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All pontoon boat rentals include life jackets.

All boats are full of gas when you leave and will be refueled on return. Gas is not included in the rental price. You will be charged for the gas that you use.

The responsible party/parties must allow 30 minutes upon departure and return for check in and check out. Boats returned more than 30 minutes late, or after the agreed upon time WILL be charged the appropriate fee.

All renters must be at least 18 years of age.

The customer is responsible for ALL damages incurred during the rental period.

Rental prices quoted do not include 7.125% sales tax or gas.

Due to restrictions on parking, Beanies patrons are encouraged to carpool. If you have a company party or a group using one or more boat, we strongly urge you to limit the amount of cars brought to Beanies. If there is more than one car per reservation, you will need to use off-site parking and carpool down to Beanies. Shuttle to off-site is available on weekends.

Hours of rental begin at 8am and must be returned by 8pm, unless otherwise agreed on. Personal Watercraft are rented in accordance with Minnesota Boating laws.

Questions about rates and availability? Click here to contact Beanies @ Maui's Landing.

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