Reviews for Arizona Nordic Village

Flagstaff, Arizona

 Front yard log cabin

Review by Misty S on 3/14/18 10:06 PM

This was my family and my 1st time here, my kids have never seen snow so we thought what better place then a cabin that you can walk right outside and play in the snow! This place was absolutely beautiful and better then I could have imagined, the staff was extremely friendly as well. I loved the fact it was off the grid and had a wood burning stove to keep us toasty. We had the entire place to ourselves as the only other patrons were in the backyard yurts which made it even more amazing. Now I highly recommend anyone staying here to go outside at night and star gaze because the entire sky was covered in bright shinny diamonds (be cause the word stars just don't paint the picture!) ABSOLUTELY STUNNING AND WE WILL BE COMING BACK!!!

 Front yard log cabin

Review by Misty S on 3/14/18 10:05 PM

This was my family and my 1st time here, my kids have never seen snow so we thought what better place then a cabin that you can walk right outside and play in the snow! This place was absolutely beautiful and better then I could have imagined, the staff was extremely friendly as well. I loved the fact it was off the grid and had a wood burning stove to keep us toasty. We had the entire place to ourselves as the only other patrons were in the backyard yurts which made it even more amazing. Now I highly recommend anyone staying here to go outside at night and star gaze because the entire sky was covered in bright shinny diamonds (be cause the word stars just don't paint the picture!) ABSOLUTELY STUNNING AND WE WILL BE COMING BACK!!!

 Snowy days

Review by First timers on 3/13/18 7:13 PM

We will return. Walked the camp grounds, but we're not able to stay overnight, due to illness. Staff is pleasant.

 Never again

Review by No stars on 12/4/17 1:45 PM

If I could give zero I would of. The front yurts are too close together, heard the couple in the yurt next to me having relations all night. The next day saw a couple together in the restroom shower. I will never stay here again

 Sage Yurt

Review by Jesse on 10/11/17 10:59 AM

My father and I spent an early October night in the Sage yurt after touring the Grand Canyon. It was a freezing cold night, but with the wood stove, we stayed warm all night. We just had to keep adding wood every couple hours.The location and atmosphere is just spectacular!

 Small front yurt

Review by Chayanin on 4/1/17 7:38 PM

We stayed at winter yurt for a night. First time visiting had a wonderfully time. It snowed the night before. The yurt was clean with plenty of firewood left for us to keep us warm throughout the night. We were looking for a quiet getaway from the city yet not too far away from the city and this was exactly what we were looking for. Thank you!

 Front Oak Cabin

Review by Misty on 3/29/17 2:29 PM

We have never been to Nordic Village and did not know what to expect. The cabin was clean and I felt very secure. There was a cabin about 100 feet away, but not close enough to hear or make us feel crowded. It was movie night and there was no movie or bonfire, which was a little disappointing, but otherwise everything was good. We will be back!

 Another nice weekend at AZNV!

Review by Astro on 3/19/17 3:40 PM

This was intended to be a relaxing weekend rather than a snowshoeing trip to a backcountry yurt. We rented a frontcountry cabin, small and cozy, plenty of firewood to keep us warm, and we did our cooking on the grill. The lantern didn't work but we had headlamps and flashlights with us. I really appreciate that the lodge restrooms were available at night. Thank you! Can't wait to come back next winter.

 Small Yurt

Review by Small Yurt on 3/4/17 8:20 AM

We stayed two nights. The first night was very pleasant and quiet with the exception of the grooming machines and generator. The second night the Yurt next to us had three teenage boys that were loud and verbally obnoxious but finally stopped by the 10 PM quiet time. The small Yurts are to close together. The Yurt was clean and the staff were very polite and helpful but not all were informed of events. Friday nights are generally movie nights and if you have young children with you they look forward to this. We were told by two staff members of movie night, however when we went to the movie there was no movie. The women staff members in the lodge seemed very aloof about "no movie" tonight. Our grill was out of fuel. The grill in the empty Yurt did not heat well in the cold. Cold weather grill insulation blankets might be considered. We did look at a cabin for our next trip and would consider one. As an earlier review indicated they are bare bones. Having the lodge area open in the evenings was a comfort and being able to utilize the electrical outlets was a feature. The trails were in good shape for the late part of the season. The parking lot could use some stone. Equipment rental was very good. I might have missed this, but it would be a good idea to have phone numbers and contacts posted for emergency personnel in each Yurt/cabin and the lodge. Would like to see the rubber mats used between the lodge and equipment rental used around the Yurt as there was an ice build up around the entrance that posed a safety concern when entering and exiting.

