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Krank Cycles is located in Makawao. It’s a five-minute bike ride to the Maui Bike Park from the store, and a 10 to 15-minute drive to some of the best mountain bike trails on the island including the Makawao Forest Trails at Kahakapao State Park and PoliPoli State Park which is the base of the Maui Skyline Trail also known as the Mamane Trail, Waikoa Loops, and The Redwood Trail.

Krank Cycles has the local knowledge and the proximity to trails that will make your Maui Bike Rental and ride experience the best on the island.

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Already have a bicycle? Don’t need a Maui Bike Rental? No worries. Krank Maui is a full-service bicycle shop. Our experienced bicycle mechanics are ready to tackle any repair, large or small.

Krank Cycles is the authorized dealer for:

Devinci Bikes
Kona Bicycles
Intense Cycles
GT Bicycles
Diamondback Bicycles

We have a huge selection of bicycle helmets—including full-face helmets, accessories, and replacement parts. Krank Cycles is committed to the community and is proud to be a part of the Maui Mountain Bike Coalition and the Maui Bicycling League, a chapter of the Hawaii Bicycling League.
Where Can I Find A Maui Bike Rental?

Krank Cycles is the only full-service bicycle shop that offers HALF and FULL day bike rentals. We have a full fleet of MOUNTAIN bikes and ROAD bikes in all sizes including: full-suspension downhill mountain bikes, front-suspension mountain bikes, 29-ner mountain bikes, dirt jump mountain bikes, and kids bikes with 20” and 24” wheels. We even have carbon 650b Endro mountain bikes! Our road bikes are equipped with Shimano 105 components with disc brakes.
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Krank Cycles

Krank Cycles

Krank Cycles

Krank Cycles

Krank Cycles

Krank Cycles

Krank Cycles

Krank Cycles


Orbea Gain Carbon Road E-Bike (22lbs)

Gain was designed to enhance your ride, not dominate it.

Daily $89.00 / day
3-6 Days $79.00 / day
Week $389.00 / week

BMC Roadmachine 02

The one-bike collection
Who said you couldn’t have it all? Due to the ultimate advancements in a re-Tuned Compliance Concept, this bike challenges the traditional road bike categories.

Daily $60.00 / day
3-6 Days $50.00 / day
Week $215.00 / week

Giant TCR Advance Disc Ultegra

Designed with Compact Road geometry and constructed with Giant’s Advanced-grade composite frame material, the TCR Advanced Disc delivers the best on-the-road efficiency of any bike in its class.

Daily $55.00 / day
3-6 Days $45.00 / day
Week $200.00 / week

Giant Defy Advance Disc Ultegra


Daily $55.00 / day
3-6 Days $45.00 / day
Week $200.00 / week

Focus Cayo 4.0 Carbon Disc

Racing machines! That’s what you get when FOCUS engineers and professional riders team up to build bikes.

Daily $55.00 / day
3-6 Days $45.00 / day
Week $200.00 / week

BMC Roadmachine 03

Hydroformed, triple-butted aluminum is the workhorse material of BMC. It is tough, light, and economic. It can be shaped nearly identically to carbon to get most of the same performance characteristics.

Daily $45.00 / day
3-6 Days $35.00 / day
Week $170.00 / week

Raleigh Merit Road Bike

This is the evolution of the traditional road bike. Built for versatility and comfort for long days and varying road conditions.

Daily $39.00 / day
Week $150.00 / week

Ibis RipMo

The love child of a Ripley and the Mojo HD4, the all-new Ripmo is a big wheeled slasher that’s always down for another lap, whether that means a big climb or a tailgate pad.

Daily $119.00 / day
Week $499.00 / week

Knolly Fugtive LT

​Our bikes have always punched above their weight class in terms of suspension feel so don't be fooled by the 135mm on the Fugitive LT.

