Reviews for Tahoe RV Rentals

South Lake Tahoe, California

 Ripped off and left high and dry

Review by Parkers on 8/17/21 8:42 PM

Here's the deal. To be fair, the owner Alecia was helpful via email to get us setup for a much anticipated stay with the family in one of their RV's this summer. Unfortunately, things wen't south very quickly when we needed to cancel last minute due to the unsafe conditions presented by the Dixie fire in August 2021. We were so serious about attempting to tough it out and keep our reservation that our friends made it halfway up there from So Cal the day before with their own trailer but made the call to turn around after seeing how bad and unsafe the air quality was even as low as Lone Pine, CA. I emailed immediately, admittedly just 24 hours before our reservation to let them know we simply couldn't make it. The AQI index was scary and there were repeated daily weather warnings from NWS (national weather service) about the impact of the air outdoors. My wife who had just recently recovered from a battle with COVID was in no shape to brave the air up there and frankly, neither were my two young daughters or anyone for that matter. The special weather statements ready simply "have contingency plans if you were planning on being outdoors for extended periods of time..." Well yea., the plan was not to stay inside a trailer for a week but to enjoy the outdoors and sleep in the trailer at night. Duh. But that didn't matter to Alecia and her company. When I emailed to notify them and ask for some options. She replied "Smoke is nothing new to us or the campground this year, we deal with this every summer unfortunetly." I mean wow. Really? That's how you come back to me after apologizing and explaining our very real and understandable reason for a late cancellation? I was told that regardless, we'd be charged 100% of the reservation. Oh well, sucks for you. Come suffer and pay or cancel and pay. I repeatedly asked for some sympathy. Maybe charge us for a night or two. Maybe give us a voucher to come back up next year and keep our full payment that they decided to process a full week before the reservation. But no. A hard no. Their "generous" offer... How about we don't charge you the cleaning fee or the delivery fee. What!!! So they were kind enough to offer to NOT charge us for not delivering or having to clean the RV. What a joke. I gave it my all trying to be cordial and flexible. Now we will see how the credit card company handles the dispute. And if need be from there, a lawsuit will follow. Great job Tahoe RV Rentals. Absolutely disgusting and terrible business practice from a husband and wife local couple. What a shame.