 Love the yurts!

Review by Jenny on 3/2/17 12:38 PM

This is my second time staying in a yurt and it never disappoints! Staff is very helpful, we had some beautiful snow this time, and the yurt was clean and cozy. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.

 What a wonderful time!

Review by jpearl on 2/12/17 11:52 AM

We had such an incredible time at Nordic Village! It was great to wake up and ski the day away! We can't wait to come back!

 That's pretty neat

Review by Matt on 2/3/17 10:23 AM

Really really great experience. I always wanted to stay in a yurt since seeing one in Oregon and finally got my chance. Me and a buddy were planning an exploration of Arizona by flying into Phoenix to see a friend then to Sedona to hike then to see the Grand Canyon. I really wanted a nature, away from everything experience and this was it! My buddy was so skeptical about staying in a yurt, especially when I told him to find a very warm sleeping bag (0 degree) because we were camping just south of the Grand Canyon in January. After the trip he says the yurt was one of the best experiences of the trip, I agree, and he hardly used the sleeping bag because we got it real warm in the yurt with the wood stove. Overall great place, with stars, snow and nice people running the place. The only thing is we stayed in a front country yurt and still needed to be there by 3pm, next time getting a back country yurt because still have to be there by 3pm either way and a better experience I'm sure. Another thing, wish I would have remember to bring cards, a game or a talented musician friend. Pretty neat!

 Beautiful backcountry experience!

Review by Team Father-Daughter  on 1/16/17 10:56 AM

We reserved the Honeysuckle yurt for the night and snowshoed to it. The experience couldn't have been more perfect. The staff was friendly and helpful, the yurt was clean and cozy. Trails are great and groomed nicely. We woke to a fresh coat of snow, incredible beauty and peace. Can't wait to do this again!


Review by DrO on 1/8/17 10:27 AM

My wife and I have been coming to the ANV for at least 6 or 7 years, and I am sorry to say this is the first time that we have been disappointed in the experience. Back in early September we reserved Pinyon cabin, which up until then was situated in a beautiful location, about a 1/4 mile from the lodge--but just far enough away to feel we were well removed from civilization....which is one of the reasons we so greatly enjoy the Nordic Village. Much to our surprise, when we got there, we were told that Pinyon was located next to the Lodge. No real reason was given as to why it was moved, or why the website showed it in back country when we made our reservation (and it still shows back country). So for four days we had lots of noise, people, snow plows, etc...right in front of our cabin....during the day, and at night when the trails were groomed the plows came by, sometimes sitting in front of our cabin, motors idling. So in essence, the very reason we come to the ANV ----for solitude, going off the grid, was lost to noise, crowds of people---the very thing we left the city to seek solace from. Not happy to have to write this summary...the staff were cordial as usual, the scenery still great, but very disappointed regarding the misrepresentation of Pinyon as being a 'back country' cabin

 A White Birthday Yurt & Cabin Adventure!

Review by Misty  on 1/5/17 4:44 PM

My friend flew in from out of state for my birthday over the holiday weekends and we stayed 4 nights at the Nordic Village and it was amazing! We stayed 1 night in the Lily, one night in Oak, and then one night in Spruce (we booked late so we cabin/yurt hopped) It was such an amazing experience that we added an extra night to top our trip off back at Lily. The staff was friendly and amazing, the location and snow was sooo much fun! We also rented snow shoes for our first time and it was a blast! I couldn't have had a more amazing birthday trip - we created so many amazing memories! Plus - the rates were unbelievable! I highly recommend and will be back soon!

 New great experience

Review by Rose on 1/4/17 4:25 PM

We stayed two nights in Dec. It was such a new experience. My boyfriend and I enjoyed staying there. Although the first night we spent 2 hours to get the fire going we learned many different things. One of them was if you want to stay warm through the whole night you need to wake up every 3-4 hours and add more logs. Otherwise, you need to start over making new fire. We are thinking to come back but this time with a bigger group of friends.

