we got to PARK N CRUISE. We got off the ship at 6:45 and there were about 4 vans waiting for us. We were lucky and our 2 cars had no damage.The staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. I have used them for many years and will in the future. GOOD LUCK TO YOUR REBUILDING THE OFFICE.


Review by Debra on 9/17/17 1:19 PM

We will use park and cruise again very friendly people and good service

Hurricane Irma .. 

Review by LAM on 9/17/17 10:11 AM

I was one of the ones on the extended cruise with Royal Caribbean Oasis. We were given advance notice of the damage that was done by the Captain. This was my 4th time using Park and Cruise and I definitely recommend them to everyone. The staff is great. When we returned, I never would have imagined the damage that was done. Though, working out of a tent, they were in such high spirits. No damage was done to my truck which was valet parked. I have another cruise booked for next year and will be using them again.


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