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Honolulu, Hawaii

 Internet Connected and Fixed

Review by Sanjay on 9/19/23, 4:30 PM

"Kudos to Jim Ainge! He worked magic, getting my mom's wireless needs sorted out seamlessly. A true tech wizard!"

 A++ Service and Reliability

Review by Sharon  on 8/28/23, 9:15 PM

My colleagues and I were setting up for a trade show and our router the company provided was not working. The show opened the next morning. Yikes! I said - I know who to call. I reached out to Jim at Tech In The City who is in my BNI networking chapter for support and was able to line up a router to pick up at 7 am! He later texted me that he was checking on the performance - sent me results as he was able to remote in to make sure we were doing well without me asking! He also stopped in to the show and checked on us again. Jim's knowledge and service goes far above the cost of his services. Don't hesitate to reach out to Jim for any connectivity you may need.

 The Best Ever

Review by Lee McKenna on 10/21/22, 9:42 PM

Always on top of things - goes above and beyond with his service. I highly recommend Tech In The City!

 Administrator, Carole Kai Charities, Inc. Dba Great Aloha Run

Review by Claire Nakamura Rochon on 9/13/18, 4:20 PM

Unlike the other more larger companies that we have dealt with, Tech in the City is by far the better internet service provider. The personal, friendly service, the over and beyond mindset and immediate response with customer service is second to none. Tech in the City is a very community minded company and they will work with their customers to ensure the highest quality of service. Mahalo Tech in the City!

 Service and Speed

Review by carmine on 9/1/16, 8:16 PM

5-star is understated. I rent several times a year when I'm in HNL and I get very clean units and equipment with good performance. I never have a reliability problem. Service and response from them is quick and friendly. I wish all my vendors were as professional as TITC.

 Brilliant Service!

Review by Meg on 6/13/13, 6:26 PM

Rented a Tech in the City 4G Wireless Wifi Router during a recent business trip. Great value for money, convenient service. Easy to connect and strong signal. Device hotel drop off and pick up. Would highly recommend this.

 Excellent service

Review by Tracey on 5/11/13, 9:48 PM

We were looking for a solution to keep in contact with everyone back home while on vacation in Hawaii. James from Tech in the city was the solution. Great coverage, excellent service and economical price. He delivered the unit and collected it from our Waikiki hotel. Highly recommended.

 Outstanding service

Review by Carol on 4/18/13, 4:55 PM

We visited Hawaii last year and rented a mobile wifi for the duration of our stay. There were 8 of us travelling so everyone could log on to it. The device was waiting at reception when we arrived and it worked great. We just left it at reception when we left and it was collected from there. We are going to San Francisco / Las Vegas / Disneyland in August, and James has made it easy again - will post the device to our hotel in San Francisco and I can post it back at the end of our stay. Marvellous.

 Best deal, hands down!

Review by Crawdog on 10/3/12, 3:40 AM

My family and I are staying over a week in a downtown hotel that charges $15 a day for wireless internet. Luckily, I was pointed in the direction of Tech In The City while shopping for a economical alternative. Tech In The City offered a 9-day term under $50 and makes it so easy. Not only did Jim deliver the hardware to my hotel and explain the easy-to-use device, but the wireless speed is great; plus I can take the hotspot anywhere we go. If you're ever in Honolulu and want great wireless service for an even greater price, Tech In The City is the way to go.

 Conference Internet and wi-fi

Review by HIGICC on 3/19/12, 12:47 PM

Tech in the City gave outstanding serivice and support during the 3 Day HIGICC State GIS conference. The equipment was delivered on time. Signal was strong. The price was fantastic. I highly recomend using the Tech in the City.

 Excellent Service

Review by OceanHead on 11/10/11, 2:17 PM

Wow! Talk about genuine customer service.... It doesn't get any better than with James at Tech in The City. Product/service was excellent. Thank you! Gail

 Clear 4G internet

Review by Arthur on 5/17/11, 3:04 PM

The hotel I was staying at in Honolulu was converting from wired to wireless internet. Unfortunately, my host discontinued DSL too early and I was left without any internet connection. Jim was recommended to me by Yoda of Gadget Guyz. I was having problems with my left knee and had to use a scooter to get around. Jim delivered (to my hotel) the 4G receiver and all necessary connection cables in an easy to carry bag. Jim showed me how to connect it and even offered to come up to my room and connect it for me. He also picked it up after a week. The modem worked perfectly the whole time and Jim gave me his card with his cel phone number in case I had a problem. Thanks Jim for such stellar service, I would give you six stars if it was available.


Review by CEROS on 4/27/11, 3:39 AM

We rented a Clear Pro modem with a Cradlepoint MBR1000 mobile wireless router for a 3-day conference with 15-20 participants in downtown Honolulu. The service was excellent, starting with the advance delivery of the hardware to our site, and custom setup to support our connectivity requirements. The service worked very well for multiple users throughout our three-day conference. We would definitely use Clear again and recommend it to others needing a similar setup.