 Back-Country Yurt

Review by Adventurer on 12/30/16 11:24 AM

We stayed 2 nights in Honeysuckle in late Dec. Great experience, will repeat. Wood burning stove makes the yurt very hot so watch out for that. Yurt was clean, firewood plentiful. I brought a pocket stove to heat our food which I was happy about. Propane grill worked fine but won't boil 2 cups of water in a few minutes. We snow-shoed to the yurt, about 1 hour maybe a bit more. I had a 45 lb pack, she had a 15 lb pack . However the next day we did need to replenish our water supply from our car parked at the lodge. Two recommendations: front country yurts seem close together so if you're up for a trek the back country ones look better; and carry all your gear to the yurt. Staff were very friendly and capable.

 Front Cabin

Review by Robert on 12/19/16 11:33 AM

We stay on the weekend of 12/10 for two nights. there was snow on the ground but mostly melted,temps were 28-29 at night. Staff very courteous. We stayed at the Pinyon cabin, it had a full bed and a set of bunk beds. Wood stove worked perfect maybe too perfect.Cabin kept the heat well, did not have to add firewood all night.Bathrooms a the lodge were clean and closest to the cabin. Only negative comment is you have to pay for the showers. They should give you a token per guest considering you are renting their Yurts/Cabins. I would come back(when there is more snow.

 Smore's Code: Tent Campers Beware

Review by Jen on 9/6/16 12:32 PM

My family and I planned a two day camping trip to Arizona Nordic Village over the Labor Day weekend. Boy were we surprised when we arrived, and there was only one fire pit, approximately three picnic tables, and one propane grill for ALL 20 campsites. When we arrived, campers that had gotten on site earlier had secured the entire circumference of the fire pit with their chairs, and had all of their food and supplies on the "shared" picnic tables. I'm all for community, but the ratio of campers to amenities was way off. When our neighbors on either side of us arrived later that day, they were equally as bewildered and frustrated. My family and I packed up and left a day early, forfeiting our last day. We would have been better off saving the fees and finding dispersed camping.


Review by Tracy on 8/22/16 8:37 AM

We stayed in the coyote back country yurt this past Saturday. It was amazing. The yurt is really cool and sturdy, it rained at night with no leaks. The only downfall of the trip of course is the mile hike from the car. The signage on the trails is really confusing and we weren't given the best instructions on how to get

 Great place with many options

Review by PHX family on 8/7/16 1:48 PM

My wife and our 5 year old twins rented a front country cabin for two nights during the first week of August. This was a great getaway wihout any major saccrifices in comfort! The cabin has no electricity or water but the lodge is a 30 second walk away and has full bathrooms, showers and sinks with regular water service. In the main area of the lodge there are also a couple of electircal outlets which we used to charge our phones and tablet (we watched movies when the kids were asleep!). They supply an LED latern which provided good light for most things. We brought flashlights (for late nigh bathroom trips) and headlamps (for reading). There were several big thunderstorms during our stay and the cabin stayed warm and dry. I was inpressed with how well the roof muffled the noise from the rain. The mattresses on the double bed and the bunks were objectively decent and much better than a camp-mat on the ground. Still, after two nights my wife and I were a bit sore! Between storms we made a couple of campfires and used the provided grill to cook our meals. The grill has a two burner regular grill area as well as a round side burner for a pot or pan. The kids loved wandering around the area by the cabin by themselves and we took a few long hikes into the woods as well. We saw lots of chipmunks and squirrels and even saw a deer. We walked past a few of the back country yurts, they looked roomy and had great locations deeper in the woods. I have T-Mobile which occasionally had some service, I could sometimes send and recieve text messages from the parking area and I could see my new emails but was unable to open them. I couldn't make any calls. Not a big deal, just thought this would be helpful info. This was a great getaway for a family that does not really rough-it! We could park just behind the cute cabin and we had acess to the real bathrooms. It is a 15 minute drive to town to pick up supplies each day (Sprouts, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers!). If you want to do things a bit more basic the there are tent sites which are also near the lodge and there are the backcountry yurts. This is a great facility with lots of options depending on your desires. I think it is a little pricey but it is a pretty unique place. This could become something we do every summer.

 large back country yurts

Review by Akash on 8/1/16 10:21 AM

we had an opportunity to stay at the large back country yurts. it was heaven, off grid and under the stars. these yurts are a mile away from the lodge. Lesson learnt, if u are booking these pack light or have the gear shuttle service. staff was very nice, they fetched our camper we had forgotten on our way out. very good experience.


