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 Not for everyone

Review by Dirk on 9/26/19 11:56 AM

We stayed on this campgrount for three nigths. We booked online and due to availibility we had two different numbers. When we arrived our site was occupied and the host was not at his camper. After a long while waiting he returned from a different site (where he watched us waiting) and offered us a different site. This site was ok but not the one we booked. On the date we had to move (theoretical) the new site was also occupied. After a long search we found the host telling us to wait till noon. Long after noon ( we stayed ther waiting for 5 hours) he told us that the only availble suite would be a dry campsite. After telling hin we had a reservation we were allowed to stay at the suite we were. Half a day lost. It seems to us that the host gives customers any suite HE wants, but not the booked one. You can't plan a family union there as you won't be together. The campground is "governed" by the host at his will. If you are fine with that that's the place to go. Regardless to tell taht the restrooms are not cleaned between Friday and Monday. We won't return there.

 Needs a map

Review by Tyler on 9/26/19 1:13 AM

Nice campground, host was very friendly and helpful. Off-leash dogs. No enforcement of this. That's not cool. Only had to clear a little bit of dog poop from my camp site. At least it was pretty quiet - no all-night generators or party folk. Biggest issue: NO MAP OF THE CAMPGROUND FOR RESERVATIONS. Seriously, what does a random campsite number from a dropdown menu tell me? It tells me nothing. Please add a simple map, a top-down illustration of the campground and the orientation of the camp sites. There are plenty of great examples out there. 3 stars.

 Beautiful & Quiet Park

Review by Earnest Efforts on 9/10/19 8:53 AM

We love coming to this park. It is off the beaten path and small & always quiet. The camp host was great.

 Nice Campground

Review by GrammaGail on 9/1/19 3:04 AM

I was able to make a reservation for 7 nights with only one attempt and one reservation fee. The park is beautiful and very well kept. Many campers bring their dogs, but there’s no drama, and everyone takes care of their own dogs’ stuff, chain, messes, barking, etc. The spaces are pretty close together, but everyone seems to just be grownups. There’s no after-hours (or before- , either) noise issues. Lots of bike riders around the loop. There’s close access to the lake, but I never made it to the beach because others in my party said it was about 15-20 minute walk (we’re old and *not* athletic). I was disappointed that there’s no playground since we had our young granddaughter with us. Friday through Monday were terribly windy. To the point of keeping us in our rigs; the kite boards, however, love it, and we came to see is the main purpose for coming here for most of the campers. Everyone seems to have boards with them! The rest of the week, there was sunshine and much less wind, sometimes it was quite calm. Overall, it’s a great campground, and we could see ourselves staying here again as a home base for exploring the area. It’s got a very calm, serene vibe that makes for a great vacation.

 Great place with a few quirks

Review by DogWalker on 8/17/19 10:49 AM

I would give this place a 5 star rating for the great location - access to lake and ocean, plus, great hikes very close by and kayaking, too. Wonderful place to bring pets and kids. Definitely a place you stay for multipe days and have lots to do. Love the way several people from the campground congregate to jointly watch the sunset - all very social. The reason for 4 versus 5 stars is the camp host's partner who is not involved with managing the campground was very vocal and unfriendly to our whole group, we had 5 sites.

 Lovely site and beach/lake access

Review by CrabbyCat on 8/16/19 11:25 AM

The park is well maintained and has easy access to the lake and beach as well as New River for kayaking. I'd registered for #23 but when I arrived, someone was in my spot. He said the hosts told him he could use it. Since we were both staying for 3 days and site #24 was available, I agreed not to make him move. It wasn't that big an issue for me, just wondering why that happened.

 Lovely site and beach/lake access

Review by CrabbyCat on 8/16/19 11:24 AM

The park is well maintained and has easy access to the lake and beach as well as New River for kayaking. I'd registered for #23 but when I arrived, someone was in my spot. He said the hosts told him he could use it. Since we were both staying for 3 days and site #24 was available, I agreed not to make him move. It wasn't that big an issue for me, just wondering why that happened.


