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McGregor, Iowa

McGregor Marina / Boatels

About McGregor Marina / Boatels

McGregor Marina / Boatels Houseboat Rentals is located in McGregor, Iowa, across the Mississippi River from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, in the heart of the Upper Mississippi River bluff country. In this area one can find a combination of scenery and history unsurpassed anywhere in the Midwest.

We are a full service marina providing slips, fuel dock, service, storage, houseboat and pontoon rentals and a family friendly restaurant.


McGregor Marina / Boatels

McGregor Marina / Boatels

14 Passenger Pontoon

14 Passenger Pontoon

McGregor Marina / Boatels

McGregor Marina / Boatels

McGregor Marina / Boatels

McGregor Marina / Boatels


12 Passenger Backwater Lodge Houseboat

12 Passenger Houseboat #62 Backwater Lodge boarding at 10:00 am and returning at 1:00 pm

10/12 Passenger Drunken Coconut Houseboat

10/12 Passenger Houseboat #61 Drunken Coconut boarding at 11:00 am and returning at 2:00 pm

10 Passenger Mississippi Pearl Houseboat

10 Passenger Houseboat #60 Mississippi Pearl boarding at 12:00 pm and returning at 3:00 pm

4/6 Passenger Reel Inn Houseboat

4/6 Passenger Houseboat #54 Reel Inn boarding at 1:00 pm and returning at 4:00 pm

7 Passenger Pontoon

Partial (8:30-12:00) (12:30-4:00), Full day (8:30-4:00), and multi-day rentals. Add an overnight option for Partial and Full Day for an addl. $200, MUST be returned by 8:00 AM the next day.

12 Passenger Pontoon

Partial (8:30-12:00) (12:30-4:00), Full (8:30-4:00), and multi-day rentals. Add an overnight option for Partial and Full Day for an addl. $200, MUST be returned by 8:00 AM the next day.

14 Passenger Pontoon

Partial day (8:30-12:00) (12:30-4:00), Full day (8:30-4:00), and multi-day rentals. Add an overnight option for Partial and Full Day for an addl. $200, MUST be returned by 8:00 AM the next day.

Terms & Conditions

A reservation deposit for all boats is due within 10 days of making your reservation. Your
reservation will be automatically cancelled if your deposit is not is not received within the 10-day period.
A cancellation notice will not be mailed. If we receive your deposit after the 10-day period, your
reservation will be reinstated providing the boat is still available.

Prior to departure, a lease agreement must be signed and rental fee, subject to 7% state tax, paid
in full.

We accept certified or cashier’s checks, money orders, travel checks, cash, MasterCard or Visa
for rental fees. Sorry, no personal checks allowed. (Special note: We offer a 5% cash only discount on
all houseboat rentals when paying with certified or cashier’s check, money order, travel check or

Upon occupancy of the boat, your reservation deposit converts to a security deposit. If all
conditions of your agreement are met, you will be mailed a check for your security deposit within
ten working days after return of the boat.

A charge of $100.00 per hour will incur on late returns (5 minutes to 1 hour late will be charged
$100.00, 1 hour and 5 minutes to 2 hours late will be charged $200.00 and so on. Boats must be returned
in the same condition as taken. Renter will be financially responsible for loss, breakage, or damage. A
charge of $100.00 will be incurred if a boat is returned exceptionally dirty.

CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS: Deposits are non-refundable however, we allow you to reschedule within 1 calendar year. Your security deposit less fuel, other purchases, and any damages will be refunded by check within ten (10) working days of completion of your rental.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: To avoid any misunderstanding concerning breakdowns, accidents,
inclement weather, or loss of cruising time, we check all mechanical equipment prior to your departure.
You need not accept your boat until you are satisfied with your boat and equipment. However, once you
are upon the river, you alone are responsible for the boat’s operation. Under these circumstances, we
cannot be responsible for any loss of cruising time due to mechanical failure, weather, collision or other
physical mishaps, illness, or personal accidents. Refunds will not be made on boats returned early, or for
late departures.

PROHIBITED USE: Houseboat shall only be used for the manufacture’s intended purposes as a recreational watercraft. Houseboat shall not be used:
a. at any location other than in Pool 10 of the Mississippi River;
b. for any illegal purpose or in an illegal manner;
c. after dusk or at night;
d. in a reckless, abusive or negligent manner;
e. to carry hazardous or explosive substances;
f. if further use of the houseboat might cause damage to it (e.g. warning light on);
g. by any person after drinking alcohol or using any drugs, regardless of the degree of intoxication or
impairment; or
h. to carry loads beyond the houseboat’s capacity.

NIGHT before boarding is available after 6:00 pm departing next day for an additional charge. Boats may
not depart dock until the next day.

5% cash discount applies to houseboat rentals only & not toward rental deposit.

River coverage is from Guttenberg, Iowa to Lock & Dam #9 (to the north). Due to insurance, there can be
no off-channel cruising or docking and the boats are not allowed to lock through the locks.

You will be given a check-out cruise prior to your departure to acquaint you with the operation of the
boat. Charts and navigation data are provided for a carefree river vacation.