Review by Grammee on 7/31/16 5:29 PM

My husband and I are in our 70s and we stayed 2 wonderful nights in your cabin. Great experience! Staff was so very nice and we also Met several other people staying at the camp site. We had great conversations with people from other parts of the country and why they were visiting. We had gotten reservations through a groupon and next time I see a groupon, you can bet we will stay in a yurt. Loved the experience.

 Great setting

Review by Alice F on 7/12/16 10:54 PM

The best part of staying in a yurt is waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the brilliant stars through the skylight. I visited in early July and the weather was great - just a little hot during the day and just chilly enough at night. I didn't even have to wear a jacket, but I did build a campfire. The only drawbacks were that an extended family had checked in the same day that I did for the same amount of days and they were put in the two yurts surrounding mine. It was a woman with her daughter and grandchildren. So, the kids ran back and forth from one yurt to another across my path. Also, their yurts had picnic tables and mine didn't. It would have been nice to have a picnic table for my use. I did make use of the propane grill, which was in great shape. The situation wasn't ideal, but it didn't ruin my stay, either. The Forest Service people who staff the Nordic Village were great. I will be returning.

 Mountain oasis

Review by Hailey m. on 6/26/16 5:49 PM

This is a beautiful retreat away from the hectic city!! Surrounded by pines, aspens and wild flowers. In the higher elevation of Flagstaff Arizona you will notice the clean crisp air and at night the milky way and shooting stars. The appeal of off grid vacation is indeed very important for those busy people needing a break from technology and stress. Three of my friends and I stayed in the Aspen yurt located one mile from the parking area. The bunk beds were large and super comfy even for us adults and the futon was very comfortable for the couple that we traveled with. The yurt was spacious with lots of room to move and relax in the evening. The staff really made this place an oasis making us feel welcomed and secure by providing us with everyhting we needed. Trails are well marked, the office has everything you need in regards to snacks and even fresh brewed coffee in the morning. I highly recommend this place for families, couples, and even solo travelers looking for an escape from the city.

 Aspen Yurt, back country large yurt

Review by Aspen Yurt on 6/15/16 3:00 AM

We had a beautiful two night stay. We planned ahead and got the gear shuttle and they met us at the lodge. We took a 30 gallon bin and packed our stuff in as much as we could. The young man was helpful and informative and showed us a shortcut. We took a gear cart to help with the rest. The trail wasn't bad, I took my 4 year old and he complained a little about being tired but made it up just fine. The trail was pretty flat and uphill for a little but not bad. The area the yurt was in was beautiful. A pretty meadow, nice hiking trails, and great view of mountains. We felt safe in the yurt and there was lots of firewood outside. We bought a crate of firewood for the wood burning stove and used almost all of it after first night. It was pretty chilly without it and it also rained in the middle of the night. The yurt was durable and nothing leaked in. It was a little sunny at the aspen yurt, the coyote yurt had more shade but it also probably got a little colder as a result. The high was about 72 and it felt warm sitting in the sun. We were the only people out there so it was nice to have the seclusion. It's kind of rough trekking back and forth if you are planning on doing that carrying heavy stuff but if you plan ahead it's completely worth it. I would come here over tent camping any day and if you have elderly people or small children I might consider the front yurts and cabins. If you aren't carrying anything, the trail is fine but lugging stuff back and forth is not for the out of shape. Overall I can't wait to come back with again!

 Great Time

Review by Rhea on 5/31/16 11:41 AM

This was a great experience for my family. Being a single mom it can be hard to take kids camping, but this place will put your mind at easy. The yurt we stayed in was clean and it was nice to be able to lock the door. The top of the yurt has a sky light so you can see the stars at night. In front of our yurt was a fire pit and bench, a picnic table, and gas grill. Inside the yurt there is a wood fire stove that we didn't need to use. There are mats to sleep on and card table and 2 folding chairs. There is also a lantern on the wall for when it gets dark. My sister, myself, and two children (5+9) were able to fit very comfortable in the small yurt. We chose the front country one so didn't have to carry any supplies over far distance. Everyone was nice and never felt unsafe here. My children were able to play with the other kids.