Review by Teri on 8/15/19 12:12 PM

Great location, absolutely beautiful. There is an amazing community of people here and the camp host is great! We had a great time, see you again soon!!!

 Excellent in all aspects!

Review by Randy on 8/13/19 12:35 PM

Wonderful experience, Ron is Exceptionally good and I love the online reservation system!!

 Great park for quiet people

Review by Teppi on 8/6/19 11:11 AM

Well-maintained and quiet, which is good as the sites are very close to each other. You will most definitely meet your camping neighbors. Wifi wouldn't connect, but we weren't there to surf the web anyway. One tip: BRING QUARTERS if you want to use the showers.

 2 issues - otherwise great place to camp

Review by Bella on 8/1/19 5:15 PM

Great atmosphere here! Giving only 4 stars (and not 5) for 2 reasons: 1. When booking online, I couldn't get 5 continuous nights at any one campsite. I had to make reservations at one campsite for 2 nights and another site for 3 nights. Unfortunately, the Curry County booking system forces you to do it in 2 separate reservations and each carries a $10 booking fee. What really got me is I sent an email message to see if the 2nd fee could be waived and didn't even get a response. 2. Signs say wi-fi available, but we were never able to get it. Not once in 5 days and I tried several times a day from different locations. I don't think it exists. In fact, cell service is pretty spotty, too, so you can't depend on it for internet. If you have to have internet service while here, you'll be disappointed. You can drive to the Port Orford library, which is pretty nice and good wi-fi service. Other than these 2 issues, it is a clean, laid back and scenic place to camp. The host does a good job!

 Gem of a campground

Review by Nancy on 8/1/19 10:53 AM

The unique setting of Floras Lake makes this campground an annual destination. The laid back vibe and scenic beauty create a welcoming atmosphere. The camp host Ron works hard to keep the transition between campers as smooth as possible. If you are into water sports, especially kiteboarding, you must check out Boice-Cope Campground.

 Favorite Place

Review by Annette on 7/30/19 2:04 PM

We happen to stumble on this campsite by accident when decided to be spontaneous and not reserve any sites along the coast. This has become the location for our annual family camping trip. The park is always clean and everyone is relaxed and friendly. I love that everyone brings their dogs and they all seem very well behaved. We will definitely continue coming back as it seems many people do.

 Light Touch

Review by Bob Smith on 7/25/19 10:03 AM

Great experience. My first time there and will definitely return. The best part is that the camp hosts obviously do a great job behind the scenes without having a million rules in your face. The result is a relaxed, "everyone gets along", friendly vibe. The best example is their dog "policy": no one cares if your dog is around, as long as it behaves and doesn't bother anyone. Nice to be assumed to be a responsible camper until proven otherwise!


Review by TOM on 7/10/19 10:07 AM

GREAT HOST, BEEN COMMING HERE FOR OVER 25YR AND HE IS THE BEST, NEGOTIATES THE BEST DEAL FOR EVERYONE WHEN THE WORLD THROWS A CURVE BALL, maintains a great park and brings people together for a great vacation experience! THX RON

 I give this 1 star!

Review by Really? on 7/9/19 2:13 PM

I am giving this 1 star. ONE (1). Why is the system going to show 5 stars?

 Good park (expensive service fee)

Review by Michael on 7/9/19 2:08 PM

Great park and perfect for access to Floras Lake and the beach. Nonetheless I'm only giving it three stars because I'm quite disappointed in the $10 fee for web reservations, especially because you cannot make multiple bookings in one transaction. That means a $15 tent night is actually $25 and if you want to make another reservation, say for a different site, it charges another $10. That's really outrageous for this kind of system.

 Summertime Fun

Review by Mike on 6/25/19 4:46 PM

Been coming to Floras Lake since 1991 and while there have been structural changes over the years it is still the same family friendly place it has always been. The current host Ron is doing a great job with keeping on top of things. The Floras Lake Kite and Windsurf School are some of the best if not the best out there. Always a good time and never a dull moment.

 Reservation system

Review by Pat on 6/25/19 10:18 AM

The online reservation system & the system used by the host should be synced. The online system gave me a space. The park host had me in a different space. The host had sent a confirming text with his space number on the morning of check in but I didn’t see it. For awhile we had to move to another space. But in the end no move was required. Complements to the host.

