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exceeded expectations.. 

Review by cindy on 6/21/17 3:49 PM

I was a little leery about the prices on parking and the electric scooter I rented. But the price for the parking scooter and insurance came out to about $100 less than it was to rent JUST a scooter elsewhere. staff was great helped unload and then load car after. bus was right there to take us to port and waiting when we returned. I definitely will pass this on to friends and family and customers due to the fact I am a travel agent as well.

Fast and easy.. 

Review by Steve on 6/19/17 8:38 PM

Excellent service and very easy to and from the port. I highly recommend them!

Great Service.. 

Review by Jim on 6/18/17 7:57 AM

As usual, a great job, friendly staff and very organized.

Great Job.. 

Review by James on 6/18/17 7:06 AM

Park here every time we sail out of Port Canaveral... And every time it's a wonderful experience... Just wish you were in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami when we take cruise out of there... Thanks for your professionalism...

Outstanding .. 

Review by Frank on 6/17/17 10:59 AM

Great place to park and cruise. I drove in unloaded luggage and they park our car. Then we were driven to the terminal which is just a few minutes away.When we returned from our cruise. There was a bus waiting for us. When they drove us back to the lot the car was waiting for us and they will assist you with your luggage if needed.

Outstanding .. 

Review by Frank on 6/17/17 10:57 AM

Great place to park and cruise. I drove in unloaded luggage and they park our car. Then we were driven to the terminal which is just a few minutes away.When we returned from our cruise. There was a bus waiting for us. When they drove us back to the lot the car was waiting for us and they will assist you with your luggage if needed.

Great Place and Service.. 

Review by Service-oriented People on 6/17/17 10:53 AM

No complaints whatsoever!! Booking the service was easy and the parking people were great. There was no long waiting and the process to and from the terminal was fast and efficient. Will definitely use again.


Review by Frequent Cruiser on 6/15/17 9:25 AM

By far the best parking situation compared to all the ports I've sailed out of. The place isn't much to look at but who cares? The service is exceptional. Easy to find, good on-site directions, car immediately unpacked, clear directions on where to check in, hopped on the bus, waited about 10 minutes to leave (we were the first ones on), and that's it! We get to the port garage and go straight to cruise check in. The last time we touched our luggage was when we left our house. Same easy-peasy on the return. Bus waiting for us, short wait to fill the bus, off to the site and there's my car! What's not to like?


Review by CruisingThruLife on 6/12/17 7:31 AM

Was easy to reserve. Easy process when we arrived to head to ship, and was easy to get back to facility to pick up our vehicle.

Cruise Parking.. 

Review by Satellite Beach on 6/11/17 7:56 AM

Excellent reservation system. Courteous staff. Timely pick up and delivery


Review by Mike on 6/11/17 7:31 AM

Great place to park, friendly staff, quick trip to and from the ship!!!!!

No complaints.. 

Review by Cruise parking on 6/8/17 10:44 PM

Perfect location, no wait to get to cruise and no wait to get back to lot after cruise.

Need to hire considerate people to load luggage into cars... 

Review by Sterling57 on 6/8/17 7:08 AM

This was difficult to rate. We were impressed by the operation's efficiency and timeliness. The driver was prompt and friendly. However, when we returned to the lot to collect our car, the young man who assisted us with putting our luggage in our car shoved them in the backseat and scratched the paint along the inside of the door. We then noticed he scratched my leather seats as well. We provided a blanket to protect the seats, but he was in such a rush and so rough that he shoved the blanket right off the seat. This was completely unacceptable. If he had been professional and taken an extra 10 seconds, my car wouldn't have scratched leather and paint.

Great Experience as Usual.. 

Review by Ed Martin on 6/7/17 12:15 PM

We have parked here for MANY years since they first opened. We go on 3-4 cruises a year so have had lots of experience with this business and they are always top notch. Thanks!!


Review by Temo on 6/6/17 7:38 PM

Fast and friendly service. Great Price. I have always parked in the port garage but decided to try something new and was glad I did. I will use Park N Cruise again and again.

great place.. 

