Reviews for Hotel Flora and Fauna

Wimberley, Texas

 Coolest place ever!!!!!!!

Review by Yeti on 3/28/14 11:10 PM

OMG, what a wonderful, fun, eclectic place! It's only been opened two days so we are lucky to get it brand new, but somehow I don't think that would matter! We arrived at night and drove down a dark road, waiting to see a hotel but came upon this beautiful wall painted with all these wonderful animals indigenous to the area, a pond, and even a infamous dive cave called Jason's cave and it had to gates with FF, no office????? You walk thru these gates and there is a beautiful pool and yard area and 12 doors, with lock boxes. It's magical, and the rooms are so cool, a welcome basket, small kitchen area, coffee, there are robes, and the decor is just neat!!!!! Record albums and a record player, yes, books, great pictures, it's just so nice! It's a five star in my book, for its originality and uniqueness!!!!! I had an extra plus, got to meet the artist who was finishing up the beautiful wall!!!! Oh and if you're wondering about the name, Flora and Fauna were two of Sleeping Beauty's God Mothers!!!!!!!!