Reviews for red river gorge climbers campground and retreats

slade, Kentucky

 Awesome cabin

Review by Beth on 11/11/19 9:20 AM

This cabin is so convenient. Sleeps 8 easily, everything is clean and welcoming.

 Cozy Cabin

Review by Tessy on 11/5/19 4:14 PM

My family loved our stay!!! We will be back:)

 Totally worth it

Review by Blake on 10/30/19 5:07 PM

This place was a great hang out and very comfortable for my wife and I. The property is such a cool hangout place and the food was killer. I definitely want to come back.


Review by Dynomike on 9/23/19 5:40 PM

A great trip. Miguels pizza is the epicenter of climbing in the red. A great place to meet new people, eat amazing food and pull hard. The rooms were clean and the beds were comfy. Much better than most places ive traveled around the world. I'll definitely be back

 Great Miguels Rooms

Review by Q on 9/16/19 10:26 AM

Decided to stay in one of the rooms above the bathhouse to avoid the ole headlamp tent set up. Totally worth it--loved being able to go straight to relaxing and get out the door to the crags quickly in the morning!

 Huge place with possibilities

Review by blmackin1973 on 9/9/19 8:18 AM

We rented the Cozy Cabin for one night here recently. While we were driving there, the owner called stating there was a mix up and it was rented out so she put us in the top floor of the "Big House" which was supposed to be more modern and nicer. I will say that unless you have a 4 wheel drive, the driveway can be quite tricky to get to the top floor. When we got there, we notice there were several bags of garbage sitting by our porch which wasn't real inviting. The back door and landscaping are all pretty worn down and need updating. We walked into the top floor and it's a very large open space but just designed strange in general. My husband and I picked our room towards the back of the kitchen. We went in and noticed the bedroom window was messed up, open and hanging out. My husband grabbed a chair and fixed it. Upon looking at the bed, we weren't so sure the bedding was clean but what could we do at this point? I will say the bed was extremely comfy!! We didn't like that the bedrooms had no blinds or curtains. Not everyone likes the sun in their eyes first thing in the morning! The kitchen (even tho we didn't use it) had all the items you could need if you were going to cook there. We liked the big kitchen table as it allowed us and the 5 kids with us to play cards and have fun. There are 3 couches in the living room so we had 3 kids on 3 couches, one kid on the chair and ottoman and one took the other bedroom. Like I said...lots of space! There was only one bathroom which we found to be weird in such a large place that advertises it sleeps so many. The bathroom stained glass windows are pretty except the trim around them is horrible, dated and needs some work. This whole place could be absolutely gorgeous with a little TLC! Walking out on the deck was a little sketchy. There was on board in-particular that you did NOT want to step on. Overall, while the place is not awesome, it's not horrible either. Would I stay there again??? Probably not if there were nicer options. Like I said, put a little $$ into it and update things, clean the house REALLY GOOD inside, clean up the landscaping, trim up the driveway and make things more appealing and it'll be a super nice place! Thanks :)

 Second stay

Review by FrontierTom on 6/3/19 11:41 PM

Let me start by saying that I rarely, if ever, give a rating of five stars. The only reason I haven’t given Red River Gorge Climbers and Campground Retreat a review of five stars is just that. This will be our second stay and this time we’re bringing friends! We love the pizza, we love the overnight facilities...Miguel’s has become our get away from reality place and we are so appreciative of all that Miguel’s is...and all that it isn’t!

 Comfortable crash pad

Review by Virginia on 5/6/19 7:53 AM

A group of us stayed at the Dove apartment and it was just what we needed. It was spacious, quiet and clean, and had all the amenities we wanted for a place to crash after a day of climbing.

 location location

Review by RRG Lee on 11/19/18 9:01 AM

the apt. we rented was clean, big, and had everything we needed for a comfortable stay. Great location if you are climbing in the Southern Region and Miller Fork and the view is nice as well.

 Cool Place

Review by Frontier Tom on 10/23/18 10:22 AM

Miguel’s Pizza! We had tried Miguel’s Pizza a few months ago and loved it! So when we were planning an overnighter to the area my wife suggested we stay at Miguel’s. Turned out to be a good call on her part. Our room was clean and comfortable and all facilities seemed to be well maintained. What we loved the most was the communal spirit of the place. Everyone was super nice and we enjoyed meeting folks from all around the world. We definitely had an enjoyable experience and I have no doubt that we will be visiting Miguel’s again and again, for the accommodations as well as the awesome pizza!