Directions for River Pointe Resort

Los Molinos, California


I-5 going north, Take Gayle Rd 636 of of 5 and go R, Follow that road till you come to the second stopsign-5th and Cst. Turn R, Then come up over the bridge and keep going for about a mile till you get to the stop Light. Turn L, then take the first L again at Bar 99(Tehama Vina Rd.) and come back all the way down about a mile to the dead end and we are on the right. Come up our long Driveway and stop at the stopsign and call us and let us know your here.

NOTE> Do not take the last left L that GPS tells you to for it will lead you to a low bridge that RVs can not go under, cars yes.

Coming from the north I-5 In Red Bluff take the Antalope Exit> That is 99E, go L, follow that for about 10 miles till you see Bar 99 then Turn left on tehama Vina Rd. Come all the way down to the dead end and you see us on the right.

Coming up 99E already from Chico> come in to Los Molinos Pass Through our one stop light and take the next left at tehama Vina Rd, at Bar 99, then come all the way down till you dead end and we are on the Right.