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Tromsø, Norway

Arctic Experience

About Arctic Experience

Arctic Experience (ArcticX™®) have for over a decade provided guests with fulfilling their dreams about seeing the Northern Lights. Based under the aurora oval in Tromsø, Norway, we are situated in one of the worlds best locations to see this natural phenomenon. I offer local knowledge combined with expertise, experience and dedication, and I will do my best and go further than anyone else to give you a memorable moment in your life.

- Dan the Aurora Man™®


Arctic Experience

Arctic Experience

Arctic Experience

Arctic Experience

Arctic Experience

Arctic Experience

Arctic Experience

Arctic Experience


Hunting the light

Price; 1800 NOK pr.person
If you want to experience the Northern Lights in Tromsø, Northern Norway, look no further.

NOK 1,800.00 / person

Arctic Experience Features

Small & personal Northern Lights tours around the rugged and beautiful mountains and fjords in Northern Norway. I`ll go further than anyone else to give you a taste of the real Arctic Experience :)

Arctic Experience Attractions

The best attraction ever: The Northern lights :)

Terms & Conditions

I use the safe and secure Paypal payment system. Payment is done on booking. For cancellation, see terms & conditions.

I am official licenced to arrange tours and transport people with a vehicle. All guests must have a personal travel insurance.

I pick you up on the upper side of Kirkegata 2 in Tromso city when the tour starts, and will return you to your hotel/accomodation after the tour (Limited to the island of Tromsø, Tromsdalen, Kvaløysletta, Ersfjord and Sommarøy area). Some of the destinations have limited or none bathroom-facilities, so please keep that in mind.

Weather is always a factor to consider. I can`t control the weather, but I`ll try to avoid it so that it doesn't obscure the sights. I have several different spots to drive to, and I always have a back up plan if the first one fails. We might have to go into Finland to find clear skies, so please bring your passport along.

Due to the length we might have to drive, and the changing temperatures/weather conditions, guests must be minimum 18 years of age: Children from the age of 10 can join the tour, if they are together with their parents/caretaker. NOTE: I do not support warm suits etc. in childrens sizes: I recommend you to rent winter clothes here:


If the client cancels the booking at the latest 21 days before the tour date, 
the whole amount will be refunded (minus the cost of bank transfer or PayPal's fees).
If the client cancels 8 to 20 days before the tour date, Arctic Experience will refund 50% of the amount paid (minus the cost of bank transfer or PayPal's fees), 
due to lost income and administration cost.
If the client cancels 0 to 7 days before the tour date, the entire amount will go to Arctic Experience.

Illness/injuries etc. is fortunately not a common issue, but in such cases a medical certificate from a doctor is needed. I must be dated before departure or latest 3 days after the tour should have started, and it must be confirmed that the tour can not be done. Having this will entitle you to a full refund.
In case of flight/transportation delays/cancellations, and/or events based on force majeure, natural disasters and similar situations beyond the control of Arctic Experience, no refund will be given, since the responsibility lays with other companies and/or their external factors.
PS: (Following is valid until April 2022) If the country you are staying in or visiting closes it`s borders and prevents you from travel abroad due to quarantine/pandemic/virus (Covid included) outbreaks, a full refund will be given since it`s based on a governmental legal decision.

It is strongly recommended to have a trip cancellation coverage on your travel insurance; It will cover everything in case of such happenings.

If Arctic Experience cancels the tour, due to poor weather, difficult driving conditions, illness or other causes which prevents me from arranging the tour, the entire amount will be refunded, minus the cost of bank transfers or PayPal's fees.

In such cases, cancellation of the tour may happen shortly before departure. It is therefore important that clients supply us with their contact information, such as mobile (cell) phone number, e-mail adress and name and address to their accommodation.

Moving of tours

If the client wish to move an already booked tour to a later date, the terms accepted on the original booking will apply, and no refund will be given in case the client cancel the tour between the dates.

Acceptance of these terms & conditions is made by making a reservation.