SquareRut Kava Bar, LLC

Austin, Texas

About SquareRut Kava Bar, LLC

An elixir of Pacific Islanders for thousands of years, kava root has been brewed and sipped for its soothing effects, which have been known to ease anxiety and insomnia, while producing a feeling of ease and relaxation. Those loyal to its charms drink it as a safe alternative to alcohol, touting its abilities to liven moods without impairment. At SquareRüt Kava Bar, kava is prepared and served in the traditional way—out of coconut shells. Available in a variety of strains, the menu also features the option to add different flavors, and a short list of snacks to enjoy.

Kava ceremonies last up to 90 minutes (all-you-can-drink kava) and include fresh pineapple, a souvenir coconut shell, and lei.