Reviews for Prosser RV Rentals

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

 Renting allows you to try out different RV's

Review by Tom on 4/8/19 9:07 AM

We have rented twice from Prosser RV. Both were driving trips to Florida in spring/winter. Pick up and drop off has been very easy and hassle free. Everyone has been very nice and easy to work with. We have tried out two different size units to see if purchasing a RV in the future would be a good fit for our family and may consider another rental next year to narrow our choices further. Both rentals have been clean and ready to go, but being early spring/winter, they did not have water on board for the sinks and toilets to fully function. Our use of the rentals was mostly for people hauling since we had a home to stay in for the time in Florida,so I can not comment on the camping aspects of the units.

 We'll be back

Review by Jeremy on 7/8/17 7:02 AM

Very easy to rent from and great camper for the price. Camper was clean, process was easy, and picking up was a cinch. Only thing I'd say is that the location could be a little daunting if your first time towing a trailer is here. Camper was super clean and in new shape.

 3rd rental

Review by retired river rats on 10/25/16 6:16 PM

Overall excellent experience for us. Recommend going to Prosser for vacation rentals. This was our 3rd rental of a light-weight camper from Prosser. Rental process has gone smoothly all 3 times. 1st and 3rd rentals were for the A-Liner. It was clean, in good repair, and ready for immediate use on both occasions. 2nd rental was for a Coachman camper because the A-Liner was already rented out. Staff at the Howell Avenue location is friendly, competent, and willing to provide advice to insure a successful rental/trip. One downside to the A-Liner (outside of Prosser control) is the storage arrangement. Access to storage compartments under the bed and seating sections requires lifting and removing the cushions and wood platforms. Not a big deal at the beginning or ending of a trip, but a real hassle on a 3 week venture when what is stored needs to be moved around/accessed to meet changing weather and terrain conditions. Will definitely rent again while deciding on what we will ultimately purchase for our travels.

 2nd time rental

Review by tea-cup on 9/16/16 11:07 AM

We rented over labor day weekend. We got the 20ft trailer for the 2nd time. It was actually the same trailer as memorial day weekend. Almost everything was perfect. Prosser was very flexible with pick up and drop off. The trailer was very good again. It would have been a 5 star weekend except......a few minor things. I admitted to ruining the power cord from dragging memorial day weekend, I paid the fee of 35.00 to repair but it was not repaired Labor Day weekend. (disappointing). The hot water heater didn't work correctly Memorial day weekend mentioned that also and guess what still didn't work correctly Labor day weekend (disappointing). I rented the hitch with tow bars and it was put together upside down. I had to fix it over the weekend for the drive home. Little details that just make it not great! I would and plan to rent again, I will just reiterate the items that I plan to see fixed. Give them a try you will most likely be happy!

 3rd Year Customer

Review by Nikki on 9/6/16 11:24 AM

We have rented the 20 ft bunkhouse pull behind RV for 3 summers in a row. Always a great experience!

 Aline Camper Rental

Review by Sue on 8/29/16 9:45 AM

We rented the Aline camper and had a great time with it! So easy to set up and pack up. Didn't have a problem at all with Prosser RV Rentals either. They were very accommodating too. Thanks again for making our weekend great.


Review by Mrs. M  on 8/8/16 7:40 AM

I reserved a tent trailer 2 months in advance. When we went to pick it up, the workers werewere trying to cut a piece of wood to cover up the rotten floor. The floor was completely rotted out, so soft and squishy we couldn't walk on it. They put a piece of plywood over it. Which created a lip, that we continually stubbed our feet on. The canvas had mildew all over it. The ac had only one setting that worked. The sides were ripped and stapled together, to which i cut my hand on, when putting it up. It was not worth the money. If i had other options, i would have gone somewhere else. Terrible place. I told the employees. Did not even get an apology , let obe a discount.

 Great Experience!