Review by mws on 6/5/17 9:34 AM

Park n cruise is extremely organized and makes parking so easy. I would highly recommend this site for cruises. The staff is very friendly and efficient.

Won't use them again!.. 

Review by First time Park N Cruisers on 6/4/17 10:33 PM

They were very unorganized! The drivers weren't listening to the girl organizing the lines to get on the bus, instead the driver went to another bus and helped the driver load up the luggage for their bus! The girl over the lines inside told the boy to go get his mom and she needed to start loading her own bus, he tried but she wouldn't listen to anyone. The bus just sit empty while we stood in the building that was very hot to board. When we returned the lady waiting at the cruise terminal didn't know what she was doing or when another bus was coming. She asked me for my ticket twice and I showed it to her and she just said hold on it it! Well... I was holding on to it. Lots of honor pulled into the parking space in their van and we stood there waiting, my family had 13 bags of luggage so when the driver showed up he had walked over to us letting us know the bus was parked in the next lot and we had to haul our luggage to the bus ourselves. He said I will help u with some of it. He took 2 bags and we had to pull the others ourselves. So unorganized and embarrassing as well as when u r heading from your cruise u don't want to run into all the issues like we did. Nobody told us our keys were inside the car either we had to ask and find them. Luckily our car was waiting on us as we got off the bus!!!

Great Service.. 

Review by Claudia on 6/4/17 2:30 PM

Although arrival from Park & Cruise was a bit congested the day we left for our cruise, the staff was good about getting us on the shuttles as quickly as possible. It was also great to get back to the lot & have our car waiting for us.

Excellent service.. 

Review by Karen K on 6/4/17 12:10 PM

Very easy to find off the exit from 528 and easy to go thru check in. Some people kind of clogged up the entrance a little but otherwise very quick. Don't understand the comment by "Jenna". I didn't see any "valet service" and my car was waiting with the hatch open when we got back from the cruise. We did forget where they told us to look for the pick up but was also easy once we got there. If this is always the area to pick up, a small suggestion might be to add that info to the ticket.. We chose to self disembark and were off the ship and on the road back home within 30 to 45 minutes, maybe. Everything was smooth and I would absolutely use their service again and recommend them.. Thanks!!


Review by William Kelley on 6/4/17 10:59 AM

We've been there several times and the group of workers go over and above to help you. From calling you first on the phone, Maps available, as you arrive they guide you to drop off and guide you to the bus to your cruise and pick you up and bring you back to you vehicle after your cruise!

Excellent Service.. 

Review by Newly Weds on 6/4/17 8:50 AM

First time we booked through them and we weren't disappointed they were fast and efficient and we didn't have to wait for cars when we got back which was nice! Definitely recommend.

Happy customer .. 

Review by TiffG on 6/4/17 6:40 AM

Friendly and efficient service! No issues or complaints. They work hard to get you loaded and unloaded on the shuttle and to and from the port. Will definitely use them for our next cruise!

Great service - No hassel.. 

Review by Di on 6/2/17 10:29 AM

This is our first time using Park N Cruise and I was impressed with their feedbacks and decided to use them, I am so glad I did. They are wonderful, very professional from the start to the end. I would recommend anyone to use them.


Review by Bob on 6/2/17 7:07 AM

Went very smooth. Drivers friendly helpful both ways. Saved 50% off of port parking. We'll use them again!


Review by Jenna on 6/1/17 1:31 PM

We paid for valet. We were told the car was going to be ready once we got off the shuttle. It wasn't. With 3 kids including a baby this was an inconvenience having to wait for our car. Once the car was finally brought, it wasn't parked where we were waiting. The valet person parked it 3 lanes away behind another car for people that just got off the second shuttle that arrived 10 minutes after us. The valet person never even said anything to us. We didn't know where the keys were. Having to lug our luggage and kids across the dirt/rocky lanes wasn't easy. DO NOT PAY FOR VALET. YOU ARE BETTER OFF DOING IT YOURSELF.

Super service.. 

