Reviews for ViaRV LLC(Seattle)

Lynnwood, Washington

 Great customer service, okay RV

Review by Mike on 8/7/18 6:06 PM

My compliments to Kishan from ViaRV who provided great customer service and support. But the RV we rented had several issues that prevented us from having a fully enjoyable vacation. There were several lights that did not work, probably because of a fuse that was missing and should have been replaced before we took the RV out. The plumbing in the bathroom leaked water onto the floor anytime the water pump was on for more than 5 minutes at a time so we had a constantly wet bath mat and stream of water on the floor. The electrical outlets would only work with the generator turned on which was an inconvenience, but fortunately we were not charged for the extra generator time this required. The queen bed did have a mattress of sorts, but not an actual bed mattress, more like a 2" thick very old piece of foam. We brought in our own mattress from a sofa bed in order to have some kind of comfort. The previous renter broke the shower door so anytime we took a shower we had to keep a knee or elbow or other body part against the door to keep it closed and keep the water in the shower. Most problematic was that the previous renter did not empty the sewer tank; we were camping in a site without hookups and the first morning found that the tank was full and we had to request a pump truck to come by and empty it. We were credited this cost, but it was a significant and smelly inconvenience. I'd like to work with Kishan again, but I'd be very wary of the quality and condition of the RV.

 RV rental Seattle

Review by david on 4/12/16 4:33 PM

I had great experience with ViaRV, they are very friendly with flexible schedule to fit my needs, RV is in good condition and very supportive during my trip.I will use them again for sure.

 Class "C" rental Nov 2015

Review by user on 11/26/15 10:58 PM

I had an excellent experience renting with this company. The RV arrived clean and in good repair, communication was excellent, and they happily accommodated several scheduling, pick-up and drop-off changes for me. Pricing was extremely fair and exactly as advertised. I will not hesitate to do business with them again.