Cruise Park

Galveston, Texas

Entrance by CRUISE PARK sign.

About Cruise Park

Cruise Park opened in 2011. Locally owned and operated. Located on the main thoroughfare (Harborside Drive) between 28th and 29th streets. on same street as the cruise port. This page should contain information to answer most questions about location, walking distance, and interaction with baggage drop-off at the cruise terminal.

Please note: Parking must begin on a Saturday or Sunday and return on the following Saturday or Sunday.

Currently, the only ships being served are the Carnival Dream, Carnival Vista, and RCCL Liberty of the Seas.
When Royal Caribbean moves to Pier 10 in November, 2022, the distance from our lot to pier 10 is a bit over a mile. Without transportation to the pier 10 terminal, getting to the RCCL terminal is not manageable.
The Port allows LYFT to transport passengers to and from the terminals, but that would be an additional charge to the customer. Not sure what the charge for a round trip would be.

Saturday and Sunday Hours at the Lot: OPEN 7:00 A.M. Close 2:00 P.M.

------------ Booking Calendar is further down this page past photos. -------------
You can check parking space availability for your cruise at the booking calendar. The booking calendar is open for approximately 60 days out from the current date.

When you book cruise parking, you may notice an advertisement for coupons at the page bottom, but CRUISE PARK does not participate as a coupon advertiser. The coupons are offered by other companies promoting a discount for their different services and products. When we offer a promotion it is clearly noted in the price schedule.

GENERAL INFORMATION *****************************************************************************************************
Cruise Park is a Park & Walk lot. We do not operate a shuttle to or from the cruise terminal. Presently, golf carts previously offered for transportation assist will not be available, going or coming.

If you are limited in your walking ability, CRUISE PARK asks that you please take note of the following before booking.

From our lot, the distance to the cruise terminal pedestrian crosswalk at 25th Harborside Drive is 1400 feet.
For most people, that distance is about 5-7 minutes walk, average pace, taking New Strand to Harborside Drive. At Harborside, you can cross the street to get to your cruise ship.

Look at the Google map at the top. The "satellite view" gives an excellent orientation of the area.

There is no need to struggle with baggage. The easiest way to handle baggage and accommodate other people in your party is to go directly to the terminal and drop off baggage. It usually takes only a few minutes. Per the cruise line regulations. all large size baggage must be checked before boarding.

Thanks for considering Cruise Park!

Galveston's Cruise Ship Terminals operate almost in the same manner as many Airport Terminals. Passengers are screened and baggage x-rayed.

(Recommended action before parking) You can drop-off passengers and larger size baggage at the terminal. Just drive to the terminal where your ship is docked. The cruise lines have porters for your convenience, if needed..

Over-size baggage must be checked at "baggage." Only smaller sized items will fit thru the x-ray machine at passenger screening. Also, your passengers may go to security check-in while you park. It won't take long to rejoin your party after parking.

The cruise terminal is a relatively small facility and easily navigated. Basically, no one becomes "lost."


"If a Saturday or Sunday is half red and half green (in that order) on the booking calendar, you can reserve parking for the week that is green. If the Sunday is totally red, parking is not available for that date."

If you are cruising back to back, the reservations will require a separate reservation for each week.


Entrance by CRUISE PARK sign.

Entrance by CRUISE PARK sign.

Cruise Park

Cruise Park

Cruise Park

Cruise Park

Cruise Park

Cruise Park

Cruise Park

Cruise Park

Cruise Park

Cruise Park



Carnival Vista Cruise Parking/Sat to Sat/Park & Wa...

Cruise parking - Saturday to Saturday - Park and Walk - No Shuttle

Weekly $74.25 / week

LIBERTY of SEAS RCCL Sun to Sun/Park & Walk/No Shu...

Royal Caribbean Liberty of Seas- Sunday to Sunday - Park and Walk - No shuttle provided. .

Weekly $74.25 / week

Carnival DREAM - EIGHT (8) nights cruise - no shu...

Carnival DREAM - 8 nights cruise parking - no shuttle

Weekly $74.25 / week

Carnival Dream 14 Day Cruise (10-22/11-05/2022) No...

This is a two week Carnival Dream cruise beginning on Saturday, October 22 and returning Saturday November 5, 2022.

Weekly $74.25 / week

Carnival DREAM SIX (6) NIGHTS cruise- no shuttl...

Cruise parking for 6 nights - Sun to Saturday - no shuttle provided.
Please note: "If a Sunday is half red and half green on the booking calendar, you can reserve parking for the week that is green.

Weekly $74.25 / week

Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Cruise Park Cancellation Policy - Read Terms and Conditions herein.
Refunds - cancellation fee applies. See details under REFUND - Cancellation Fee

CruisePark is a "park and walk" lot. No shuttle provided to/from the terminals.

Spaces are approximately 9'x19' and can accommodate sedans, pickups, and suv's. Unable to park oversize vehicles.

Saturday and Sunday Hours: Open 7:00 A.M. Close 2:00 P.M. Parking lot does not accommodate arrival after 2:00 P.M.

Your Credit Card will be charged at the time of reservation.

REFUND - Cancellation Fee - $10.00 per space for parking space(s) reserved will be deducted from payment refund on all cancellations made within specified cancellation time frame.

To cancel your reservation, it is required that you must do so a minimum of 48 hours before the date of the cruise parking reservation.

Please note: Reservations made within the 24 hours before the cruise parking reservation date will not be eligible for a refund of payment.

The form of cancellation notice must be by email to

In case of Failure to Cancel a parking reservation as stipulated, card holder will not be issued a refund of payment as stipulated below.

No Refund for Failure to utilize parking on day of reservation (no show) for any reason. No show reservations are charged the full rate of the reservation.

Reservations may not be transferred without Cruise Park approval.

We are not responsible for loss or damage to vehicle or accessories or articles left in the vehicle resulting or caused by fire, theft, collision, water, natural disasters, or any other cause.

The fee paid to park is a license to park only. No bailment is created.

Parking time availability may vary depending on the actual cruise schedule of debarkation and embarkation of passengers.
Circumstances beyond our control may delay parking and passenger embarkation, as well. This can happen as a result of a later than scheduled arrival of the cruise ship back into port.

If a cruise ship is delayed (arrival), parking availability will be adjusted to accommodate the cruise ship embarkation/debarkation delays.

Delay in parking will not be cause for cancellation of your parking reservation.

If you do not wish to agree to the Cruise Park Terms, please do not use Webreserv to book a parking space.
Thank You!