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Terms & Conditions

From time to time, Destin Jeep Rentals may be required by law to provide to you certain written notices or disclosures. Described below are the terms and conditions for providing you such notices and disclosures electronically through your Rental Application. Please read the information below carefully and thoroughly. A paper copy of your rental agreement will be located in vehicle when you pick up, or you may request from us.

Terms & Conditions
1) Absolutely no smoking. A $250.00 dollar fee for smoke or ash odor will be applied to your credit card.
2) Jeep top and windows must be on at night or if the weather is questionable. Water can destroy the electrical functions in the jeep and cause mold on seats and carpets. You will be charged for any water damages. You must remove side windows before you lower top, the back window is optional. If you leave the back window in when you lower the top, make sure bar is in the correct spot, if it isn't you can bend the back hatch. You will be charged for any top, window, or hatch damage. Please call us if you are unsure about anything on lowering top.
3) Door removal video is on homepage of our website. If you remove the doors please be cautious of the door swinging open, if it hits the side of the jeep after you unlatch the doors it will cause a dent on the side the jeep by mirror.
4) Fuel policy states that the Jeep is delivered on full, please return full or $20 per 1/8 fuel used will be billed.
5) Toll by Plate charges and citations - If you use Mid Bay Bridge and pay the toll, you will still be charged an additional toll by plate fee that is billed from the state of Florida. Any parking tickets, speeding violations, or any other citations are the renter’s responsibility. *
6)Pet Policy- Pet hair and or dander will result in a cleaning fee, please clean the vehicle if you have a pet.

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