Review by rob790h on 8/3/16 10:22 AM

We rented an RV for the week to explore the UP and attend the airshow at Oshkosh. 1st time renter of an RV and wasn't sure what to expect. The class C motor home was is tip top shape. It was a 2014 model with low miles that felt brand new. Shane walked me through everything I needed to know and made sure I had his cell phone for any issues that may come up. Fantastic customer service and experience. Highly recommended!

 some bads, some goods

Review by brewerfan19 on 7/15/16 11:46 AM

We had never camped using an RV and decided to rent one to see how we were going to like it. I reviewed many rental companies on the internet and chose Prosser based on location and then price. I selected a 28' Coachmen Freelander. Upon returning the unit, I found that due to the 28' unit having an issue that they were unable to repair in time for my rental, I received a 31' Freelander instead. The large unit was nice as it had slide outs and offered us quite a bit more room, but instead of giving us a new unit, the unit they gave us was four years old and had nearly 100k miles on it already. It was not in great shape, see review titled Yuck, I think we may have got the same unit; seats were disgusting, we put pillow cases on them in the dinette, damaged wood work throughout, refer did not work well on AC power and we needed to run on propane often for it to "keep up". The unit was not cleaned when we picked it up, we had to spend a couple hours cleaning it before we felt comfortable using it, the agent at pick up said the guy who was to help him turn units around that day called in sick. There were four other people waiting for him when we were there to pick up the unit, so he was not able to help us understand the unit as much as I would have liked, as I said it was our first time using an RV. That was the bad, now for the good; the agents at both pick up and drop off were very friendly. Pick up and drop off was simple, and the return agent was accommodating when I discussed the issues we had with the unit. We stopped on our way out of town to have them look at the refer and they offered to pay us back for any coolers, ice, propane, etc,. that we needed to buy due to the refer issues, and they lived up to that promise. I think we will rent an RV again in the future, it was a good way to spend our week long camping vacation, but Prosser did not sell me on using them next time. I will consider them again next time, but with my experience from this rental, I will also seriously consider trying someone else.

 Great experience

Review by memorialdayfun on 6/7/16 9:39 AM

We rented a pop-up trailer for a 4-day weekend at a local campground. The owners were very flexible about pick up and drop of dates/times. We got the trailer a day early, for no extra charge, which was very helpful. The unit was clean, spotless really! It came with AC which was wonderful as the weather was hot and sticky. No complaints at all. Will be renting here again!

 memorial day 2016 weekend camping

Review by tea-cup on 6/7/16 8:53 AM

We rented the 20 foot trailer over memorial day weekend. We over all had a great experience. Adam did a great job getting us hooked up and ready to go. We have camped numerous times so the training on the camper was a refreshing update. Everything went great! The kids had fun showering in the trailer. We usually tent camp so having a bathroom was great. Returning the trailer was also easy to do. I am renting again for Labor Day. If you know you will have full water hook up don't have them fill the tanks. I also emptied the tanks for the ride home. It definitely made hauling easier.


Review by Love to camp on 9/13/15 12:45 AM

We rented a motorhome to see if we'd like going on the road (we have a destination (seasonal) camper) and want to buy a motorhome. The rental motorhoome was a 2013 and we were told it was in "great shape". Not true, lots (LOTS) of dings and chips in windsheld, couch had bend to middle that you couldn't sit in it- forget sleeping on it, most fabric/upholstry was ripped or shredded, wood pieces were coming off the sides of the table- be careful or it will draw blood! Bed was gross, we bought a mattress pad that enclosed it and added our pad over it. Holes in mattress and very thin mattress. While driving around corner the ladder to bunk fell out of holding place behind drivers seat and if anyone had been sitting at the table we would have had a trip to the hospital. We rented the camper for 8 days, slept in in one night, and cut our vacation short, we returned it early (it was that bad). The camper was appeared clean when we picked it up and VERY clean smelling (lots of chemical smell), needed to air it out. Gas mileage was as expected (about 9 miles to the gallon). We are looking for a camper and are glad we rented one, just wish it hadn't been this junker (for over $2,200 with less than 500 miles).

