Rutland E-bike Lending Library

Rutland, Vermont

About Rutland E-bike Lending Library

The Rutland E-bike Lending Library, a program of Local Motion, consists of two e-bikes that are available for multi-day loans throughout the year, providing residents with access to borrow an e-bike. The goal is to provide residents with an opportunity to try an e-bike in their daily lives without the financial commitment, and to allow residents to learn what the best type of e-bike is for them.


RadCity Step-Thru - CLICK HERE for more info

This sleek step-thru commuter bike comes with everything you need to ditch your car.

RadMini Step-Thru - CLICK HERE for more informaito...

The new RadMini Step-Thru 2 encompasses so much of our design philosophy: to make bikes that combine power with ease, convenience, and accessibility.

RadRunner Plus - CLICK HERE for more info

The RadRunner Plus is an electric utility bike, primed with everything you need to explore routes off the beaten track.

Taga Cargo E-Bike Duo Seater- CLICK HERE for more ...

The Taga 2.0 Electric is the perfect family bike – Built with 3 wheels and can carry up to 2 children and other gear in the front cargo compartment.