Review by Donna on 5/31/17 6:35 AM

Quick and easy process. Dropped family and luggage at terminal, dropped car at parking lot and was quickly shuttled back to terminal.


Review by Macanamosa on 5/30/17 5:01 PM

Booked this in the uk, with no recommendations. Didn't want to pay port parking prices. Was very pleased with info provided, directions, location and easy of shuttle and best of all value for money.

great price, great service. .. 

Review by Ian M on 5/30/17 9:10 AM

I booked this because I didn't want to pay absurd money to park at the port directly, but I was pleasantly surprised and how convenient and easy this service is. Preparing for a vacation can be stressful, so I appreciate when people take away the burden and handle everything for you. As soon as you get there, someone take your keys, parks your car, and hands you a pass (that you save to get your car back later). A quick check-in at a desk and you're on your way. I didn't have to print anything, or know anything. The shuttle was already there, I didn't have to wait. Everyone was nice and I couldn't have asked for more. Coming back, same story. The only issue I had is that we didn't know where to even pick up the shuttle... maybe put directions on the valet pass or in an email... but other than that it was just as smooth. The shuttle again was already there, and I was in my own car in no time. At the start of the vacation I spent about 15 minutes at the parking place from arrival to departure. The drive was a little less than 10 minutes. Coming back, the drive was short again and I spent not even 5 minutes at the lot. My car was ready before the shuttle even pulled in. I highly recommend you use this service. Far better value than parking at the port, which I've done before and is not good.

Great Place.. 

Review by Granny on 5/28/17 7:37 PM

I use park n cruise everytime i sail from port caniveral. Have used several others at different ports and was extremly disappointed by those. Would highly recommend using them. Sailed in May and used them and sailing in July and will use them again.

Cruise parking.. 

Review by JJ on 5/28/17 10:43 AM

The staff did a wonderful job. This is my second time using them. They had the car ready to go after the cruise. Penny was great. Keep up the good work.

great experience.. 

Review by jb  on 5/28/17 9:57 AM

We arrived and moved right along with no waiting to the van and were dropped off at a good location. When we returned there was the van waiting and we were able to get right on. They accommodated my walker and we had our car waiting right next to the van when we arrived. It was a fantastic experience. I will definitely use this service every time I need to park at Port Canaveral.

Great place to park.. 

Review by Bill (wjl) on 5/28/17 9:48 AM

I have parked at several parking areas when cruising from this port, but now there is only one place to consider and that is PARK N CRUISE, best place ever. Excellent service and staff.

May 2017.. 

Review by Blueshoe on 5/28/17 8:03 AM

A wonderful experience. They were fast, efficient and courteous. Getting to ship was an easy ride. Upon end of cruise the shuttles were there to take us back to our car. Overall I will choose them again if I cruise out of port canaveral

Cruise parking.. 

Review by David on 5/28/17 5:47 AM

Excellent service and prompt delivery and pick up to and from the cruise terminal. Our car was ready and open when we arrived. Will use your services again☺☺☺☺☺⚓🎯👍👍


Review by GRACE on 5/28/17 3:43 AM

What a perfect place to park and know that your vehicle is safe while cruising on your vacation. The follow up calls and staff are professional and the parking is very reasonable compared to other places.

Long time user.. 

Review by Harry on 5/25/17 8:22 AM

We have been using the service since US1 and will continue to use the service. I am glad that all of the "governments" efforts to put them and others out of business has not been successful.


Review by Stacey from Cruise Planners on 5/25/17 4:48 AM

What a great place. Hubby and I drove down to Port Canaveral to check this place out for some clients and then used their service for ourself and our family cruise on May 14th. We were traveling with little kids and had strollers and lots of luggage. They took care of everything for us. Told us to sit on the van and not worry about a thing. The gal who drove us over to the port was great, lots of personality and started our cruise of in a fun way. I will recommend this place to all my cruise clients and will absolutely leave my car with them again. Remember, if you are military or a veteran they will give you a little discount too.

Couldn't Have Been Better.. 