 Great Experience

Review by Tosa Guy on 8/22/15 11:35 AM

My family of 4 with 2 kids under 4 years old rented a pop up camper for a week. It was my first time ever towing a camper or operating one. I originally asked for a Travel Trailer, but once the staff asked me what I was doing, where I was going and what I needed, they advise me to take the pop up as a better alternative, cheaper and easier for me to operate, especially as a rookie. My family had a great experience with the camper, it was clean, easy to operate, Adam was patient with teaching me how it operates and everything worked great. I was impressed with the overall experience. Makes me want to go camping a again.

 great experience

Review by mcrish on 8/16/15 9:58 AM

We rented a pop-up camper and took it out west for 2 weeks. We had never used a pop-up camper (only tents!), but the associate showed us all of the details about how to use it and its features. We had no problems at all with it, and the camper was clean and the beds very comfortable. We used our own sheets and sleeping bags, so did not need the sleeping kits. It was really nice having the heater that ran on propane and the battery for those chilly nights in the mountains. We only ran the heater in the morning for a little bit to knock off the chill. There was also air conditioning, but we never needed it. We would definitely rent from Prosser again!


Review by katy on 8/6/15 9:51 AM

We rented a pop-up trailer for 4 days and it was clean and a wonderful experience. We will definitely rent next year.

 21 ft. RV

Review by JH on 7/31/15 11:08 AM

We rented the 21" RV. Most of the equipment functioned well. The exception was the table to bed feature. It was impossible to use this as a bed with the equipment provided. We were given no manuals for anything. We called Prosser for assistance, were told they would research the problem but received no call back. Over all rating: equipment--generally okay, service--subpar, location--very convenient, price--reasonable.

 Quality outfit & good experience

Review by Geoff on 6/1/15 7:37 PM

We rented a 28' motorhome (Freelander) to take to South Dakota for 5 days, and had a great experience. The motorhome we rented was nearly new, and performed well the whole trip. The staff was friendly, helpful and responsive the whole way. Negative items of note are: 1) I wish they would've disclosed that we could not use the awning prior to renting. We didn't end up needing it on the trip due to good weather, but made sure ahead of time that the rig had an awning. We were only told when picking it up that we weren't allowed to use it. 2) They accidentally sent us out without a license plate on the RV - lol! I'm not sure how that happened, but we had no plate on the unit at all. Fortunately we didn't have any trouble because of this,but consider ourselves lucky. You'd think I would've noticed this on the walkaround inspection, but I missed one of the most obvious things - ugh. 3) Our unit had a leak above the passenger seat at the seam of the truck and the camper. Not Prosser's fault, but the wife had to endure the dripping when we were driving into the rain. Overall, I'd recommend Prosser's, and would rent from them again. The price was reasonable and the unit was of pretty good quality.

 Family Time

Review by Kenny Jay on 4/21/15 8:27 AM

We rented the large travel-trailer to accommodate 2 adults & 3 grand-kids. The Staff was excellent to say the least. Every thing worked great in the camper. This was our first time renting and will definitely rent with them in the future.

 Pop Up

Review by GlennB on 7/28/14 9:15 AM

Second time renting from Prosser. Everything was fine with the exception of the actual size of popup rented. The picture on their website still shows their white popups with larger beds that were available a few years ago. They're much larger overall than the Viking's being rented today. The smaller Viking was fine for 2 people but would be VERY cramped for 4. If cold weather camping is your thing, this pop up does have heated mattresses. It towed well and I may rent again but do miss the larger ones with much more room.

 Friendly Service and Good Equipment

Review by DJ on 6/9/14 5:38 AM

I rented the 19' Bunkhouse travel trailer. All equipment was in good working order and the camper was clean. Everything was exactly as pictured and described. The staff was very accommodating to our time schedules and needs. I have rented from Prosser for several years and will definitely be back again next year for our camping needs.

 Nice RV & accommodating team

Review by Akel on 12/12/13 8:47 AM

This was my first rental of an RV and I was happy with the experience. The 28QB RV was extremely nice & comfortable inside. Only critiques of the RV was that it was extremely noisy while in motion and the radio did not have great speakers. In terms of customer service, the Prosser team was very accommodating & flexible with the dates of the rental experience.