Directions for Cruise Park

Galveston, Texas


Cruise Park ( is located on Harborside Drive between 28th street and 29th street.
Cruise Terminals 1 & 2 are located across Harborside Drive from the parking lot. Look for the red lettered Cruise Park sign. On the north side of the road is terminal 2 (Liberty of the Seas is docked)and the south side of the road is the cruise parking lot. The lot may seem obscure from direct view because it is somewhat hidden by fencing. and landscaping.

When arriving to Galveston via IH 45, you can take an alternate route to the cruise ships. The reason for this recommendation is that there are usually fewer cars in this line on 23rd street than on Harborside Dr. When arriving to Galveston Island after having passed over the Galveston Causeway, some directions tell you to take exit 1-C, which is the first exit after the Galveston Causeway. This is Harborside Dr. and it will take you to the cruise ships. However, you can pass exit 1C, and continue driving straight on IH 45.

The first traffic signal light will be 59th street and Broadway. IH 45 ends and Broadway begins (also known as State Highway 87 or Avenue J). After passing 59th street, the transverse street numbers will be in descending order. The numbered street that empties into the cruise terminals is 23rd street (also known as Tremont) . When you reach 25th street (also called Rosenberg) you will see a tall monument in the esplanade. This is the Texas Heroes monument. You have 2 blocks to go before turning left; so, move to the left lane to turn at 23rd street. This street will take you about 9 blocks and it empties directly into the cruise terminal entrance as you cross Harborside Drive. You will see the Galveston Wharves sign denoting the cruise terminals.

Terminal 1 will be on the right and you can drive alongside the building to give the cruise line porters your baggage and let passengers out at the terminal.
Terminal 2 signage will instruct to take the left hand lane to bypass terminal 1. The same applies to drive alongside the terminal 2 building and give baggage to the cruise line porters and to let passengers remain at the terminal.

After completing baggage drop off, you will be directed to exit the cruise terminal area. Sometimes, you will be directed to go to lot B (Port of Galveston) at 33rd and Harborside Drive. You do not have to enter the lot B lot to park your car.
Your parking has been paid at Cruise Park and only at Cruise Park. Other lots will not honor the payment.

When you approach Harborside Dr., turn on your left turn blinker to turn left. You need to turn on Harborside Dr. to reach Cruise Park.

If it seems that you are not allowed to make a turn, and ultimately end up in lot B, tell the attendant that you made a mistake and need to exit. That is all you need to do. Exit the gate and turn right (headed east) toward the cruise ships on Harborside Dr. After about 4 blocks. you will see the CRUISE PARK sign in red letters.

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