 Would come again but not stay

Review by Family from the valley on 2/7/16 12:38 PM

This was our first trip to the Nordic Center for my husband and me and our 2 daughters, ages 11 and 13. We have never cross country skied before so it it was a crash course that unfortunately included hauling all our gear to our cabin that was about a half of a mile away on our skis. This process almost sucked all the fun out of it. We were exhausted and frustrated after our 2 trips from the parking lot by foot and then to the cabin by skis. I read something about paying extra for someone to bring your gear by snowmobile or something which would have been great but that didn't seem to be available. Aside from this process (both there and back) we had a great time. We are looking forward to coming again to work on learning to ski better. We will probably just come for the day though and get a hotel in town.

 can it get any better?

Review by ob on 1/2/16 10:26 AM

Arrived at the FNC in the midst of driving snow squall. Was faced with hauling in lots of gear in for a 4 night stay in Pinyon cabin, when Les appeared offering to carry our gear by motorized vehicle. An offer we couldn't refuse. What was truly incredible was that he glibly added, that he'd get a fire started for us! This exemplifies that staff attitude on each and every trip to the FNC. Besides the mind-blowing beautiful environment, the staff from the top down has always been extremely helpful. Whether it's helping to arrange a Fat tire winter bike, transporting gear, giving advice about the trails, we couldn't ask for more. I told Wendell, the owner: " This is my favorite place to be (and I've been there several times) and I meant it. PS: we spent the five days biking, snowshoeing with our dog, photographing the exquisite winter scenery, and of course the outstanding Fat tire biking. The FNC website says it all: Off Grid Getaways, is truly what it stands for. We go off the grid only to enter into a most marvelous natural world--minus the hustle bustle anxiety of the world we left behind.

  First time in a yurt and we would go back in an instant

Review by Trudi and Rick  on 12/27/15 11:37 PM

That yurt was as advertised. As other winter campers have noted, the woodstove will keep you extremely warm. Recommend lighting the fire early and then let the residual heat keep you warm in a nice outdoor bag rest of the night. Amenities on the grounds were good, the employees were helpful and there is plenty to do at the site. we fired up the stove the next morning and were able to heat food in tinfoil on top of the stove and coffee in a pan very readily from the cutes we fired up the stove the next morning and were able to heat food in tinfoil on top of the stove and coffee in a pan very readily from the heat of the stove. We noted that some people had trouble lighting the woodstove. Make sure you know how to operate it before you arrive.

 Hot times in a cool place

Review by Jrr on 12/6/15 9:43 AM

The Flagstaff Nordic Center met all of my expectations and more! Before I made my reservation, and immediately after, the center was difficult to get a hold of. Although I did receive a call back and was pleased with the info I received. On site, the employees were aways accessible, very friendly, personable and extremely helpful. The small front country yurt (Lily) was just as described...cozy! Two of us and a dog filled the yurt perfectly and the wood burning stove kept us very warm at night (it snowed one night and the temps were single digit). In fact, there were several times we woke up too warm and opened the door to bring in some cool air. I purchased shower tokens but never used the shower. You can purchase shower tokens on site and I would recommend doing that. The outside bathroom was a typical port-o-john and had plenty of toilet paper and hand sanitizer available. The lodge is open 24/7 for bathrooms and showers and a sink to brush your teeth. I would recommend the lodge facilities if you're looking for warmth and cleanliness. We rented the fat tire bikes for some trail riding and the staff was helpful with sizing us for the bikes and giving us quick instructions on how to use them and where to ride. Overall we had an amazing weekend checking off a bucket list item and we certainly intend on coming back for round 2!

 saturday in a yurt

Review by yurt on 9/2/15 10:30 AM

Place was great, my yurt was clean, and the trails were in great shape, my only complaint was I did not buy firewood on line when I registered, and changed my mind when I got there, I think the lodge had no one working over the weekend, so I was not able to get wood (no pun intended)

 wonderful employee

Review by BarryO on 7/29/15 5:08 PM

Been to the Nordic center numerous times, and have always been impressed by the staff. My most recent visit was no exception. Once again, this time it was Mark, who despite being quite busy in setting up for an event, went the extra mile in outfitting me with a Fat tire bike, making sure it was ready to go and a good fit. Thanks to him I had an outstanding time cruising around the beautiful terrain of the FNC. Thanks Mark, I'll be back

 Amazing! Definitely coming back!

