Reviews for Faywood Hot Springs Operations, LLC

Faywood, New Mexico


Review by Augie on 2/2/19 5:36 PM

Just a piece of heaven in the middle of the wilderness. The people who work here are delightful , helpful and very service oriented . Want some magic in your life , come on over to the Springs.


Review by Carmen on 12/21/18 1:43 PM

We have been going to Faywood for years and love this place. Not a fancy spa! Just a clean, down to earth great place to go and relax. Bring a tent, even, or just rent a cabin. People are very friendly.

 Over the years always had a great time

Review by Princess  on 11/27/18 1:45 PM

Faywood Hot Springs Resort The Best place in Southwest NM- Peaceful &,Beautiful

 Over the years always had a great time

Review by Princess  on 11/27/18 1:45 PM

Faywood Hot Springs Resort The Best place in Southwest NM- Peaceful &,Beautiful

 Over the years always had a great time

Review by Princess  on 11/27/18 1:43 PM

Fawood Hot Springs The Best place in Southwest NM- Peaceful &,Beautiful


Review by Ima Leavin on 5/25/18 2:08 PM

For almost 5 years we have 24/7/365 in our Warrior. This is our favorite place to come relax! The pools are always clean and it's always quiet. There are more positive and healing vibes here than just in the waters. It's where I come to ground. Thanks Faywood Hot Springs! Ya'll Rock!

 Happy Customer

Review by Hanna on 3/28/18 7:17 PM

Faywood is our favorite getaway in Southern New Mexico. The campsites are close to the springs and club house but far enough away from other sites to be private. We love walking up to the bench with our dog to watch the sunset and sunrise. Everyone is helpful and cheerful each visit we make. The cabins and campsites are equally delightful and a good value. I highly recommend Faywood Hot Springs!

 5 stars!

Review by Nichole on 3/4/18 4:38 PM

The staff is helpful and courteous. The cabins are impeccably clean. The tent sites are close to everything you need. But above all the pools are 5 star. The are HOT, clean, easily available, and the outdoor environment is tranquil. The grounds are kept nice and clean. The overall experience is one of the best I have had at a hot springs. Excited to return!

 Favorite hot spring

Review by Harolda on 9/24/17 7:02 PM

Best rustic hot springs campground, all outdoors. I come here on my way from Michigan to Yuma Arizona and back whenever I can

 Great atmosphere!

Review by Newcreation on 6/19/17 5:54 AM

The staff was friendly, courteous, and very helpful! The cabin was clean, comfortable, and quiet with the exception of some crickets! The pools were nice, relaxing, and the outdoor view of the stars were incredible! The watsu pool was very hot with a temperature of 109... too hot for me ! Some paths on the property do need to be better lit though... other than that overall experience was great! I would definitely love to come back!

 Faywood's the Best

Review by Buddhagirl on 5/14/17 4:22 PM

We have been to Faywood a few times and have always enjoyed ourselves. We have two Medical Service dogs and they are always welcomed to be there with me , and I always have felt more then comfortable and able to really relax and enjoy the pools and benefit from the healing waters and environment and atmosphere that faywood has to offer. We definitely recommend The cabins and the sites we have used our trailer and the cabins. We enjoyed both ! The staff and Owners Rock!

 Awesome Place!

Review by Devo on 4/14/17 11:27 AM

The cabin was beautiful, clean, quiet, and remote... Best cabin stay ever! The spa was cool, loved the setup, and all the options available.. The guests were all friendly and the staff was so amazing! I will be going back in the future for sure..

 Over the years

Review by HWW on 10/4/16 11:37 AM

I first went to Faywood back in 2006 and loved it. This was when the previous owners were running it. The new owners have made it much more visitor friendly for those who are not into camping or natural springs. It's great that there are Quiet hours and after 10 it's left to those of use who are spending the night. After a 1500 mile trek and poor experiences with was nice to have a quiet soak, a beautiful sky, and the sounds of nature to help you sleep (unless coyotes and peacocks are scary for you). It was nice to have a clothing and clothing optional choice, showes, clean bathrooms. Make sure you have supplies though if you plan on spending the night. They have some minimal supplies. I don't care as I camp out and bring all my own stuff.

 Bring a towel!!

Review by Hot Springer  on 5/22/16 8:09 PM

I have been here twice and loved it both times. If you need anything, food, drinks, towels, Ice, bring it!! Once you are out there it is an hour round trip to Deming or Silver City. I was upset last time I went, I paid for four adults and 1 child and only received towels for 2. "I would have to pay a linen charge ." Anyway the stars are some of the best I have ever seen, the pools are lovely, and you get a private one for an hour! Highly recommend! Just pack like you are camping :) P.S. Did cabin both times, much better and cheaper without kids!

 Adobe Cabin

Review by Gina on 3/19/16 5:32 AM

Loved the cabin and my time at Faywood Hot Springs. It was not what I expected, it was better. Quiet and peaceful... Loved it!