Review by Darcy on 5/24/17 3:08 PM

Our experience was outstanding. From the moment we pulled up, everything Park 'n' Cruise did was quick and efficient. We made it to the port much more quickly than I even hoped we would. And when we returned after our cruise, our car was pulled up, ready for us to just jump in and go. Our experience could not have been better. Thank you for everything, and if we ever go on another cruise, we'll definitely use Park n Cruise again!

Everything Excellent.. 

Review by Maggie on 5/24/17 1:54 PM

We parked there May 14 for a 7 days cruise. I booked & paid on-line 2 months ahead and found out there was a half price promotion for May. Tom still gave me the discount and refund the difference. Not only very honest, professional, efficient, also with very pleasant personality. Great Shuttle services. Shuttle was already there waiting when we got off the ship 8 am. The lady driver has 2 broken ribs she still load and unload all baggages, she also made sure no body cutting in line to board the shuttle. Great security. Vehicle was ready at gate when we arrived. $10 extra for valet definitely worth. We had a long drive home to Canada and was ahead of schedule due to the efficiency. Thank you Tom.

No Brainer - Do This!!.. 

Review by Matt on 5/24/17 9:42 AM

Great service!! Is is about $50 cheaper than parking at the terminal. There was hardly any wait at all going to the ship or coming back from the ship. The staff was very helpful moving heavy luggage in and out of the car and shuttle. They work quickly and efficiently. The seagulls had a field day pooping on our car, but the staff went the extra mile to wash it off!! Consider the car cover if you are concerned with dust or bird poo since the lot is gravel/dirt and there are apparently a lot of seagulls in the area.


Review by Keith on 5/23/17 8:40 AM

I had a wonderful experience. The staff were friendly and as helpful as they could be. I was in and out in under 15 minutes. It was a comfortable ride to the cruise terminal and the return trip was even faster. I will definitely use them again on my next cruise.


Review by Brenda on 5/22/17 7:40 PM

Great Service starting from arrival to departure. Staff very professional and nice. Will definitely use again and recommend to friends

Great Service.. 

Review by Karen on 5/22/17 10:39 AM

First time user and very pleased. Shuttle was waiting when we pulled in and only 10 minutes to cruise. Shuttle was waiting when we got off the ship. Everyone was friendly and had great service.

Great Service.. 

Review by ED on 5/21/17 9:17 PM

First time parking and cruising. We immediately got into a shuttle and went straight to the port. Same thing when we came back. It was a great service. Thanks

Park N Cruise.. 

Review by Marty on 5/21/17 7:14 PM

First time user and will definitely use them again! Workers were very friendly and accommodating. After car was checked in, I received a call from the hotel stating that I had left my passports at the front desk when checking out. They promptly showed me to my car and I was off to the Hampton Inn. Upon my return, I just put my car keys where they had instructed me to and boarded the bus. Park N Cruise has a very smooth operation and at an amazing price! I would highly recommend them to all cruisers.

great .. 

Review by Lou on 5/21/17 6:45 PM

have used them since we moved back to Florida and started cruising from Port Canaveral really love that they now have covers for your vehicles and only cost $10. since wew have a new vehicle this is good news for us. Have used them several times and have told probably 40 fellow cruisers about them. good price good location friendly staff what more can you ask for Also the return guests after 5 times get a free stay.

Second chance.. 

Review by Veteran  on 5/21/17 5:54 PM

The staff was great to help me get two batteries for my GMC 4500. They were very helpful Even though I was very upset

Great Service.. 

Review by Tiffany P on 5/21/17 3:28 PM

Great service and price with Park N Cruise! Will definitely use again

Piece of Cake.. 

Review by Brian on 5/21/17 11:53 AM

We weren't sure about Park N Cruise since it was a small unassuming gravel lot, but we read a lot of negative reviews about other places so we gave Park N Cruise a shot. It was well worth it and we will do it again without hesitation. Everyone was extremely friendly and it made our cruise experience just as good.


Review by Deb on 5/21/17 10:53 AM

This was our 4th time parking at Park and Cruise and all four have been great. Really nice people. We get in and out without any issues. Will be back soon.


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