1 Wi-Fi Router w/Ethernet Port & Multi-Band 5G/4G Modem: Unlimited Data per Day/Week

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All Reservations require payment in full. You will be required to select a payment method during the course of this reservation. Payments with a credit card at the time of making your reservation will be processed through the PayPal credit card processing system (You are NOT REQUIRED to have a PayPal account to process your credit card).

To pay by credit card at the time of delivery, SELECT Cash/Check AND state in the COMMENTS that you wish to pay by credit card at the time of delivery.

Otherwise, a selection of Cash/Check will require an invoice to be sent to you via email after the completion of this reservation.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR RESERVATION CAN NOT BE CONFIRMED OR GUARANTEED UNLESS WE RECEIVE PAYMENT IN FULL. Payment via Cash/Check must be made prior to the delivery of the equipment in order to confirm and guarantee the reservation.

Should you later decide to pay by Credit Card you will be emailed an online invoice with instructions on how to make your Credit Card payment online -OR- We can process your credit card payment at the time of delivery.

We are a Mobile Service. Delivery to YOU, and pick up from YOU at your Waikiki hotel is included in our prices. Since we are a Mobile Service WE DO NOT HAVE A PICK UP LOCATION. You may, however, choose to Drop Off the equipment at the Gadget Guyz kiosk location between 9:00 am & 6:00 pm Monday - Wednesday and Fridays. And 11:00 am - 3:00 pm on Saturdays (Closed on Thursdays & Sundays) at the conclusion of your rental. There is no inventory of rental equipment stored at the Gadget Guyz location. They cannot accommodate the pick up of rental equipment.

PLEASE inform us in the COMMENTS field of your requested TIME and LOCATION to meet so that you may take delivery of the equipment and complete the Security Deposit Waiver Form. After your reservation has been confirmed we will also email you with the confirmed time and location to meet with you.

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