Reviews for Sinister Stories of Salem

Salem, Massachusetts

 Completely Satisfied

Review by Lisa on 7/12/17 10:27 PM

Though the night was rainy with potential thunderstorms and hail, we were able to take our tour. Fortunately we had a very small group and were able to absorb the atmosphere and stories Kenneth told. Kenneth is interesting without being cheesy, soft spoken and the term gentleman seems to emulate from him. His singung voice is beautiful and I was completely engrossed in the tour. Be sure to stick around at the end. He is defiantly not a charlatan.

 Sinister error

Review by Jersey girl on 11/1/16 8:32 AM

Sadly this is not a good review. Last year a friend of mine and I took this tour and it was great. Kenneth is a very good entertainer. This year four more of our friends came to Salem. We decided to do tour again and since we spoke so positively of this tour they booked it too. Unfortunately it was a very windy cold night. But that wasn't the bad part. This tour was way overbooked. We were told speaker overslept and forgot to turn off site that would limit size of group. Our group was so large that it often got split up by other people and groups passing through. Often Kenneth would be already into a story before we could catch up. We missed a lot. He had to move a to less than ideal locations for his presentation to accommodate size of group. Honestly, if I had known it was going to be like that I would have cancelled and asked for a refund. I kind of feel bad for talking my friends into taking this tour.