Antelope Canyon Tours, Inc.

page, AZ

About Antelope Canyon Tours, Inc.

Departure Time: 3:00pm to 10:00pm
7hrs Max - Only available MAY to AUG

on-sight we will have maximum 3hrs to photograph WhitePocket and explore.
All Tours Weather Depending
at max 8 hr tour. Tour requires 2 persons.

5 hrs (round-trip) driving time.
2.5 hrs driving to the White Pocket, we can allow you to freely roam around or be guided around the area. This tour is meant for hikers and photographers - bring your camera gear. We are on-site for 3 hours, when time is up we load back up and head back to Page AZ.

we do provide a sandwich and water on tour.
if you have allergies you may have to bring your own food.

please note: also need to add taxes and fees - the final price an be view in the "shopping cart."


  Adult - WhitePocket Notes
White Pocket
(12/1/16 - 12/31/20)
  8hrs (max) explore/photograph the WhitePocket
BuckSkin Gulch
(3/5/17 - 12/31/19)
  moderate hiking into the longest slot canyon.
White Pocket - Sunset
(5/1/19 - 12/31/19)
$250.00 Evening - Late Night Tour