Arctic Experience

Tromsø, Norway

Arctic Experience

About Arctic Experience

Price; 1800 NOK pr.person
If you want to experience the Northern Lights in Tromsø, Northern Norway, look no further. My name is Dan, and I'm a local native with Saami blood running through my veins :)
Let me take you on a tour you`ll never forget, with the best service and comfort available. I consult with my colleague guides, use local knowledge and different weather forecasts before and during the trip to maximize the chances of finding the clearest skies possible. All this to bring you closer to the Aurora Borealis :)

You will get a warm suit and overboots to wear on the tour to keep you warm and snug, and I'll provide you with hot chocolate/tea/ homemade vegetable soup and carrot cake, snacks and a warm bonfire while we wait for the lights (I`ll teach you how to make and start a bonfire if you like) :)
I`m a professional photographer, so I will also teach you how to take those perfect Northern Lights pictures, and all the pictures I take of the lights (and you under the lights) you will get in hi-res after the tour, for free of course! :)

I can promise you this: I`ll do my best to give you the experience you have come here for; to see the Northern Lights dancing on the starry skies.

My season is from September to the end of March every year. I pick you up on the Upper side of the tourist shop at Prostneset in Tromso city (Adress: Kirkegata 2) the day of the tour.

Starting times (Please be at the meeting point 10 minutes prior):

September: 7pm (19:00)
October: 7pm (19:00)
November: 6pm (18:00)
December: 5pm (17:00)
January: 5pm (17:00)
February: 6pm (18:00)
March: 6pm (18:00)

Please check the starting time in your booking confirmation too.
The van will have signs on the front doors saying TF-120 (Transport licence number).

I will drop you off at your hotel/accomodation after the tour (Limited to the island of Tromsø, Tromsdalen, Kvaløysletta, Ersfjord and Sommarøy area).
Note: Children must be 10 years or older to joint the tour.

Looking forward to meeting you! :D

- Dan the Aurora man


Arctic Experience

Arctic Experience


  Daily Notes
(6/1/20 - 4/1/23)
NOK1,600.00 Rates 20-21
(4/3/23 - 4/1/25)
NOK1,800.00 Rates 23-25