Reviews for Airport Executive Plaza

Nashville, Tennessee

 Needs Improvement

Review by Resident of AEP on 9/1/16, 12:56 PM

While the room is pretty big and allows you to easily have a meeting with up to about 30 attendees very comfortably, there are some issues with the process/room. You are provided no instructions for WiFi access, so you are on your own. Also, the projector in the room over heats about every 5 minutes. I was forced - DURRING a department meeting - to purchase a projector via Amazon Prime Now and had a new one to use within about 40 minutes. But this is not something I should have had to do. There were also no instructions for the projector that is in the room, so if you can't figure it out on your own, good luck. This room has the ability to be a great feature and a great room to use, but there are some serious improvements to the Tech portion of the room that need to be made.