Communtiy Building LLC

Spokane, Washington

About Communtiy Building LLC

It is our wish to be able to extend the offer of free meeting rooms space as we have done in years past. The success of our endeavors has led to a high demand for our meeting spaces. This is a good problem to have, from the standpoint of community building, but it means we have to be more restrictive in our offerings.

Conference rooms are reserved for tenant use as part of their lease agreement. COMMUNITY GROUPS WISHING TO USE THE FACILITIES MAY APPLY VIA THE WEBSITE AND THE SPACES ARE AVAILABLE M-F 8-5 ONLY. It is also also available for non-profit use only. If you have questions contact Pat Coleman at 509.232.1950.


Community Building Lobby

Forum style with space for a podium and rows of chairs.
Max occupancy is 85 in an informal setting.

Community Building Mezzanine

Conference table with 16 chairs and white board.
Computer interface capable

Community Building 2nd Floor Conference Room- Chec...

Small table with 4-6 chairs at each.
You must check Northwest Mediation Center for scheduling.

Community Building 3rd Floor Conference Room

Conference table with 16 chairs, white board

Saranac 2nd Floor Lg Conference Room

This conference room will seat up to 15 people. It has a large whiteboard and room to spread out.

Saranac 2nd Floor Small Conference Room

Small conference room seats 6-8

Saranac Pub Roof Top

Roof top max occupancy to 49 people.

There is a 10:00 PM cut off time for using this space.
Please respect our neighbors.

Saranc 3rd Floor Conference room

Largest Conference room. It holds up to 50 people for meetings and presentations. Large screen TV.

Special Events

i.e. Street fair.

Bridge Line 1

These are our conference lines available to tenants.

Call in number= 509-209-2658
password= combld

Bridge Line 2

Call in number= 509-209-2659
password= combld

Terms & Conditions

This property is maintained be the Saranac