Adding The Booking Calendar To Your Website

The booking calendar is a plug-in component from that allows you to take reservations/bookings directly from your existing website or websites. The booking calendar has all the functionality needed for a customer to complete the booking process online:

  • Availability search
  • Rate/price details
  • Deposit details
  • Credit card and PayPal payment processing
  • Email confirmation
  • Terms & conditions

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WebReserv's online booking calendar

Online booking calendar

The booking calendar is most often used together with the business listing on Having your business listed multiple places greatly enhances visibility to the marketplace and helps you to get more customers.

The booking calendar can also be used for businesses that do not need a business listing on For more information about this usage, please contact your WebReserv Support team.

Configuring the online booking calendar

To add the booking calendar to your website, log on to your WebReserv account and go to Website - Booking Calendar.

On the booking calendar page you can specify how the booking calendar will look on your website. The different options are detailed below.

Style: Specifies how you want the booking calendar to appear on your website. You can choose between Link (default), Embedded or Button. The Link and Embedded options are the two most popular methods. With the link method, you'll get a link that you can add to your existing website. When a user clicks the link on your website, the user will be forwarded to the booking calendar where the availability can be viewed and reservation(s) can be made. The button works in the same way, except that the user will see a booking button instead of a booking link.

Booking calendar linked from website

Booking calendar linked from website

The embedded option is slightly different. With the embedded option, the user will stay on your website, but will see the booking calendar inside your website. There is also a difference in what is shown in the booking calendar: when the booking calendar is opened with a button or a link, it will have a header with your business name, address, contact information and a link back to the website. The embedded calendar does not show the business information as this information usually is shown on the website.

Embedded booking calendar with listing

Embedded booking calendar with listing

Include Search Dates: If this option (and include listing) is set to yes, the customer will be able to search for a specific date range to view availability and rates across all your products.

Booking calendar search bar

Booking calendar search bar

Note: Include search dates has no effect if include listing is set to no.

Include Listing: If this option is set to yes, the customer will see a list of all products/units/activities/tours. If it is set to no, the booking calendar will not show a list of products, but will instead show a detailed reservation calendar.

Booking calendar with no list

Booking calendar with no list


After selecting the style of your booking calendar, click the preview button and a preview will be shown on the right side of the screen. If necessary, you can change the options and click preview again to see how different settings affect the booking calendar.

Booking calendar preview

Booking calendar preview

Customizing booking calendar colors

In many cases you'll want to have a booking calendar that uses the same colors as your website. To customize the colors, select no to Use standard colors.

You can customize three types of colors in the booking calendar: the text color, the background color and the border color. To change a color, simply click the corresponding color field and pick the color from the color selector. If you know the RGB code (hex) you can also enter this directly in the color field.

Booking calendar color selector

Booking calendar color selector

After changing the colors, simply click the preview button again to refresh the preview on the right side.

Customizing booking calendar colors

Customizing booking calendar colors

Adding the booking calendar to your website

When you are done customizing the booking calendar, copy the HTML code from the code window on the left side of the screen and paste the HTML code into your website editor at the place where you want the link, button or calendar.

Congratulations - you have now completed the booking calendar customization and setup process.

Booking calendar embedded on website

Booking calendar embedded on website

Advanced options

Controlling what products/units are shown

In addition to colors and fonts, you can also control what product (or room/tour/unit) should be shown and selected as the default product in the list.

Here's an example of a regular availability calendar URL:

To filter the products in the product list, add productfilter=[productid]. You can include multiple productid's, separated by comma. Example:

This availability calendar shows only the standard single:

And here we show the standard single and standard double:,6

To make a specific product the default, include the parameter ptid=[productid]. In the URL below, we include all products, but default to the suite (productid 7):

You can find the productid for any product by logging on to the Administration module, and select Setup - Product & reservation rules. The productid (ptid) is shown in the website address bar when a product is selected.

Using the booking calendar with multiple properties/locations

For businesses with two or more business locations (or properties) it is often desired to use the booking calendar for all locations (or properties). This can easily be accomplished with

If each location is shown on a different webpage, simply add the booking calendar to each webpage with the businessid parameter for that particular location.

If there isn't a separate webpage for each location, as it typically happens when the locations are similar and offer similar products (or units), simply add each businessid to the businessid parameter. For example:,DCSB,DCSC

Adding multiple businessid's to the URL will cause the booking calendar to show a drop-down list with each location next to the product selection list. (Note: activation of the drop-down list may be required. Please contact support for more information).

Booking Calendar Parameters

Attribute Description Example
agent Instructs to use store the agent code specified in the parameter as the agent code for the reservation. agent=supertravel
background-color Controls the background-color. Use this parameter to change the background color. The default background color is white. background-color=orange
businessid The business ID of your business businessid=dcsa
border-color Controls the border-color. Use this parameter to change the default border color. The default border-color is light-blue. border-color=4e4e66
color Controls the text color. Use this parameter to change the text color. The default text color is black. color=green
css Rather than controlling each attribute, you can specify a stylesheet with all the attributes. Using this attribute requires more extensive knowledge of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and website design. css=[URL]
dateformat Instructs the calendar to use a specific date/number format rather than the date format returned by the browser. dateformat=en_GB
displayonly Causes the booking calendar to be show as displayonly, i.e. a customer is not able to actually complete a reservation. displayonly=y
embedded Instructs the booking calendar not to show the company name and picture at the top of the screen. This option is intended for embedded booking calendars. embedded=y
language Controls what language will be shown.

This parameter is only valid on the site.
list Controls if the product list should be shown. Default is y. list=y
search Controls if the search dates should be shown. Default is y. search=y
showcategory Controls if a category selector should be shown. Valid values are:
1: Don't show category selector
2: Show category selector before product list page
4: Show category selector on product list page
8: Show category selector on product page
showrates Controls how many rate columns to display in the product list. Valid values are 0 - 10. Set to zero to remove the rate columns from the product list.

Note that removing the rate columns also removes the availability status from the product list (availability will still be shown in the availability calendar).
style Controls various presentation aspects of the booking calendar. Valid values are:

  • auto (default). Displays a regular booking calendar. Switches to narrow mode if multiple date/time and persons fields are used.
  • custom. Instructs the system to use a custom developed booking calendar.
  • narrow. Rearranges product, date, time and number of persons to span multiple lines. Recommended when the width of the booking calendar is 700 pixels or less.
  • original. Original booking calendar setting. Does not re-arrange items.
productfilter Controls what products to include in the product selection list. By default all products for the specified businessid is shown. productfilter=7,8
ptid Controls what product is shown as the default product. ptid=1032

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