Directions for Chewonki's Debsconeag Lake Wilderness Camps

Namakanta Reserve, North Maine Woods , Maine


We recommend to all DLWC visitors that you come into camp from Route 11 on the Jo-Mary Road, 23 miles north of Milo and 16 miles south of Millinocket. Shortly after turning off RT 11 you will come to the Jo-Mary Check Point . Although there is a road fee charged by the North Maine Woods ($10.00 per person for Maine residents per use and $15.00 for non- residents (under 15 and over 70 are free) this road is in much better condition than the Greenville road, the alternative route to our boat landing. The road in from Greenville has deteriorated over time and, although it is still passable with a medium to high clearance vehicle, it may add 30 additional minutes to the normal 1 ½ hour trip.
The route from the Jo-Mary Check Point to the DLWC Landing is about 25 miles of logging road and will take about 1 & ¼ hours. A number of compact cars have traveled in over the Jo-Mary road with no difficulty. The trip from Greenville is now about 2 hours. The Greenville road is paved to Kakajo and is a logging road from there to our boat landing, also about 24 miles of dirt road. This route should be used only if you have a medium to high clearance vehicle.
Please note that both routes are marked with DLWC arrows. green or black lettering on a white background. They are located at all major intersections. Please check for each sign before proceeding through each intersection or major road crossing. Also, the First Boat Landing sign you will encounter on the road, about 2.5 miles from DLWC, is NOT our boat landing. This Landing is on Nahmakanta Lake. Please ignore these signs for a public boat landing and continue straight on the main road following the DLWC signs to Fourth Debsconeag Lake, approximately 2 miles beyond the Nahmakanta Stream, and bridge.
Below, please find a link to Google Map Directions. If you choose to use a different program or GPS unit, be sure to enter Fourth Debsconeag Lake.
Google Map directions from Portland to DLWC via the Jo-Mary Check Point
As you make your final travel plans it will help us to know an approximate time you think you will arrive at our boat landing. We appreciate a call or email as you leave home or in route, when you have an estimated arrival time. In addition, on the last leg of your trip, a quick call from either the Jo-Mary Gate (the last reliable cell service location) or Greenville to the camp phone (207-460-5226) will help us be at the boat landing when you arrive. If we happen not to answer the phone, please leave a message with your current location and the current time.
We will contact you about 10 days prior to your visit with road condition updates and additional information. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are looking forward to your visit.

Approximate Travel Times from Regional Metropolitan Areas (without stops)
Millinocket, ME is 40 miles and 1 ¾ hours Greenville, ME is 43 miles and 2 hours
Bangor, ME is 89 miles and 2 ¾ hours Augusta, ME is 139 miles and 3 ¾ hours
Portland, ME is 191 Miles and 4 ½ hours Quebec, QC is 201 miles and 5 hours
Boston, MA is 302 miles and 6 ¼ hours Montreal, QC is 310 miles and 7 hours
Hartford, CT is 396 miles and 7 ¾ hours New York, NY is 510 miles and 10 hours