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We rent the following equipment at Daily, Weekly & Monthly rates provisioned with Unlimited Data and No Speed Throttling - - No need to worry about the amount of Data you are using! Our service does not slow you down due to how much Data you have used or how you are using the service. So long as you are receiving 4G-LTE signal (as indicated by the device), 4G speeds will be maintained relative to your received signal strength and overall utilization of the wireless carrier's network by all users in the area.

? 4G LTE Portable Wi-Fi HotSpot devices
? Router w/Ethernet ports (with or without Wi-Fi) with integrated 3G/4G LTE Modems
? Outdoor Rated Routers (with or without Wi-Fi) with integrated 3G/4G LTE Modems

We also rent:
? Fixed Wireless Point-to-Point Unlimited Data transceivers
? Xirrus High-Capacity Wi-Fi Access Points
? 2-Way Commercial Grade UHF radios

Our 4G LTE Wireless Internet devices may be provisioned with 3G, 4G-LTE, XLTE & LTE-A Wireless Internet Data Services through the AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless Nationwide Networks.

Our rates include Personal Delivery/Pickup to/from YOU within Honolulu and at your Waikiki Hotel between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm daily. WE ARE A "MOBILE SERVICE", There is no pickup or drop off location.

We offer Free delivery/pickup to/from most locations within the Greater "Honolulu" city area between Hawaii Kai, throughout Waikiki and up to the Airport/Halawa area (but not at the Honolulu Airport terminal itself). USPS Priority Mail service is also available if needed.

Delivery outside of the Greater Honolulu area is typically done via USPS (United States Postal Service) Priority Mail service to/rom your location. Not sure? Contact us to confirm your delivery location and any potential charges.

Contact us about rentals on Kauai, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, the Big Island of Hawaii and the Continental U.S.: We are based on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, however, with at least 2-4 days notice we can arrange for the MiFi equipment to be mailed to your hotel including a USPS pre-paid return mailer for an extra $20 fee/unit to cover the postage both ways.

Our bandwidth speeds are typically FASTER, Data is UNLIMITED and our connections are SECURE as compared to the public Wi-Fi internet services provided at most hotels.

? Why have internet access that only works at your hotel or the convention center? Our Portable Wi-Fi HotSpot (MiFi/AirCard) units travel with you throughout the Hawaiian Islands and the Continental U.S..

•? Don't spend your precious time in Hawaii looking for insecure Wi-Fi hot spots! SECURELY connect to the internet using our password protected 4G-LTE Wi-Fi devices instead of using an insecure Hotel, Coffee Shop or Public Wi-Fi network where your data may be compromised.

•? No DSL? No Cable? No Fiber? No Problem! Do you require internet access at a Remote Location? Perhaps on a Boat? In a Construction Trailer? Or a Booth at a trade show? Contact us with your questions. Phone: 808-447-9741 x101 ? Email:

We primarily rent equipment using the AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless 3G, 4G-LTE/LTE-A network AND we Include Unlimited Data for your usage!

You should check the coverage maps of the different wireless carriers for your chosen location(s) to confirm connectivity:


You can also email us the street address and we will send you a confirmation of wireless data coverage at your location.

Our Portable Pocket Wi-Fi HotSpots (MiFi® & AirCard) support 3G/4G-LTE, use a built-in 10-20 Hour rechargeable battery and can accommodate 10 to 15 wireless connections. Our MiFi Rental Outfits include a convenient carry case, a Car Charger, a 110VAC wall outlet to USB charger and a USB charging cable. "More information & rates" can be found below.

Our Indoor Routers have an integrated 3G/4G LTE modem. Some units are also capable of connecting through the newest LTE-A protocol when available in the area. FYI - this device must be plugged into a 110VAC outlet. "More information & rates" can be found below.

For larger events, we can provide a High-Bandwidth Fixed Wireless Broadband internet connection at your event and setup a large scale Wi-Fi network using Xirrus High-Capacity Wi-Fi Access Points.

Please contact us at 808-447-9741 x101 or should you have any questions.

TO GET A FREE QUOTE - Simply select the type of equipment you wish to rent by clicking on the appropriate "Book" button below. Then Select your Start & End dates. Click "Continue" to see your free price quote on the following page.

If you agree with all the terms stated on the pages you've seen so far, and those within the "Terms & Conditions", click "Continue" to fill out YOUR HOME and/or YOUR BUSINESS CONTACT INFORMATION on the next page.

PLEASE FILL OUT THE "COMMENTS" AREA WITH YOUR REQUESTED DELIVERY TIME AND LOCATION where YOU wish to meet to take delivery of the equipment and complete our "Security Deposit Waiver Form". Unless you are leaving a cash deposit for the equipment, a credit card is required and will be recorded as a security deposit on the Security Deposit Waiver Form.

NOTE: Without a "Pre-Filled" and approved "Security Deposit Waiver Form" we are not able to leave the equipment at the front desk as they are not able to fulfill or complete the Security Deposit requirements on your behalf. ***Please see Terms & Conditions for limitations, equipment liability, and "Security Deposit Waiver Form" information.***

Measured Bandwidth for a 4G-LTE network has typically been 3-12 Mbps. LTE-A is up to 30 Mbps with bursts up past 50 Mbps when in a good and un-congested 4G LTE-A coverage area.

We offer rentals on 2-Way UHF Radios and other types of AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless LTE-A/4G-XLTE/LTE/3G equipment, Fixed Wireless Point-to-Point and Xirrus Wi-Fi Access Point equipment.:
••? Indoor Routers with an integrated 4G LTE modem, an Ethernet cable connection with/without Built-in Wi-Fi.
? Indoor Wi-Fi Routers to be used with your Ethernet Internet Connection.
? High-Gain Fixed Wireless Outdoor Transceiver Units provisioned with an AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon 4G-XLTE/LTE-A or 3G connection with or without built-in Wi-Fi.
? Point-to-Point Fixed Wireless transceiver offering up to 100Mbps of bandwidth - - Actual Bandwidth acquired will depend on location.
? High-Capacity Wireless Wi-Fi Access Points by Xirrus for large gatherings.

After you complete your online booking of the reservation, you will be forwarded to the PayPal card processing service where your Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards are accepted online and processed as a GUEST through the PayPal card processing service. Or through your PayPal account. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE A PayPal account, nor are you required to open a PayPal account, to use your credit card to pay as a GUEST via the PayPal card processing service.

Payment with your Credit Card or cash can be processed in person at the time of delivery, HOWEVER, Please select CASH as your form of payment AND request to make payment at the time of delivery in the COMMENTS field. Otherwise the reservation will not be confirmed without payment in full.


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