Daily $109.00 / day
Week $449.00 / week

Santa Cruz MegaTower

The Megatower is the fusion of big wheels and the biggest-hitting suspension system. It’s a modern day brawler, as suited to diehard racers as it is to riders wanting to conquer their hometown trails.

Daily $119.00 / day
Week $449.00 / week

Santa Cruz HighTower

If ever a bike resembled your most cherished mix tape compilation, the Hightower is it. Featuring our lower-link mounted shock design, updated, adjustable geometry, this “Engineering Best Of...

Santa Cruz 5010

The 5010 is the most fun you can have on two off-road wheels, and Danny MacAskill’s wee bike of choice.

Daily $89.00 / day
Week $399.00 / week

Juliana Furtado

The go-to model for all-round riders, the Furtado proves that what goes up (well) can come down (equally well), too.

The balance of 130mm VPP travel and a 66.

Daily $89.00 / day
Week $399.00 / week

Sensor Carbon Carbon

GT has a longstanding reputation for creating some of the most iconic, out-of-the-box full-suspension designs since it started making double boingers back in 1993.

Daily $99.00 / day
Week $450.00 / week

Gt Force 29er Elite

Developed for riders that seek out big hits and a lot of gravity. The all-new Force is built for the fun of it.

Daily $89.00 / day
Week $399.00 / week

GT Sensor 29er Alloy

GT has a longstanding reputation for creating some of the most iconic, out-of-the-box full-suspension .

Daily $79.00 / day
Week $299.00 / week

Santa Cruz Chameleon-29er

A stalwart of the Santa Cruz range, the Chameleon almost needs no introduction these days.

As the name implies, the Chameleon is a bike that can change to match its environment.

Daily $89.00 / day
Week $395.00 / week

2019 F-Si Carbon

A race hardtail like no other. Designed to let you out-kick them on the climbs and out-rip them on the descents, this ultralight rocket is your ticket to the top of the podium.

Daily $130.00 / day
Week $450.00 / week

BMC Team Lite 02 Carbon Hard Tail Meduim

The high-performance discipline of cross-country racing has become, quite literally, a race to the top.

Daily $125.00 / day
Week $450.00 / week

Cannondale Trail 29er hard Tail

No two mountains are the same. From Rockies to Andes and beyond—stoked to caress and conquer every nuance, ultra-high speeds.

Daily $89.00 / day
Week $399.00 / week

Hard Tail Mountain Bike

This mountain bike rental is more bicycle than you would need to descend the tarmac/pavement of Haleakala. What this bike is a true cross country race bike.

Daily $50.00 / day
Week $230.00 / week

Krank LilRipper 20 inch

Do all long Travel Light weight Ripper Bike for the little Grom.
A custom built 20" light weight weapons grade Aluminum frame.
Hand built 20" XT disc wheels.
Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
Carbon Handle Bar.

Daily $39.00 / day
Week $160.00 / week

Krank 3spd Beach Cruiser

Free delivery with $275 or more rental fees or $25-$50 each way delivery fee.
This custom Frame with Relaxed Position Geometry aluminum Beach Cruiser will having you cruising in style around Maui.

Daily $15.00 / day
Week $60.00 / week


The Shuttle Monster. The R6 is best suited for fullsized vehicles, vans and busses. Great for those trips where you want to bring all your bikes, or those trips where you want to bring all of your friends!

Daily $39.00 / day
Week $200.00 / week

Krank Cycles Features

The Haleakala Summit/Skyline Ridge Trail is an amazing ride. It is a great way to see the island, and to ride from the Summit, an option that isn’t available from commercial tour operators! The views from the Summit (elevation 10,023ft) are simply breathtaking. You will be able to see young cinder cones in Haleakala’s volcanic crater and view the masterpiece of colors and rugged topography that only the forces of nature can create. As you make your descent, you will ride off-road via the Skyline Ridge Trail and catch glimpses of the Big Island. This is such a unique, spectacular experience – you don’t want to miss.
From State Hwy 377 turn onto Crater Road (State Hwy 378) and drive up approx. 22 miles to almost the 10,000 foot elevation. At Hosmer’s Grove is the National Park Entrance. Keep going. When you get to the Visitor Center/Parking on your left, stay on the road to the right leading up to the Summit lookout. Before the lookout on the left is an open gate/road that leads to the Summit observatories. Take that left and follow the road until you see the gated road with the Skyline Trail arrowed sign. Park on the side and unload bikes/gear for Skyline Trail access.