Review by Diana on 7/13/15 10:33 AM

This place is amazing! Gives you the great outdoorsy feeling of camping without having to set your own tent up. We stayed in a yurt with our son and he loved it! The customer service is amazing! We are already planning on coming back :)


Review by Maya on 7/10/15 2:33 PM

Great place, great hiking, very relaxing place, absolutely love this place! We have been coming back to rent the yurt; we're coming back for cabins!!!!!! Spoke with Wendell's daughter; absolutely nice!

 Wonderful Time

Review by Simons on 6/1/15 10:06 PM

We enjoyed our stay in one of the smaller yurts very much. The amenities including a grill, table, trash, recycle bin, fire pit, port-a-potty, and the yurt itself were all beautifully maintained. The trails were beautiful and the yurt we stayed in was far enough removed that we felt like we had the forest to ourselves. It was an absolutely wonderful weekend.


Review by Craig B on 3/26/15 3:32 PM

Great little yurt in the front country for just one night. Had everything we needed and then some. Only little complaint would be that they are close together and it seems like with all the space around the lodge area they could have been spaced out a little more. Not a huge deal but it does kind of take away from the 'being out there' feeling. Of course, the back country yurts are another story entirely, you just have to be willing to get there! Cheap, clean, and different from another night in a motel or tenting it. Owners/employees (Bret) was great, super helpful.

 Front country yurt experience

Review by Front country yurt experience on 3/22/15 5:18 PM

My boyfriend and I stayed in one of the front country yurts about a month ago. We were the only ones there for the night and were surprised that the yurts were so close together (approx. 15-20 feet). The yurt was clean except for a few cobwebs in the corners, we had plenty of wood for the wood stove, the grill worked and had plenty of propane, the lodge bathrooms were nice, shower was warm and clean (only one shower per side), lots of parking available, grounds well maintained, and staff were polite (we didn't need anything while there). The only inconvenience we experienced is that there was not an area to wash dishes; they offer grills to cook but no where to clean dishes/utensils (had multiple signs in the bathrooms to not clean them at the bathroom sinks), would recommend you bring a wash tub, cloth and soap if you are going to cook and reuse dishes/utensils. We would be willing to come back but would not want to stay during peak use times due to the close proximity of other yurts and would stay in the back country yurts.


Review by Golfergirl on 2/21/15 10:13 AM

We stayed in the cabin in the woods, it was a beautiful night, the sky was so dark It was like you could reach out and touch the stars. Since there was no snow, we hiked and it was beautiful, peaceful and quiet! It was great having the wood burning stove, pretty chilly at night in February. Next time we want to stay in a yurt.


Review by Golfergirl on 2/21/15 10:13 AM

We stayed in the cabin in the woods, it was a beautiful night, the sky was so dark It was like you could reach out and touch the stars. Since there was no snow, we hiked and it was beautiful, peaceful and quiet! It was great having the wood burning stove, pretty chilly at night in February. Next time we want to stay in a yurt.

 yurt stay

Review by bgeist on 12/13/14 12:38 PM

I was happy with the yurt. It rained, but the staff had stacked plenty of wood and my gear kept me warm and cozy. It was quiet and beautiful. No one else was there when I visited in off-season. I really enjoyed it. I will visit again for another mini vacation.

 great TG at FNC

Review by B & A on 12/6/14 1:10 PM

My wife and I have been coming to the FNC for several years and it keeps getting better. We've been making a tradition to spend Thanksgiving in one of the cabins and enjoy a Tofu Turkey dinner. As usual, the staff was terrific. This time, though I had left my mountain bike at home, I was able to rent a fat tire Surley, and the staff member, though he 'didn't give me the shirt off his back', lent me cycle gloves since I had brought minimal cycling gear along. I can't say enough good thinks about this place. It's a gem.

