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Lady with Florida plates 066 JFN.. 

Review by Jerry  on 10/6/17 1:50 PM

I was parking the RV and a Lady in a Cadillac with License Plate (Florida) 066 JFN sped up to my Wife's Van and almost hit it. She jumped out and said and I quote "If you drive on the Grass again I will call the Sheriff". I do not know this lady, nor did she present herself, but I told her I was "Sorry" and told her it was wrong of her to speed in her SUV and almost hit my Wife's Van. She said and I quote "That has nothing to do with what I am talking about". I told her I was sorry and then saw that she is camping at the Grounds 2 rows from us. This just happened 2 hours ago. I am going to call the Sheriff and file a complaint that she threatened me. I don't know if this Lady is who everyone else on this review is talking about as the Host, but she did not present herself and I am not going to take it!! I am at site 42 right now. She has stepped over the line by threatening me without any other words. I will now contact the Sheriff. If you are in charge of this Lady having authority, the system is failing. JR

Nice park bad host.. 

Review by Ricky boy on 9/24/17 4:56 PM

I would love to make this a 5 star BUT.....camp host NEEDS to go.i also agree.. lady host treats you bad....dose not come up to you if there is some thing your doing wrong ....she charges up to you an says ....she is going to call the cops...BAD....not sure we're she lives ..a camp host is not what she needs to be...they set at their fancy rig like kings and queens ....in stead of talking nice to campers....I know these hosts have been here many of years ....time to fix this problem...an make this a 5 star camp grounds.....

Love the park! Host is rude!!!!.. 

Review by Happy Campers on 9/17/17 1:40 PM

We have been camping here for many years. We generally have a large group of us that go camping together. Love the park! The sites a huge and facilities are some o the cleanest I've seen. On the other hand the camp host should be be called a camp nazi! She is VERY, VERY rude, confrontational and disrespectful! I understand there are rules but don't be confrontational about them and come off like you want to fight and threaten to call the sheriff all the time! She has been this way for a few years and makes us want to discontinue our camping here.

Love the park, not the hosts... 

Review by Sandy on 6/24/17 7:53 PM

We grew up in this area, but moved away a few years ago. We are new RVers, so it was the first time in any park. We love this one, it's quiet and beautiful, the bathrooms are clean and the grounds are clean. The female host was not the nicest person we've ever met. We were at site 89. Our daughter was coming to the site, bringing my 90 yr old mother. I pulled my truck into an unoccupied site across from ours so my daughter could pull in front of the RV and we could get my mom in my truck. Within 3 minutes of putting my truck at the other site, the host came driving over to tell us to move the truck "NOW". I told her the reason it was there and for only about 5 more minutes. She was confrontational and seemed to want an argument. I did move the truck, but my daughter pulled up before I even parked the truck by the bathrooms. This all took place in about 8 minutes, what was the big deal? I ended up stopping on the road in front of our camper to pick my mom up and ended up blocking another camper coming through, they were nice about it and knew what had happened. I"m 60 yrs old, I don't generally go around breaking rules, but this really should have been a non issue. Like I said, she wanted a fight or a reason to call the police, who were at her motor home 3 different times in the few days we were there.

Hire me.. 

Review by Rita on 3/3/17 8:42 PM

Friendly and respectful... never rude.


Review by Rupester on 7/6/16 11:15 AM

Stayed a couple nights during summerfest and to ride bike trails. Very nice campground, clean bathrooms, close to several bike trails, well mowed hiking trail ti the lake, only 15 min drive to catch bus downtown. Would def. Stay again.

Its January 31st 2016 will winter ever end.. 

Review by Puma Palamino on 1/31/16 10:47 AM

Will it ever warm up so we can get back to what we enjoy most, spending our summer weekends at Cliffside :)

Love it!.. 

Review by MIKC on 8/10/15 11:25 AM

Value, beauty,safety,proximity to the best o SE = Love it!

A Pleasant Surprise.. 

Review by zmmetz on 7/19/15 6:06 PM

Wasn't sure what to expect but boy was I happy. The campground is clean with modern facilities. The lots are large and level and there is lots of trees and grass. Definitely plan on staying there again.

Pretty Good.. 

Review by Stacie on 5/7/15 3:35 PM

Full Time RV'r. My husband was assigned to a job at a near by plant. Nice and quiet park. No sewer hook up's but a dump station in the front. Site's aren't on top of each other. Although, not a big enough road to make the turn and back your rig into a spot when you have a truck with a 36 foot rig attached. The VERY RUDE FEMALE PARK HOST will not hear any excuses as to why you have even a tread of a tire on the grass!!! Let me make it clear, THE PARK HOST IS VERY RUDE!!! She doesn't identify who she is when she comes angrily storming out of her car yelling at you to keep off the grass. Been full time over 2 years now and have been to many RV parks, never has any host been as rude as this lady.


Review by secret place on 8/12/14 12:15 PM

I wont tell anyone about this place because I don't want to share such a beautiful place. Bathrooms are generally clean and not worn out with paint chipping and bugs/spiders etc. The police dept cruises through periodically. Love the large sites


Review by secret place on 8/12/14 12:15 PM

I wont tell anyone about this place because I don't want to share such a beautiful place. Bathrooms are generally clean and not worn out with paint chipping and bugs/spiders etc. The police dept cruises through periodically. Love the large sites

Cliff side park RV camping.. 

Review by Disappointed on 8/12/14 11:42 AM

The Park is lovely and most of the time quiet. Spacious sites, very reasonable rates. All sites have water and electric. Bathroom's in the past were sparkling except this last weekend 8/9/14. By 4pm on sat the place was a mess with tissue all over the woman's bathroom, shower floor was covered with dirt, long hair and water sitting. By 6pm there wasn't a stall with toilet tissue in it. People were flushing paper towel. My husband complained that everyone including a small group of young boys were using the men's handicap stall and some one finger painted on the walls with poop. It would be nice if a handicap sign would be posted on both the woman's and men's handicap stall to possibly make children aware that they are there for a reason. This is the first time we have ever experienced this at Cliff side. I'm hoping its an isolated incident. The girl that cleans was surprised at the mess. I would think the camp host would do a periodic check on these sort of things.

Hat's off to Racine.. 

Review by Ed on 6/30/14 1:57 PM

We recently returned from our trip to Michigan & Wisconsin. During this trip we stayed at various campgrounds, some good, some not so good. Cliffside was one of the most pleasant surprises of the whole trip. Our daughter lives in Wind Lake and we often visit but not normally with our trailer. It's nice to know that there is a quality and reasonably priced campground within 25 minutes of her home. My hat's off to the city of Racine.


Review by Bruno on 6/22/14 5:24 PM

Great place to stay. Easy to find, easy to navigate around. Nice area!

New home away from home.. 

Review by twosunniweather@aol.com on 6/16/14 1:27 PM

Love the park, our new home away from home. Sad to see the trees thinning so and no new planted. Bathrooms are always clean and water is hot. Thanks Mary

Great .. 

Review by Rivers on 6/5/14 11:17 AM

We loved site 89 so much this past Memorial Day weekend, we need to come back for the 4th of July weekend and will stay 3 nights again. Great place, friendly, well kept and clean bathrooms.

great campground.. 

Review by Happy Camper on 9/7/13 8:28 AM

We've been camping there for over 10 yrs. and have NEVER had a problem. The campground used to be a wild place but the hosts have made it a quiet relaxing campground. They are friendly and helpful. They make our camping enjoyable.


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