Reviews for Burgdorf Hot Springs

McCall, Idaho

 LOVE Burgdorf Hot Springs

Review by Marie Clay on 4/30/20 8:05 PM

We try to stay here every fourth of July to get away from the Fireworks. We stay more often when we get a chance. We absolutely love, love Burgdorf Hot Springs!! The staff are always wonderful and accommodating.


Review by Double J  on 12/4/19 8:24 PM

I love making this my go to snowmobile trip destination! The cabins are great and the pool is wonderful! Only downfall is no music in the pool area..

 Management's Lack of Integrity

Review by Shannon Ergun on 9/2/16 1:05 PM

I would strongly recommend locating another facility at which to enjoy a quiet day or two at Idaho’s hot springs. We both emailed and called the management of Burgdorf Hot Springs to confirm we could bring the trailer and use it for cooking. We were told it was fine since we had also rented a cabin paying for each of us. As there are no electrical hookups, there is no way for us to cook in our trailer without the use of a small generator to run the lights, fan, and pump. We kept the generator in the back of our truck with the cover closed except for a small section, muffled it with cardboard, and used it for less than 45 minutes from 10:20 until we finished cooking breakfast and heating the water for washing up. I checked with a couple of guests on the way out who said they never even heard it running. I could barely hear it sitting outside our trailer myself. However, that morning while we were cooking breakfast the caretakers came over and told us we would have to leave because they don't allow trailers. I hadn't brought any other camp cooking equipment because by email and phone we'd been told it was fine. Also, my father chose to sleep in a sleeping bag in the trailer for safety. When we parked at midnight, we couldn't see what access there was to the trailer. Because of this and because it appeared that the only access to the cabin was three steep fairly rickety steps that my elderly father could not manage, he decided that sleeping in the trailer was safest. We attempted to explain all of this to the management and we had not only emailed but called to discuss this. However, their only solution was for us to leave. I can honestly say I later reached out to several friends who lived in the area and they have all told me that I had made a poor choice in this facility to go to and several recommended Thousand Springs just down the road. My biggest concern through all of this was the simple fact that in asking us to leave they took away the opportunity for my children to participate in swimming under the stars in the hot springs which was our purpose for making a reservation in the first place. I can assure you we simply won't go back nor will we ever recommend this location to anyone as there are several other Hot Springs in rustic and rural areas throughout this area of Idaho for people to enjoy without the heartache being asked to leave even when the customer has asked for clarification and permission prior to taking any action.

 Our Favorite Hideaway

Review by Sheremy on 6/24/16 10:04 PM

We LOVE this place. I just booked our second trip and we cannot wait to visit this magical place. Our first visit was durning the month of February and we fell in love. We snowmobiled to Burgdorf, having fun along the way taking different trails. We spent the evening enjoying the hot springs, the stars, the cold air mixed with the warm water and the peaceful cabin setting. This trip is in July and we are looking forward to experiencing Burgdorf in the summer and exploring the area around the hot springs!

 A nice surprise!

Review by Vacation from Vegas  on 7/10/15 4:59 PM

Like one of the other reviewers, we too were pleasantly surprised with our stay at Burgdorf. We took our kids with a group of friends and had a great time. It IS rustic but the atmosphere makes it worth the money. The hot springs pool is nice and cleaner than many we've visited in the area. And the staff was extremely nice and helpful!


Review by G & D on 9/22/14 1:07 PM

absolutely beautiful setting, cabins are rustic but comfy & cozy...the hot springs is amazing and at night the stars in the sky are just, love, love it here!!!

 Great Place

Review by drmcdorman on 8/12/13 7:43 PM

If you want to get away from the world and relax there is no better place than Burgdorf Hot Springs!

 SImply delightful!

Review by Jubilee on 7/25/13 7:18 AM

We are hot spring afficianados, but had avoided Burgdorf for years. "Rustic" has often meant "shack" in our experience, and $35 a night for a shack seemed too high. Well, we finally got over it and gave it a try, and WOW! The cabins are rustic, but NOT shacks. They are very cute, clean, and much better than a tent! The setting is sublime, the spring is gorgeous. We had just settled in for a sunset soak thining it was already perfect when Randy started to play the piano... a serenade with our soak! Truly, it was not fancy, but it was absolutely wonderful!