Reviews for Happy Camper Rentals LLC

Brunswick, Ohio


Review by tara and Joe on 6/16/16 9:14 AM

We booked last year. Very professional and aims to please. Best rate around. Very honest people and we checked the camper together when we picked it up and dropped it off and all was well. We booked again for fair this year!!! Thanks again! We refer you to anyone who asks. :)

 not in business anymore

Review by me on 6/3/15 12:26 PM

this place is no longer in business. can not get a response from the owners. went to the house 3 times and no one is there.

 don't do it!

Review by ll on 12/29/14 12:31 PM

The camper was nice but they kept our deposit check. Owners stated something was wrong with the pulley system and would investigate to see if it was our fault. Camper worked fine for us and we had no problems with it going up or down. They continued to leave us hanging about our security deposit. After serial attempts to contact them, they would not return our calls or deposit like they said they would. It turned out to be kind of a fly by night company. I would look else where for a more reputable rental place.