Walk around the locked gate and ride your mountain bike down the asphalt road to the Skyline Trail start. Skyline Trail will head downhill for a short while. Then have a short rise that begins the 3,000 ft descent to the Mamane Trail head.
Skyline Trail consists of loose lava rock and is a dirt service road. There will be a locked gate around 8,000 ft with a ride-a-round. Another 1,000 ft descent until you reach the Mamane Trail head.
Make a right off the Skyline Trail onto Mamane Trail. This is a natural location for a food break and rest spot.
Follow Mamane Trail down to Waiohuli Trail, and descend down Waiohuli trail until you reach the Waipoli dirt road.
Make a right onto to Waipoli road and ride for about 25 minutes until you reach the Waipoli Road asphalt.
Descend down the asphalt road until you reach the Lavender Farm or Rice Park. There are some short cuts or chutes that go off the asphalt road and lead down to the next switchback. Keep your eyes out for some MTB technical trail instead of riding all the way down the road.


Haleakala National Park Entrance: All park users must pay a fee to enter the national park. However, if you tell the park ranger you want access to Skyline Trail for mountain biking or hiking the fee WILL BE waived. However, the park will accept donations for park upkeep.
Bikes: We recommend a downhill or 6″ travel bike for this trip. However, it can be done on smaller travel bikes.
Gear: Full face helmet and pads! It gets very cold at the top and can be rainy. Extra clothing and rain jacket would be good in the pack.
Skyline Trail: Very loose and sharp lava rock at the top! Take your time if you do not feel confident.

* For further information about mountain biking trails and mtb activities on Maui please visit the Maui Mountain Bike Coalition. Makawao Forest Reserve is managed by the Department Of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii.

Krank Cycles Attractions


Makawao Forest Reserve – Kahakapao Loop

The Makawao Forest is a beautiful forest on Maui. You will enjoy the fast, flowy, and sometimes rooty terrain of the Kahakapao Loop Trail as you ride under the cool and fragrant canopy of eucalyptus trees. From beginner to advanced levels, there is something for everyone. The trail offers plenty of single track and jump lines to challenge the ability of any rider. The Kahakapao Trail and Loop starts out around 2,811 feet and tops at 3,709 ft elevation.


Makawao Forest Reserve is located at the end of Kahakapao Road, Makawao. Makawao Forest is open from 7am–7pm, all year long. From the forest gravel parking lot up the Kahakapao trail and around the loop is about 6 miles in distance. Kahakapao Trail and Loop plus the unmarked Boulder Gulch, Renegade and Kahakapao Ravine trails offer excellent mountain biking trails for all abilities. All mountain bikers must yield to hikers and equestrians on the trail. Remember to respect all trail users!

OUR TIP: Recommended mountain bikes for Makawao Forest trail system: Hardtails, XC/AM full suspension, and freeride mountain bikes

* For further information about mountain biking trails and mtb activities on Maui please visit the Maui Mountain Bike Coalition. Makawao Forest Reserve is managed by the Department Of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii. Tags: Makawao Forest Reserve, Kahakapao Loop, Mountain biking, Maui Mountain Bike Coalition

Terms & Conditions

-Cancellation Policy and Reservation NO Shows: Cancellation before 3 days or 72 hours of pick up, no charge. 48 hours or less or Failure to call or pick up will be charged for the first day of rental equivalent to the type of bicycle rented.