 A breath of fresh air

Review by Jim on 6/18/19 10:09 AM

Our Campground Host is great. Ron does a wonderful job of keeping the park clean and neatly manacured. Ron is truly a host, he is the face of Curry County for all to see. Ron is take great personal pride in our park. Ron is graciousss helpful and accommodating He is certainly the best host we've had in a very very long time. We appreciate his kind helpful.demeaner. We are so glad to see our funds invested in the upkeep of the park the funds generated should be utalized to pay Staff maintain and perform all required.maintenance, Maintain and replace facilities, roofs, landscape equipment as needed. This park should be the shining example of a government enetiy who invests there funds wisely where they are generated. Let us strive together to make Boice Cope park be the envy of every other park In. Oregon. Respectfully Jim McCain

 Another Great Stay

Review by Lisa on 6/12/19 8:15 PM

We stayed 3 days over Memorial Day to kite, mtn bike and take in the beach/ocean. The campground and facilities were clean and well kept as usual. Good exhibit by the Snowy Plover conservation folks on the path to the beach. Groceries and casual or finer dining are an easy 10- 20 minute drive. Always feels like such a get-away. Six hour drive for us, but it's worth it!

 Top notch host!

Review by Guests from Portland on 5/29/19 1:25 AM

We have camped here 3 times in the last 2 years to kiteboard with family. We love it. Bathrooms, showers, laundry room and grounds are well maintained. The host, Ron, is very welcoming and responsive. He does a good job of making paying guests feel at home while not letting anyone get away without paying for their spot as a few tried to do while we were there. We love the family friendly vibe, the quaint size, and gorgeous setting of Boice Cope campground. We’ll be back to camp and kite for sure!

 Great place!

Review by Janice on 5/18/19 5:32 PM

We will be staying our third visit there next month! We love it! So clean and well kept by the host. He is very helpful. Nice setting, too


Review by cw on 5/2/19 9:26 AM

Gorgeous setting. Off the beaten path but easily accessible. We stayed in an RV, but envied those who tented; the roar of the ocean, the sunlight and breeze were so peaceful. While I have owned and ridden ATVs, the absence of these here was such a blessing (and unusual on the Oregon coast). Big central grassy area in park. Our neighbors (and we had several since we stayed almost a week) were all pleasant. This was our third stay, and we were still finding new places to explore in the surrounding country. My husband is a photographer and birder, my sister-in-law and 93yo mother-in-law are adventurers as well...often gone early in the morning, to return at dark to review their photographic take and wrangle about bird identification. To be honest, I myself have mostly preferred to relax at Floras Lake, watching the windsurfers and walking on the beach and the Oregon coast path. I did see a kingfisher swoop down by the footbridge on the way to the lake. Host was pleasant and knowledgeable. Nice to see a familiar face. We had a reservation (new online service), so just exchanged friendly waves when we arrived. Park is sparkling clean and host made it look easy. Seamless service in terms of water, 50V electricity, Wifi, and nice dumpsite/ pressurized water for rinsing. One caveat, and the reason for making a reservation off-season. The RV spots are large and well-spaced, but deceptively hard to get a largish 5th-wheel trailer into on the back side of the park, and especially so if there are flanking trees (space #8, our previous stay). We thought we were being a little picky, but our neighbors, Oregonians from Brookings who were also repeat visitors staying 6 nights, confided that they made reservations for the same reason. All in all, a fantastic stay, and an annual treat for us.

 Nice place

Review by Boice Cope on 4/21/19 8:43 AM

Terrific stay here. It's clean and well kept. The host was friendly and helpful. All the sites have easy access to the lake and the ocean. We stayed in site RV-3 in a travel trailer.

 Fantastic vacation spot!

Review by Meg on 2/24/19 5:28 PM

Our stay at Boice Cope Park was amazing! It was beautiful and clean! The park host was very nice and accommodating! The lake and beach are close by and we will be visiting here again someday! I would recommend staying here for anyone who loves to adventure!

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