 Yurting is great!

Review by Christine on 10/21/14 2:46 PM

We spent one night in a small Yurt. It was pleasant and cozy, but I do recall staying another time and the Yurts were not so close together. We were the only ones there, so noise was not an issue, but we would not enjoy hearing neighbors' conversations all night. The grill, picnic table and lodge with bathrooms and shower were very nice. Yurts are fun to stay in, more comfortable than tents, and the view of the stars through the skylight was magnificent! We hiked the trails and came upon the Coyote, Honeysuckle and Morning Glory backcountry Yurts. The hiking was wonderful, perfect weather, and didn't see anyone else on the trails. Would like to stay in a backcountry Yurt sometime. Only four stars because they have been moved so close to each other.

 Oak Cabin

Review by Lucy on 9/8/14 9:37 AM

It's nothing more than glorified camping..instead of a tent. .you have a cabin that is bare bones. The attractiveness is in the beauty of the surrounding area...that is the draw.


Review by PilotWiffey on 8/28/14 1:27 PM

I was not very impressed how close the Yurts were to each other and how they were squished in between the cabins. I mean all that beautiful land and you have to be on top of each other? Also, there was a generator running next to the Lodge from 2am-5am in the morning that was not very pleasant.

 Great Holiday Weekend

Review by Jodi on 7/6/14 10:20 AM

My fiance and I rented out a summer cabin for the fourth of July and were very pleased. It was clean and cozy and in the perfect location. The stars at night are gorgeous and we even had a few thunderstorms! The grill is perfect for making dinner and relaxing at night. Great location where you feel removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life but also accesable to downtown if you need to go pick something up. The trails in the area are great too. All around we had a great experience and definitely plan on coming back!

 Wonderful Experience

Review by Pat on 6/24/14 7:19 AM

My family came out from Hawaii and California and we stayed a couple days in the back country yurt. We had a great time. It was quiet, peaceful, and the stars! We were very lucky to have the area to ourselves. The cows were grazing nearby, chipmunks were playful, the woodpeckers were busy. I don't know how it would have been had it been crowded and hopefully we have the same luck next time we come back. I know you can check if any events are happening during the time you want to stay on their website, or just call Wendell.

 Better The First Time

Review by Paula on 6/9/14 2:31 AM

This was the 2nd time we stayed in 1 of small yurts. First time, great. This time, not nearly asmuch. They've moved the yurts from a nice area on west end of parking area to between the 2 sets of cabins on the other side if parking area, AND for some really odd reason, they now squished all 3 together so they,re on top of each other. You hear everyone's conversation, and no longer peaceful. Plus, our grill didn't work. It lighted, but then died immediately. Out of fuel, or defective.

 Really enjoyed our stay

Review by JTLT on 5/13/14 11:35 PM

My son and I stayed in a small Yurt near the lodge and loved it! Thinking it would be a step up from a tent, we initially thought we would just use it as a home base as we enjoyed several outdoor activities including some hunting. In the end, however, we extended our stay just to enjoy the forest, the trails, the warmth of the stove and the stars (WOW!) for one more day and night. Marshmallows roasted over the fire pit for my son, coffee brewed on the propane grill (great side burner feature) every morning for dad, and a truly friendly staff made this a place we will return to. The sign on the door of our yurt said "Happy yurting". It was and it will be again...Thanks Flagstaff Nordic Center!

 Second stay in large backcountry yurt

Review by Second visit in large backcountry  on 3/14/14 9:58 AM

Wonderful time again for 2 adults, 2 kids and our german shepherd. First trip was just mom, kids and dog. This time dad was able to join us. No wildlife, but we think dog scared everything away. The hike in is not bad at all. We stayed three toasty nights in 20 degree with high winds. Kids played in debris huts and we hiked to the more secluded yurts (yes, there are ones even further back). First trip was two nights August. We were alone first night, but not the second night. Our second stay was in March. We were alone all three nights! Our next trip will be in summer again and kids want to do a December trip. P.s. The small yurts are close to road, but that is the trade-off for convenience. Try the back country yurts. IMPORTANT: The guest before us left a wonderful cast iron teapot (tevana?). We used it but left it (karma). I hope the owner comes back to retrieve.