John's Fish House Rentals

Waskish, Minnesota

About John's Fish House Rentals

2, 4 And 6 Person Sleepers For Rent On Upper Red Lake fish house rentals, ice fishing, upper red lake


2-person 8 X 16 - Hyser House

Camper stove and oven, No bunks -- 2 separate beds, one on each end of the house.


3-person sleeper 10'x18' Jasons

10'x18' 3-person sleeper
has 2 double beds

4-person sleeper 10' x 20' Northland

10' x 20', 4-person sleeper fish house- Northland
cooktop, no oven


Yosemite Sam - 2 person

8x18 with cook top and oven


2-person sleeper 8x16

8x16 2-person sleeper


4-person sleeper (10' X 18') #9 Brian's

10' X 18' 4-person sleeper # 9 Brian's
Cook top, no oven

4-person sleeper (8x18)

4-person sleeper (8x18) wheel house
Cook top with Oven


4-person sleeper 10x20

10x20 4- person sleeper
Cook top and oven


5-person sleeper 10x20 #15

10x20 5-person sleeper #15
Cook top and Oven


6-person sleeper (10'X24') #8

10' X 24' 6-person sleeper fish house #8
cook top and oven


6- person sleeper 12x24

12x24 6-person sleeper
Cook top and oven


6-person sleeper (12x20) #9 Dean's

6-person sleeper(12x20) #9 Dean's
Cook top with oven